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  1. Hi, First time post here, but given the nature of what is going on I could really do with some advice. So this all relates to a refund they gave my partner and I some 2.5 to 3 years ago. At that point we were living in a one bedroom flat with a prepayment meter. Now, according to nPower, due to a mistake on their side (they said over charging) we were to be refunded £500. Upon receipt of the refund letter my partner phoned nPower customer services to ensure it was genuine and it wasn't being handed out in error. We were re-assured it was genuine and that we were definitely owed the money. Flash forward to yesterday where one of their lovely threat letters was dropped onto my doormat in our new house. This letter stated that we owe £429 due to unpaid charges (from 2.5-3 years go!), with £7 of that being a trace charge as we hadn't provided our new address to them (we left nPower about 6 months before we moved house and went with another provider and ceased to be a customer, therefore no need to inform them of anything). Now, according to nPower, the money they refunded was correct, however, as the money really should have gone into the pre-payment account and not the standard tariff account we have taken £500 from them and not paid for our gas and lecky which was used under the pre-payment account. I understand the issue they are having, but I fail to see how after 3 years they can try to claim we owe this money. It is simply their error, and their mistake, and I feel a time frame of 3 years is far to long to try and be claiming money for debts we never accrued from non-payment. We have never not paid for our electricity or gas! What should I do with this? They are now wanting to escalate it to further with the view to get the bailiffs in.
  2. Following on from this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?487703-Changing-a-Power-of-Attorney&p=5139451&viewfull=1#post5139451 Helping Mum deal with husband's finances, she has POA. There was a standing order for £15 pm going to Capquest, no reference recorded and no correspondence received for at least 4 years. Capquest can't trace an account or any payments received (I gave the a/c no and sort code of the originating bank). There's no record of any account with Capquest on CRA files. Other than asking the originating bank how far back the SO goes and if there was ever any reference associated with it, any suggestions? If Capquest can't trace an account, I think they should be refunding.
  3. There are many people who find themselves in my position . Interest only mortgage coming to the end and there are either insufficient funds or no funds to repay the capital sum. In my case I took out a 10 year Interest Only Mortgage ( Idon't know why it is only 10 years) I have contacted Santander a few times over the last 2 years to see if they would extend the term but they just refer you to customer services to start a whole new loan . I no longer fit any criteria to get a loan . I have never missed a payment even though I am on a very high rate compared to other lenders or teaser rates . I am now retired with a younger wife and four-year old son . I got until February 2017 to find an answer to my problem. I have read the FCA guidelines 2013 but its just guidelines and Santander doesn't wish to play ball. Anybody got any ideas?
  4. Hi, I have been reading lots of different opinions on here regarding debt from Australian companies being chased in the UK. I had a fairly large credit card, plus some other unsecured loan debt in Australia where I lived for some years. Due to illness I ended up back in the UK and out of work for 4 years. As a result I defaulted on the debt and had not made a payment on any in about 2 years. About a year ago I received a letter from Stevens Drake regarding on of the debts and threatening generic legal action if I did not pay. As I was still unwell at the time I did not have the energy to research my options as what best to do, as a result I started making £xx per month payments. The debt in this time has gone from about $18,000 to over $23,000 as the payment I have been making are fairly small. Long story short, I asked if they would accept a few thousand pounds to settle the debt in total as that is all I can scrape together from family and friends but they refused it. I cannot go bankrupt in Australia as I am not there, I also cannot go bankrupt in the UK as I do not have any debt and that debt is not even located here yet - so I feel in a catch 22 situation. I feel like I should just stop paying and force them to issue proceedings here so I can then go bankrupt but I am not sure how bad an idea this is. I will not be able to go back to earning the sort of money I did previously which means in reality I cannot repay this debt. If anyone can give any advice I would be extremely grateful.
