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  1. Hi, Am i correct in assuming that if Mr A has an existing mortgage on a property on his own, then Mrs A cannot just be added to the deed via land registry, without the lender being consulted and giving agreement to it? Someone is arguing the point with me, that as it is his wife, then she is entitled to go on the deed, after the mortgage has been granted in Mr A's name. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, i think you may be right guys, i dropped him off at Catterick yesterday for the start of his training, and will just let him move on now. I was more aggrieved than him yes, so I will let it lie, and I'm sure he will learn from it. I'm sure the employer will come unstuck one day. Thank you all.
  3. Hi, thank you for your replies. Yes he would have an agreement and a contract from the employer. He did his foundation year for plumbing in college and then went onto his apprenticeship. After about 8 months of his apprenticeship, the college discovered that he wasn't being paid for his college day. They then asked the employer to pay as he was legally bound to. The employer refused and so the college told my son that he could no longer attend due to this. The employer then employed my son basically as a labourer on a contract. My son took this at the time as he knew he wanted to go to the Arm
  4. Hi, Would just like a little advice regarding my sons employer. I will summarise At the moment, my son gave notice to his employer as he had been accepted to the Army. He wanted to work until he left but someone told the boss that he had been accepted. my son called the boss on the Tuesday to give notice, the boss told him not to come in again!... boss has always been very tight and tried to get away with pay if he could! he paid my son for 2 days that week even though my son wanted to work that week and the next before he left.
  5. Hi, i had a non refundable deposit paid for a service that ultimately did not proceed by the client, but now they have contacted my children by private message on Facebook and told them that I owe them money. Is this permitted? Thank you.
  6. Yes, i can provide proof that i was away with my wife
  7. Yes, the one i received attached to the stat demand.
  8. Thank you for your help everyone. I will heed the advice.
  9. The company that gave the loan for 60,000 are Rebuilding society. The company is still in existence but i fear for not much longer. I haven't spoken to the witness, is this a good idea?...or just inform the police. As I said i have no assets that they could take anyway. Would they still petition for bankruptcy in that situation?
  10. Hi, ok where to start... i was asked by a friend to give a PG for his company for a business loan. I refused that, but it seems that he pasted my signature onto a PG agreement and also had someone witness it from his company!.. .as it happens the date on the PG was my birthday Sept '16, and I was out of the country. The company defaulted on the loan, and I have received a stat demand this week. The loan company have been informed of the discrepancy and have put the demand on hold while they investigate. What is the best way to deal with this. Would they still pursue it
  11. Hi, i have a rather serious issue regarding a PG that was falsely signed and witnessed. I have received a stat demand regarding the debt. Do I have a hope in fighting this on those grounds, or is it very difficult to prove and fight?
  12. Thank you, I will pay it, but it has just hit me in one lump and cocked up my bank.
  13. OK, thank you for your help sgtbush, will let you know the outcome.
  14. No, sorry, they have given me 28 days notice from the 5th Dec haven't they, do you mean from 4th Jan?
  15. OK, i have all the statements. So, do you mean they have only given me 27 (20) days notice...is that important?
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