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  1. Hi everyone, hope someone may be able to help. On Thursday 20th July around 11pm we parked in a bay, alongside a few other cars. (We have parked before so were aware of the bay regulations 9-5 Mon-Fri 4 hr no return 4 hr). Part of the bay was cordoned off with red barriers, but no barriers where we parked. On Friday morning at 8.30am returned to car to find a PCN with code 21 (observed 8:06am-8:08am). Looked for a sign only to find one partially obscured by branches from a tree and attached to a lamp post not the existing parking regulation sign, was attached with cable tie
  2. Hi I've been suspended from work while they are investigating allegations of gross misconduct. It's follows a grievance I raised against the way I was being treated by another department (there are a number of individuals who use threats to ensure I prioritise their work over other departments). My grievance was ignored and I was told by my line manager that an informal complaint had been raised against me by that department. A week later I'm called into HR and handed a letter stating I've been suspended due to allegations of harassment outside the work place. The
  3. I went off sick from work mid Feb 2017 following several meetings with my managers regarding increased workload (we had a mass increase in patients - in the hundreds!), not enough manpower or hours to cover the workload etc. I was also prohibited from working overtime and so were my staff (I am a Practice Manager working in a GP Practice for the last ten years with an unblemished record) and eventually I started slipping behind in my work as I was unable to keep up with increase and very little was being put in place to support myself or my staff. Hence I could not cope with the stress and we
  4. Hello I hope you can help - I have someone who is a decent human being but has been put is a difficult situation. Someone else was helping him before but I’ve been called on-board as the other person hasn't got the time. He has been on ESA for a long time, He suffers from severe social anxiety, depression, body image issues and also post-traumatic stress due to many issues; most of which are childhood-related, whereas the traumatic stress (I believe) was relatively recent (5 years ago) due a severe facial injury that required intense facial- reconstr
  5. Hi all its been a long time since I've posted. I worked at this agency since 2014 and was suspended without pay over a safeguarding issue. Due to stress and anxiety I went on to statutory sick pay and the employer went quiet. I wrote to them recently and they responded that the case is on hold and I have to come off the sick for the case to proceed. At the moment I'm thinking along the lines of an Employment tribunal as I think that they are behaving very unfairly. I don't really want to stay with them over the way that they have treated me but I just don't kn
  6. Hi again, More problems. As stated in a previous thread somewhere on here, I work as a cashier at a local filling station, and have done so since July last year. In mid Feb this year the previous franchisee was replaced, and all staff were TUPE'd over to the new guy. In the (not quite) couple of months that the new franchisee has had the franchise, I've had unlawful deduction problems, holiday pay problems, and weird tax code problems, none of which have yet been sorted out, but that's another matter. The latest problem is this: At the beginning of last week (Mond
  7. Hi, my son was suspended from college on 22nd October, a tutor called to say we would receive a letter to explain why, but would not elaborate on the phone. We know he argued with his girlfriend on campus and someone reported it, so guess this is the reason. As of today 4th Nov we still have no letter. Are the college legally obliged to send a letter within a timeframe. I think it is out of order that we still know nothing, I have called the college today and am awaiting a call back. Thanks
  8. I have worked for 30years in the same position. I became sick 10yrs ago for few months and returned back to work. 7years ago my company was bought over by a contracting firm. I still remain in the same site I have been 30yrs ago. Five months ago I was issued a suspension letter due to health reasons for one month. I was recalled back after one month to defend why I should not be terminated and my GP responded with sick note that I am receiving treatment. The threat of suspension and losing my job had followed me through. I have now suffered stroke and may not be able to work again. My emplo
  9. Hi guys, Early last week, I was suspended until further notice for an incident involving negligence on my behalf. The HR Manager informed me that I was to be suspended on full salary while an investigation to takes place. All this was confirmed in writing, and they said that they would be in contact at a later stage. It's been nearly a week and there hasn't been any form of communication whatsoever. In 17 years of working this has been a first time being suspended and also facing disciplinary action of some sort too. Is there a rough time period that it takes for something
  10. Hey all, two quick questions A restaurant I work in will be closing for a refurbishment, we've been told we may get hours at other stores but it's not a definate. Apparently they are allowed to simply not schedule any hours...since they will do whatever they can to weasel out of it, my question is how much notice do we need to be given? Second question, In the papers recently people are talking about claims for holidaypay earned on overtime, will this only apply to salried employers or 0 hour contracts as well and is it right that if you dont claim before july you can then only go b
  11. I have tried to claim compensation from my local authority for damage to my car caused by badly worn speed cushions but they are saying that they can't consider my claim for general wear over a period of time, they will only consider a claim for a specific date and time of incident. My N/S Track Control Arm had failed after about 10 months of a previous one being fitted and approx 4000 miles causing the tyre to wear on the insde edge, I believe this has been caused by daily commuting along a certain stretch of road which has badly damaged speed cushions along its length,
  12. We recently had the red route loading/parking bays suspended outside our business,on both sides of the road.After several days,I began to wonder why this was happening.On closer inspection,I found a white notice attached to a post on one side of the road stating that the suspension was to be for 2 days whilst road maintenance was being carried out.As we were now 8 days in,and the signage was still in place,I decided to call TFL to check what was going on.After being given the usual telephone run a round,I was told to email my enquiry and someone would investigate.Now,10 days after the suspensi