  5. Oh dont forget the £1.9 Million fine they've just been handed... Watch This Space As You Could Be Due A Refund Soon!!
  6. Tens of thousands of customers of rent-to-own firm PerfectHome will share a £2.1 million compensation pot for unfair treatment. Under a deal agreed with the Financial Conduct Authority watchdog, the firm will refund customers in the form of cash payments and balance write-offs. The FCA ruled that at least 2,000 customers were given loans they could not afford. In total, about 37,000 people will benefit from some level of financial redress, the FCA said. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/rent-firm-perfecthome-pay-repay-millions-37000-customers-130642019.html
  7. Hi, Does anyone know what Nationwide is likely to do in our situation please? Wife is 16 years older than me so we had a 10 year self cert mortgage taking her to age 65 originally through Derbyshire/Salt and now taken over with Nationwide. About 12 months ago we rang Nationwide after receiving a standard letter re repaying the loan at the end of the mortgage term. The friendly but extremely unhelpful call center guide was only interested in referring us to an independent mortgage advisor when asking about options and whether we could extend the term as they couldn't give advice and there were NO options on Nationwide doing some sort of deal or changing the mortgage. There wasn't much point in talking to a broker as my business went south in 2009 and we have wobbly credit, can't prove income to service the loan now although have no arrears or ever been in arrears. Instead we have been trying to sell the property - £255000 mortgage and 2 local estate agents started us at £395,000 now down to £340,000 and only 3 viewings in a year! I have been trying to understand 'Forebearance' but can't find any examples of any lenders being helpful to customers when they can't afford repayment. All we want to do is to continue actively trying to sell it while paying interest only rather than have it repossessed and forced sold. Does anyone know what is 'likely' to happen - particulalrly where Nationwide are involved? Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated. Wife was just going to leave today she is getting so upset. We have until Feb for the mortgage term to end although haven't received any notices about the mortgage since last year. Thanks
  8. Lloyds Banking Group is to repay nearly £300m to about 600,000 customers over failings in the way it applied mortgage arrears policies, in the latest scandal to hit the UK’s biggest high street lender. Sky News has learnt that Lloyds will unveil a customer contact and remediation programme on Thursday alongside half-year results that will also be blighted by a bigger-than-expected provision for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI). Sources said that the redress scheme would cost Lloyds just under £300m, with more than £50m also set aside to cover administrative costs. The issue is understood to centre on the way Lloyds applied policies relating to financial difficulty assessments, leading to some customers being charged in error between 2009 and 2016. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/lloyds-repay-300m-customers-over-mortgage-arrears-errors-173400189.html
  9. Hello I would be grateful for some advice. I spoke to my mortgage lender this morning and if I dont find a buyer or settle my mortgage debt they will commence repossession proceedings in 7 days time. My mortgage with Acenden ended last September. I was unable to repay it, so I put the flat on the market, found a buyer very quickly but unfortunately just before exchange of contracts my partner had a stroke, forcing me to stop the sale. Some time later I put my property back on the market again found a buyer very quickly, but she pulled out just before we exchanged. That was a couple of weeks ago. If I ended up in court would I have a strong chance of overturning the eviction. My property is back on the market. I am still continuing to pay my mortgage, having never missed a payment.
