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  1. Like I said previously, the only communication we have had from the council in any form since 3rd March is the 14/15 bill. On the bottom of the bill, it states the amount of the 'overpayment' but nothing else. I have a friend who got into trouble last year and she said on her bill it said "the amount £x is due to court proceedings". Ours didn't say anything like that at all, no mention. We've had no post, no letters and no phone calls.
  2. We have not yet received the SAR paperwork, so I thought it would look better if I started to make payments when they were due.
  3. I had quite literally just walked through the door,,and not even taken my coat off. I don't understand how they could be bailiffs though, if we've had absolutely NO communication at all since 3rd March, apart from the bill, and I've already stated that I know they've read the offer letter that I sent. We don't have any other debts that could go to court.
  4. **update** - we sent a letter offering £x a week, and also in the letter we asked if we could pay the 14-15 bill over 52 weeks instead of 42. We sent the letter on 3rd March. I requested that they were to get in touch as soon as possible if the repayment plan was unsatisfactory. We heard nothing at all until we received the 14-15 bill which was split into 52 weekly installments, as we had requested, so I KNEW that they had read the letter. At the bottom of the bill was the outstanding amount, but that was all it said, that it was outstanding, nothing else. So, I took it that they had acce
  5. We have alrady done the £10 SAR thing, so are just waiting for that. I will definitely send a letter though.
  6. It was a different forum, not financially related.
  7. No, there was no records printed, just a sentance in the long letter that said they had looked through the records and there was no evidence we had called or written to them.
  8. So, do we appeal, or do I send the offer of payment letter? Confused now. I just want the whole thing sorting out now.
  9. I was advised not to appeal by a member on another forum. They said that they worked for the benefits agency and that we wouldn't gain anything by appealing and that it would be a waste of everyone's time. I requested an SAR, and we received a long letter detailing the breakdown and the fact that HMRC and the council had been in almost constant contact since 2011. Also, in the letter, it states that they have no record, either phone or writing of us contacting them, even though I know we did. So, if we decided to appeal, how would we do it? Is there a template letter on here? T
  10. We have an overpayment of £3487. We were going to appeal, but have been advised against it, so we have to pay. I was going to send this: Dear Mrs ? Following your letter of 21st February regarding the overpayment of £x, I would like to make an offer to repayment of £x a week. This would be added onto the 14-15 bill, which I would like to pay in installments over 52 weeks if possible. The money would be paid monthly by direct debit,/standing order on the 31st of every month, beginning on 31st March 2014. Please find enclosed an income / expenditure sheet. Plea
  11. I sent the letter to ask them to reassess their decision. What we got back was just a breakdown of the (non) allowance. I'm not sure what to do next. We want to appeal, but not the decision regarding the allowance for benefit, just the overpayment amount, as they were repeatedly informed that dh was working, but they kept saying that we were entitled. I need some sort of template letter, as they haven't told me how to appeal. I have done our budgeting and we can afford to pay £15 a week to the overpayment as well as the normal weekly amount for the standard bill. I'm hoping they wil
  12. I sent the letter today, then arrived home to a bill for about £3500 to include 13-14. They have requested the amount in 1 payment on 31 March. There's no way in the world we can do that. On the letter yesterday, it said that we had 1 month to ask for a new decision ( today's letter), and then a further month to appeal, so why send a bill today? I'm so scared and confused now.
  13. So could they do it over a longer time period? Say 2 or 3 years. Just the overpayment? We would pay the normal bill, as normal.
  14. So can they ask for the whole lot in one go, or over a longer length of time?
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