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  1. I am responding to the complaints against Cunningham Lindsey Loss Adjusters. They were appointed by our building insurers AVIVA INSURANCE and since first communicating with them at the start of 2008 they have proved themselves to be utterly incompetent, unprofessional, deceitful, time wasting, dirty lying tricksters who take great pleasure in delaying you, deceiving you and ultimately building up a file of inaccurate untruths and lies, in order to allow their client, in our case AVIVA INSURANCE, to repeatedly decline our claim! Please see 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' film attached below!
  2. My family have been put through HELL due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE, [see below], so I recently contacted my bank HALIFAX to beg them to refund the last 5 years of bank charges based on their moral obligation to offer a duty of care and help a long standing customer and his family, who have been seriously financially disadvantaged due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE over the same period of time. I contacted my branch manager, who knew our full history and who was fully aware of our long standing predicament and was sympathetic, but she explained it was out of her hands. Hali
  3. Thank you very much for your help havinastella...really appreciated!
  4. Thank you for replying and thank you for your advice sir_gilmour.
  5. youtu.be/KWn8G9L21z8 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' [You Tube] One man fights to protect his family and his home against AVIVA INSURANCE! After 5 long years of fighting AVIVA INSURANCE and with Christmas 2012 almost upon us, our home remains in a ruined state, my family continue to suffer and AVIVA INSURANCE continue to callously ignore our long term water damage building insurance claim, repeatedly proven by numerous independent expert reports! Please watch the film and spread the word!
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