  10. Hi Cag community! I really hope you can help. I’m afraid I’ve never posted in a forum before so not too sure if I have posted in the right please so do let me know if I should post somewhere else! On 30th June 2015, EDF (representing Scottish Power) entered the communal corridor for my flat, and removed all the electricity meters for the whole building. We own a flat in a block of 5, and we had a prepayment meter with Scottish Power. In the few days following this we discovered (from the EDF officer who removed all the meters) that the meters to Flats 1, 2 and 5 (owned by the freeholder) were bypassed, and that my meter and the other leasehold flat were in credit. This proves that we were topping up our prepayment meters as we ought to, and that they theft of electricity was being done by our freeholders who were bypassing the other meters to the flats they owned. Whilst this was all going on, my mum spoke to Scottish Power’s Revenue Protection department on 9th July 2015 and was asked to pay £300 for a replacement meter, as the freeholder had still not sorted it out, and was instead trying to reconnect the electricity supply illegally (for which we reported him every time). She paid this £300 in advance so that I could book the time for the meter to be installed once we had the necessary certificates. The issues with the electricity have highlighted criminal acts by the freeholder, and these have been reported to the police (I have a crime reference number). Our freeholder illegally reconnected the electricity several times and we always reported him immediately to Scottish Power. We just wanted justice to be served and to get proper official meters installed as soon as possible so we could go on with our lives. In the end, we did not book Scottish Power to install new meters for us as the freeholder finally organised British Gas to do it (Scottish Power had scuppered his attempts to reconnect illegally). Scottish Power are now refusing to refund us the money as they have told us they are keeping it to go towards repaying the debt owed by our freeholder. Our freeholder has also (without my knowledge or permission) transferred my account away from British Gas and back to Scottish Power by posing as me. Scottish Power will not let me move my account back, presumably because they are taking a portion of money from my prepayment meter when I top it up to repay the freeholders debt. I do not know what state the freeholders meters are in at the present time as he now keeps them in a separate padlocked cupboard with a CCTV camera pointed at it. Scottish Power have told us that they have no interest in finding out who the freeholder is. The police have not followed up on the case either. Despite raising complaints with various departments I have been unable to resolve this issue. Scottish Power are still refusing to refund the £300 and are also holding me responsible for the rest of the freeholders debt. I really hope someone can help as I’m at the end of my rope with this one.. Here's to hoping.. thanks all for reading!
  11. Banks are refusing to pay compensation to card fraud victims based on nothing more than a "hunch", while others are forced to wait longer than four weeks to get their money back. An investigation by Which? showed that banks are “inconsistent” when it comes to handling fraud claims. Worryingly, banks appear to be refusing compensation to genuine fraud victims. The FOS said that while it had seen some improvements, in many cases banks have based their decisions “on a hunch”, without conducting a full investigation. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/bank-accounts/11869596/Banks-refusing-to-repay-card-fraud-victims-based-on-a-hunch.html
  12. We have been chasing Capital One since March 2012 trying to get PPI money back but to date no success. Because of my ill health and poor postal service in my area, even the FOS has decided not to help us Everything was down to time limits and when I got ill, all timings got put aside. Now, Neither Cap One or FOS want to help. Cap One have been charging us PPI since 2002. Has anyone got any good ideas or should I just forget the whole thing
  13. Long story short: dh was unemployed, I work p/t. We got ctax benefit ( later changed to something else, cant remember the name). When dh was back in work, I informed the council. They still kept putting the benefit on our bill. I called them several times and each time, they said they would deal with it and it was sorted. Today we received a benefit review letter, wanting paperwork wage slips etc and dates. I can't remember when dh started work,I just know it was about 2 years ago. I usually take the name of people I talk too, especially with things like this, but for some reason, I didn't this time. Obviously, it wasn't sorted out and now I'm in SUCH a state. I'm panicking because if I call them on Monday and explain all this, what is the likely outcome? I've been paying what has been on my bills,every week by standing order and have never missed a payment. The last one is due on 27th January, And then obviously the new bill in March. I'm really worried that they are going to send bailiffs in or take me to court,even though I haven't done anything wrong. My mind is working overtime, I haven't eaten all day and probably wont sleep tonight I can't even give them the dates I called, cos I can't remember. Can anyone advise me as to a likely outcome, or what I can say, any useful phrases? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi again everyone. I'm in a position to make offers on two outstanding debts, one of approximately £10 k to TSB which I've been paying off at £50 a month since the court case (in which I defended myself and lost (quelle surprise)) back in 2009, the other to LINK who shafted me a couple of years back adding 3k onto my debt of approx 5k making it 8k of debt and I foolishly didn't get back to the court in time to object, so I've been paying LINK £10 a month since then. Both TSB and LINK have charges on our property which is why I'm keen to get these debts repaid first in priority to others, as our mortgage is interest only and only has 10 years to run and we need to remortgage and get an endowment and start paying it off, but can't remortgage until these charges are cleared from the property. So...how much should I offer TSB for their debt of 10k? I'm thinking of offering 2k. And how much should I offer LINK for their debt of 8K? I'm thinking of offering 1k. I know that different banks and CCCs have different reputations regarding what proportion of a debt they'll accept in an offer but don't know the details which is why I'm asking for help. Is my CAG buddy andyorch still here by any chance? (waves hello if you are!)