  13. Hi I urgently need some advice/help. I have a friend on incapacity benefit which i believe is now esa. She have been NFA - no fixed abode, as far as income support. But she moved into a few months ago but forgot change her NFA status. She has correspondence mail to me (including benefits P.O payment letters to me) as a safe postal address. Her money was stopped recently, she didn't know anything about it until it didn't go in around 22 December I received no letters from anyone, she did not either. After much to-ING and fro-ING it seems it it the compliance department around 10th Dece
  14. I was suspended from work last Wednesday, but I had given my holiday form in which was accepted to start Monday to Friday, does my suspension over ride the holiday or not, my holiday was accepted before the suspension but HR won't comment on it, my disciplinary is on Wednesday
  15. Hello, I'll keep this as brief as possible... I am currently on 2 weeks suspension from work following an incident that happened on the 19th. I walked out on after a customer was being verbally abusive and falsely accused me of "giving the finger" to her sister. The reason I walked out is that my duty manager seemed to find the incident funny and did not back me up, telling me to grow up. The letter I have received from works says I am suspended for: Allegations of abusive and objectionable behaviour towards customers Leaving the workplace during the duty period without permis
  16. I was approached nine days ago by a colleague who had recently completed a supervision session with a staff member,after the supervision was finished the staff member said that she wished to talk at her next supervision about several staff members, one being myself and she hinted she had a problem with me! upon being given this information by my colleague I immediately brought my Manager into the conversation. The next day I informed my Manager that I intended to speak to the staff member in an attempt to find what the problem was and if it could be resolved, at no time did my Manager dete
  17. Hi All, Really hope i can get some good solid advice here. I work for a Electrical company & redundancy only applies to site operatives. Not Supervisors or office staff. 18 Months ago the company i work for put out a risk of redundancy to staff and cut the hours to the basic (38hr), Thankfully things picked up and everything returned to normal with only 1 lay off. After that scare i thought i try and start my own business while still working, was working nights so it made it possible to do so. Spoke to the MD of the company about my plan and he seemed fine. Requested to b
  18. hi all' new to this site, I am waiting for a letter outlining the full extent of the allegation that has led to my suspension. I believe another manager has been encouraged to make the allegation by the divisional manager who I approached for support in the absence of my manager. I have put up with nearly 5 years of bullying tactics and this is the final insult. I have no union rep and I am not allowed to speak to staff, I have not been given my managers details as a contact but another manager and my divisional manager, I find this odd because she is instrumental in ensuring we carry o
  19. Hi All A bit of background to start with: My husband was suspended from work 4 weeks ago for an alleged faliure to service a customer (he works in the waste management industry) He was told that this was on full pay. Although the customer was not serviced, this was due to decisions made by the company CEO & outwith my husband's control, so he feels that this suspension is entirely unjustified. He immediately raised a grievance, sent by recorded delivery & it has been signed for. At no point over the last 4 weeks has he received any correspondence from his employer
  20. Hello all, Recently i was suspended from work pending an investigation regarding theft. The day i was suspended i was working at the shop i work(ed?) at and was taken away from the shop floor by my store manager and area manager, they both spoke to me regarding issues in the work place saying that another superviser who recently left had resigned after he was accused of theft of company property. In this impromptu meeting my area manager accused me of breaches of procedure (i am guilty of these breaches i admit that much, it amounts to not doing some things by set guidelines) th
  21. I was suspended several months ago for allegedly making discrimination complaint in bad faith. Complaints made to employment tribunal for victimisation. Employer denied knowledge of previous employment tribunal claim .The tribunal however discovered this was not the case on 2nd day of hearing and warned employer of possible perjury and solicitor representing employer required to make a written submission if they had fulfilled their professional conduct. Employer ask for 2weeks adjournement which was honoured.Hearing did not commence on scheduled day and now employer is threatning c
  22. Just when you're beginning to feel as if you're getting somewhere! Received a letter today from my council advising that my HB/CT Reduction claim has been suspended because my period of JSA (Contribution Based) ended today and JSA (Income Based) kicks in as from tomorrow. I have not yet been given any indication from DWP how much that will be ..... but it will be reduced due to small private pension payment. This means that I will be unable to pay my rent/CT at the end of the month, causing severe financial hardship and even more stress ............. No, I'm not going to tea
  23. Hello everyone thanks in advance for any advice you can give, I have been suspended from work pending an investigation the reasons behind the suspension was intent to defraud the company. Back story: I have worked for this company for 11 years only had one unrelated issue on my record otherwise it's spotless, it's a large supermarket chain and the situation arose due to me speaking to an off duty colleague while I was working. The colleague in question was at our workplace to solve a wage issue and the HR department were on break so asked me his query, we then spoke about what he purcha
  24. Hello all, Need some help for my brother who has found himself in a really strange and quite worrying position at his work. He works for a well known supermarket and was under suspension after being accused of putting lottery transactions through incorrectly. A bit of background, this is the third time he has been suspended and each time previously ( on different accounts ) was dropped immediately due to it being proven it was unfounded. There have also been a great number of staff members suspended in a short period ( 24 months ) and complaints made against the manager at the stor
  25. Hi all Will try to keep this as brief as I can received a phone call from work (nhs staff nurse) last may stating I was suspended for not following a procedure correctly . I had been shown this method of doing things by a senior staff nurse on the ward and all the nurses were doing it in the way I was suspended for. I made the manager aware of this on the phone call and waited and waited... Never received a letter detailing reasons for suspension, month or so later got letter for investigation meeting and went with my union rep. Was told I would find out in the next week if I was going t
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