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  1. Hi All In May I visited Brighton and went to park at the MET College as I had done many time before. However, instead of the college managing the car park it was now managed by CPM. The essential difference being that you used to pay in cash but now you have to pay over the phone to Just Park (not that you could tell how much as no signs showed the tarrif). After parking in the half full car park I saw a number of people in discussion in the middle of the car park. I approached and asked what was going on and they advised that they were all trying to call Just Park t
  2. Hi Received letter from DRP (Debt Recovery Plus) to pay £160 for unpaid PCN from 14.4.18. I've never received a PCN from UK Car Park Management Ltd before, so this is the 1st time I've seen anything! Just called DRP to get more info - they have photos, say I exceeded maximum stay (or may not have paid). I remember being surprised on the day that it has changed at Brighton Met College to the new system, lots of people that day had confusion, couldn't pay by phone (there's no cash option) or was told carpark full, which it clearly wasn't. I have phone record on that
  3. I am currently unemployed and receive full housing benefit, my 19yr old son left school in June (repeated a yr due to disability) and starts college full time in August. Over the summer period he has not claimed for any benefits or worked. I received a letter from the council saying that I have been overpaid housing benefit since June as my son is now a non-dependant and are asking for £126 to cover overpayment, they are also asking for £12pw towards rent. They also wish to see his student loan payments confirmation letter. I'm at a loss here as everything I have read about housing benefit
  4. Hi Can any one help I enrolled in home learning college september 2015, and have been trying to get rid ever since. It was a combine 2 and 3 year course which they advised and then promised tablet with course material which was around £5 from china and had no material. I received no eat package no student card and all arrived after the cooling off period . I am now in debt to them over £2000 and have never done any of the course . Can any one advise what to do?
  5. Hello I enrolled onto a Marketing course in February this year with Home Learning College but can't afford to pay for and feeling a little frustrated with the course. I'm on Job seekers and can't get any funding to support continuing this course (Job Centre has scrapped funding. Useless). I now want to cancel the course as it has become more a luxury than a necessity. Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? Thank you.
  6. Hi, my son was suspended from college on 22nd October, a tutor called to say we would receive a letter to explain why, but would not elaborate on the phone. We know he argued with his girlfriend on campus and someone reported it, so guess this is the reason. As of today 4th Nov we still have no letter. Are the college legally obliged to send a letter within a timeframe. I think it is out of order that we still know nothing, I have called the college today and am awaiting a call back. Thanks
  7. hi.im a single unemployed dad.i receive tax credits for my son,who might be leaving college next week unless he can get on an I.T course, which hes trying to do. if he leaves should i contact tax credits and tell them hes left, only thing is then we will both be living on £73 a week.
  8. I'm looking for some advice please on how to proceed with regard to a county court claim I received today, courtesy of H&L. Back in 2011 I enrolled on a local college course for the academic year 2011/12. At the time I was unemployed and applied for "mature" student finance. This was ticking along and as the end of the year approached various people also on the same course dropped out as their finance was turned down or their circumstances changed. In January 2012 I was fortunate to secure full time employment and continued on the course, my employers allowing me to a
  9. Hi. I'm 24 and looking to go back into education in September (by which time I'll be 25) to study Animal Behaviour. I was told by a university this week that I would need either A Levels or an Access to HE course to allow me to apply. There seems to be plenty of funding available for university students, but I can't seem to find any for full time college students, as you can not apply for student living grants/loans until uni. I am living away from home and have been claiming ESA for a while now, but that will be ending soon. I know I can get a loan to cover the cost of
  10. After every flight, Qantas pilots complete a form called a "Gripe Sheet" which tells the mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form and the pilots then review the Gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that the ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (P) and the solutions recorded by the maintenance engineers (S) Apparently Qantas is the only major airline that has never, ever had an accident. P: Left inside
  11. Hi , i am IT student , i did enroll with one of private institute for IT certifications . i did enroll for year course on agreement but they said it may take longer if they dont have sufficient student batch. NOW they took two year but still half of lectures not scheduled . i keep on contacting them they always reply to wait for admin to contact back . few days back called them they says ur course due date passed so they reviewing case why course not scheduled . But i am tired to contacting them . i paid them
  12. I left college in 2013 (Scotland) having completed a proportion of the course but left due to an injury at work. I don't recall any further communication from the college, however I received a letter today asking for an outstanding balance of the full course amount (£1,285) on behalf of the college. I have been instructed to communicate only with them regarding this scenario. I am wary of what my next steps should be as I don't trust these people and I expect that they would quickly use my words against me if they could. At the very most, I feel I should be liable for the fees only