  15. Hi, I am looking for some advice on behalf of my mum. She is currently paying Welcome £460 per month and her Mortgage company £600 per month. That is the majority of her income for the month on two secured loan repayments! Having spoken to her she is getting quite down about it, as you can imagine. She is a 64 yr old widowed woman and could really do with reducing both of these outgoings, but as I understand it she cannot involve these debts in a debt management plan or IVA. I think she has been to court previously for both the mortgage and Welcome loans and there is some kind of order in place. A couple of months ago she phoned me one evening in floods of tears asking me if it was right that Welcome Finance can force her to sell her house! She had a call from someone there telling her to rearrange a new mortgage and pay them back or they will force her to sell! Outrageous practice! Unfortunately she did not get his name etc. Is there anything she can do to reduce payments to Welcome or the mortgage company? Any help is much appreciated!
  16. Ok all Have been assisting a friend with this. DWP Debt Centre contacted friend in Dec 2012 stating old social fund load hasn't been paid repay debt. They repaid this debt some 5yrs ago and obviously after such a length of time doesn't have all the paperwork but does have some and 3 letters from DWP stating thank you for payment of £XXX. Now the classic DWP state they mean nothing as DWP own thank you for payment letter isn't a receipt. Gets better one of the letter they have from 5yrs ago matches exactly the recent letter to pay the same debt but from a totally different debt management centre. So what has been done so far: 1. Tier 1 Complant letter sent to DWP Debt Management Centre with copies of previous document and receipts from 5yrs ago asking for full investigation, breakdown of debt amounts and copies of all letters. Note the letter was signed for by them on 27th Jan 2013 (royal mail electronic proof). 2. Friend recently contacted DWP demanding why complaint not responded to and was informed initially not received until pointed out electronic proof signed for. Suddenly admit they have complaint but over 3 months backlog. During conversation it ends up the reason they cannot find debt on system is because it on there old computer system not linked to new system and will look into it and get back to them. DWP contact friend and now insist it is correct and the debt is now for some other imaginary loan must pay and will respond as per complaint. 3. Today friend receives info from DWP or complete lack of info all they received was a) Letter stating amount to pay with no breakdown. b) Payment forms. Now please bear in mind this was a Tier 1 Formal Complaint which they have failed to respond to except what was received today. My thought are. 1. To send another letter now demanding that initial Tier 1 complaint received and signed for by them on 27th Jan 2013 that they have failed to respond to is now dealt with as a Tier 2 complaint and that DWP has also breached its own Debt Management Contact Centre Customer Service Standard. 2. Also sending a Subject Access Request with above letter. These DWP PDFs may be of use to others: What are your opinions
  17. Hello there I posted this one another forum and took a right verbal bashing so I'm hoping there are some more people here with slightly more understanding. "ORIGINAL POST: Situation: Cannot replay Wonga loan as employment situation has just changed dramatically. I am now self employed, but certainly will not be able to repay them on May 04th - £1400. In fact there is no real chance of any more income forthcoming, at least right now, as my first product will only become available in during May. I have a family and my Tax Credits, CB and Housing Benefit have all been adjusted. However there is very little disposable income. Actions: I searched around some debt sites, and even have a call with StepChange planned for tomorrow, although I actually have it all worked out on a spreadsheet and have made all the cuts possible to spending. After some research I called Wonga to explain and come to a payment arrangement. However they refused on the basis there system will not let them set up an arrangement until days before. They gave me a load of rubbish about not being able to do anything until just before it was due, so in effect they were saying we won't work out a plan with you until you owe us £300 more!! Currently as it stands I owe them £1151.42 and obviously I have contacted them now rather than May 4th at which point I will owe £1400. I got nowhere with them and so noted down the time and name of the person I spoke to and told them I was going to email them instead requesting a payment plan. After reading a bit more on here I have got my bank to send them a cancellation, withdrawing Wonga's authority to take any money out of my account. I have has dealings with this previously when i had one coming out for a subscription website which wouldn't let you unsubscribe (no replys to emails etc). I cancelled that one with the bank and when they did take a payment again, the bank refunded it. My plan now is to send an email to Wonga, with a screenshot showing the amount I owed to them at the time of the call and the name of the chap and request they accept a payment plan. However that payment will be very low, as I will only to be able to afford £20 a month until I begin to generate income from my self employment. My proposal to them would be to accept £20 a month and review it on a monthly basis, going over my income and outcome again to review? Has anyone got any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance for reading and responding. " As I said I then got some pretty harsh responses but understandably. To add to the above: I appreciate all the comments here but I have heard it stated, on these very forums that if £1 a week is all you can pay they have to accept. I did state above that the £20 was on review each month as when my product is out in May, I may well have considerably more income to pay off the debt faster. I didn't realise there was a Wonga forum but will have a look for it. "Only your I&E details will enable them to determine that." I have also heard it said that they do not decide what you are able to pay, you do, so how are they to determine if you have the means? Also, does anyone know any more (or can direct me) to information on if they can petition for my bankruptcy if it's over £750?" Cany anyone here help on advice here. I've been getting loans from Wonga month after month and I guess now I just want a base to break the cycle.
  18. I have routinely seen the following advice posted; "for pdls, work on the basis that you owe the loan, original stated interest and a default fee. If they want the charges, they can justify that that are fair and proportionate first" Is there any basis for this? and does paying rollovers class as part of this repayment?
  19. My family have been put through HELL due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE, [see below], so I recently contacted my bank HALIFAX to beg them to refund the last 5 years of bank charges based on their moral obligation to offer a duty of care and help a long standing customer and his family, who have been seriously financially disadvantaged due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE over the same period of time. I contacted my branch manager, who knew our full history and who was fully aware of our long standing predicament and was sympathetic, but she explained it was out of her hands. Halifax head office confirmed on Friday 14th December 2012 that they would not refund any bank charges because they were legal and part of the T. & C.'s of our account. They explained they were sympathetic to our situation but the answer was no! I explained that our long standing stuation is extraordinary and my family continue to suffer, but based on my belief that our 5 year fight against AVIVA INSURANCE will soon receive the full glare of media attention, [our story and my film 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' is being considered by a number of UK newspaper and tv media outlets], I suggested that it would benefit The Halifax greatly to refund these charges, thereby supporting a family who have been 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' They reiterated their decision...NO! 'shafted by aviva insurance!' youtu.be/KWn8G9L21z8 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' [You Tube] One man fights to protect his family and his home against AVIVA INSURANCE! After 5 long years of fighting AVIVA INSURANCE and with Christmas 2012 almost upon us, our home remains in a ruined state, my family continue to suffer and AVIVA INSURANCE continue to callously ignore our long term water damage building insurance claim, repeatedly proven by numerous independent expert reports! Please watch the film and spread the word!
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20679511
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20679511
  22. Read more: - http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14526/online-news/businesses-may-be-forced-to-repay-consumers-for-mis-selling
  23. Hi all, I lost my job in 2010, run up debts with Barclays and Barclaycard and now they've sold my debt to Lowell and others. It is a lot of money, but I would like to repay them and get rid of all debts as I have a job now. I owe Lowell £2,415; this was a debt from my Visa Debit, the overdraft was £1,800, so I guess they added some charges. The other debt is for a Barclaycard, £4,581, sold to MKDP LLP, original debt was just below £4,000. Originally I had less credit, £1,500 I think, then as I was in the middle of my job problems Barclaycard sent me letter, I did not ask for it, saying they had increased my credit to £4,000. I had no money and I spent it all. I'm paying my student loan as well and lots of other stuff, I thought I could set up a direct debit with Lowell and MKDP for £25 a month for each, but will they be ok with that? Will they charge interest on the debt if I start paying? Also should I pay all the charges as well or just what I owe? I checked my credit rating on Experian, and it says "Fair", how's that possible? I'm not even registered on Electoral Roll! If anyone can help me out a little with info or directions/links I'd be very grateful.
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-18272215
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