  13. Hello, Just wondering if someone can give me a clear cut answer regarding my SAAS eligibility, I have had mixed answers :L I was born in England but moved to Scotland when I was young and have lived there for 10 years +. However I have lived in England for the past 4-5years due to my work sending me there. If I move back to Scotland am I eligible for SAAS straight away or will I have to wait? Thank you in advance. Oli
  14. Hello, I am having problems with a dispute with a training provider. The dispute has been ongoing for nearly a year. I hope there can be help with this unhappy issue. I studied a "foundation degree" a while back and am unhappy with the way they (the college) have treated my complaint. I want my money back because I strongly believe the service was of exceptionally poor administration and not value for money. The administration of the course was extremely poor, the teaching was lacking and the vocational learning non-existent. In addition the lead lecturer clearly did not know the sub
  15. Hello, I was wondering if you could help my colleagues and myself. We were all recently issued PCNs by Smart Parking for not displaying visible permits during our time in the Edinburgh College car park (They only recently went over to this new system, previously we have had no problems as it was college run). We all attend the college, but do not have permits. We are all still within the 14 day pay area and wondering what would be an appropriate course of action. The PCN is for £60, reduced to £30 if payed promptly and if not paid after the 28 days an admin charge of £40 is incurre
  16. Hi guys, I've been signing on to JSA now for about four months. From the moment I signed on I informed them that I would be starting a part time "Access to HE" college course in September, lasting a year, for 10 hours per week. They accepted this, signed me up as requiring full time work until september, when I started college I had this changed to part time. A month ago they started requesting paperwork from my college, and asking me questions about how I was paying for it. I told them I had a student loan, and brought them all the paperwork I had including
  17. Hi All, hope some kind person can help me, my husband receives JSA and also claims for me, we receive 112.60 weekly along with HB and CTB, up until last week I also received child tax credit and child benefit for him, this has now stopped as he has reached 20, he still has another year to complete at college and the only money he receives is a bursary of £110 every 3 months which pays for a bus pass to travel to and from college which is over 3 miles away. We are not in a financial position to be able feed
  18. Hello, I would really like to do another full time uni or college course because I think now I am in a good place mentally and would be able to do well in it, however I owe student finance from a previous course where I had big problems and had to leave.. would I be able to get more finance? Basically I did a foundation uni course and got finance for it I think it was about £3000 for tuition and about £3500 is maintenance loan which went ok, then moved onto do a full degree Did a few months of the degree and fell into trouble (stuff with my crazy ex and rental contracts etc money wis
  19. Today we have recieved through the door a "notice of seizure " for my daughter for college fees. Debt £1015 - their charges £960 from Andrew wilson and co. She finished school with a levels - went on to university and did an HND in fashion buying, the recession then hit -no jobs in fashion so she got a job with a full time media company, one year later was made redundant so she decided to go to college to do an access course for teaching and as she was claimimg jobseekers she would get the course paid for ( or so she thought) . During all this time and still now to pay her car insuranc
  20. Just a word of advices to any one looking to start the AAT. Whatever you do NOT USE HOME LEARNING COLLEGE. They mislead you and are conniving. I was sold Module one Basic accounting the old qualification at the cost of £895.00. I was told by the guy who came to my home I was signing on to the Full level certificate in accounting at that price. However in the middle of module one I called to ask for the next module because I felt I could study for two modules being out of work. I was told that the cost £895 only covered module one. I had paid £400.00 via installment, when
  21. I took out a Home Learning College course in Computer Repair in Oct 2006, mostly due to A) youthful naivety believing the Course Advisors/Salesmans pitch about "having a recognised qualification most people in PC World Repair Department don't even have" and B) desperation from spending almost 15 years working life going from job to job and not getting anywhere due to learning difficulties giving me sucky grades and jobs prospects, apart from basic manual labour and machine operation. Now, all was well and good until after further research into the course itself I discovere
  22. Hi All, Just remembered about a car I had around 10 years ago and thought I would try and find who I had the credit with. Rang bank and asked them for payments made for a specific month and turns out it was College Credit. Had a quick scour on data controller register but didn't come back with anything, anyone know anything about them? Are they a dormant company? I just want to send them an SAR and double check whether I had PPI, have a feeling I'm too late with this one though.
  23. Hello, in Feb 2010 I had just come out of a really bad and abusive relationship and I was working, but I wanted something new. I saw an ad for HLC and took a look at their website. I saw that they offered courses for webdesign and I sent away some details to request more information. Instead I got a sales woman coming over and being in the state that I was back then I foolishly signed up for CIW 1 & 2 at the total sum of £2300. I wanted to sign up for one course but the woman said that they offered a package for both courses at a "cheaper" price. by August
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-18272215
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