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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, My wife parked on the road outside of our building, it was late at night and she's heavily pregnant. Someone gave us a charge notice at 3AM in the morning, clearly nothing better to do.. They've sent us the images including the car, number plate, and parking conditions. You can only actually see the conditions as they've used a flash camera and they aren't clearly signed at night anyways.. They don't own the land, and I'm not even sure why they're even here. I've read lots of the posts before about best practice, but can't seem to find the template letter/email to send them. Should I even bother replying or just bin all the letters, I think the images alone show that they've not signed the road correctly... Thanks for any help/advice. The ticket was also received on 3rd of July, and they mailed me on the 7th August.
  2. Hello Everyone. I visited a friend on 29/04/17 in the early evening. Today, 20/05/17 I received a letter from CPM UK Car Park Management that a PCN was issued on 16/05/17 in relation to my visit on 29/04/17. An operative did not attend to see the apparent parking, a tennant at the flats takes photos of cars, sends them to CPM who then issue PCN's The area is split into two parking areas, one on the left, one on the right, with main entry driveway down the middle. I have attached 11 photos for you to look at. The block of flats is owned by a social housing association that has its head office in Newbury, West Berkshire. As you can see from the photos there is : 1 - no mention of permits being needed on any of the signs, 2 - only a couple of the bays have numbers which I think relates to flat number 3 - there are no designated visitor parking bays 4 - even though its private land, surely visitors are allowed to drive to the site and park up to visit a tennant. CPM001 - Location of Parking sign nearest to where my car was parked CPM002 - Close up picture of the sign CPM003 - The bay my car was parked in when receiving the PCN CPM004 - A parking bay with a designated flat number CPM005 - Majority of the bays do not have designated flat numbers, or visitor parking signs CPM006 - Sign on entry stating it is private parking CPM007 - Parking sign in right hand side car park CPM008 - Cars parked in bays with no designated flat numbers, or visitor parking CPM009 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement CPM010 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement CPM011 - Vehicles park on the main entry road / pavement I read that as its private land, then the PCN is actually an invoice (contract law), and that by appealing you are agreeing that the invoice is valid. I have also emailed DVLA today to see if CPM are legally allowed to get driver vehicle details from DVLA. But Im bothered by the fact that the "Offence" took place on 29/04, The offence wasnt recorded at CPM for 17 days, and then it took fours days for the letter to arrive. I wanted to know if there is a nice letter to send, which doesnt accept liability, but tells CPM they're talking rubbish and Im not paying. Sorry trying to upload photos, whats the spec needed ? Thanks Phillip
  3. Hi All In May I visited Brighton and went to park at the MET College as I had done many time before. However, instead of the college managing the car park it was now managed by CPM. The essential difference being that you used to pay in cash but now you have to pay over the phone to Just Park (not that you could tell how much as no signs showed the tarrif). After parking in the half full car park I saw a number of people in discussion in the middle of the car park. I approached and asked what was going on and they advised that they were all trying to call Just Park to pay for parking and kept being told the car park was full . After much discussion everyone agreed we would park and leave a note on our cars advising we had tried to pay and would be happy to pay if contacted. A week later I received a PCN for not buying a ticket. I had wrongly assumed the site would have a parking warden but of course the ticket was issued based on photographing my car on entry and exit so my note was never seen. I appealed the PCN based on the message saying the car park was full and requested they review their tickets for the afternoon as there would be an above average number of tickets issued due to the other people who also left messages. Today I have received a letter rejecting my appeal on the basis that the car park was full as other people had paid in advance for the spaces so by parking I was obstructing other drivers from using their designated areas. It says I should have refrained from parking and contacted CPM for advice. I repeat the car park was half full when I arrived and almost empty when I returned to my car. The recorded message did not explain why the car park would be full and I dont recall adequate signage explaining this in the car park. Can anyone give any advice on how I might appeal to the IAS? thanks Steve
  4. Hi all I have received a PCN through the post, This is the first time I was aware, Does CPM have to put a ticket on the windscreen rather than send the PCN with pictures through the post This is not an ANPR it was one of their goons checking Thanks in advanced
  5. new to this site so hopefully someone can help? On the 9/5/18 20:53 I was at Wembley near the stadium where I parked up to watch a match. and return to my car and found a parking charge (PCN) on the screen.. I ignored it.... On the 15th June I received a FORMAL DEMAND letter telling me I have to pay £100. I rang them up and told them that this was a joke and I'm not paying for it as its not a council ticket.... I also made out that returning to the car there was NO ticket as someone may off removed it but on the site theres pics to show it was on the car.... The reason for the ticket was because I was parked on private land and did not display a permit ..... I've only spoken to them on the phone and yet to send them a letter...... what shall I do ... thanks Nike99
  6. Hi, I have received a parking notice stuck to the windscreen after parking in a disabled bay at the hotel I was saying in on the 14th December. The car park was full at the time and there is no on road parking locally. I had four colleagues in the car also staying at the hotel and at check in we informed the receptionist of our problem with parking and she said as the 12 disabled bay were free we were OK to park there and to leave a note on the windscreen to that effect on hotel headed paper. Needless to say in the morning the vehicle was ticketed and the remaining Disabled Bay were still free! I am prepared to appeal the ticket but know from reading the posts on here that this will probably be a waste of time. Do you have a standard template that details there was no loss of money or inconvenience caused to other hotel users that might be worth sending to disappear or should I wait to receive more threats. The only complication that I can see is that I have a leased company vehicle which is also being hired from Thrifty as my new car is on order after the lease company wrote off my last vehicle. I suspect that if they write to Thrifty as the registered keeper that they will pay the notice and add costs which would be passed on to the lease company and eventually through to me. I could do with a letter that suggests they should drop the matter as I am prepared to fight the charge. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Regards OMH
  7. I have read many threads now, but still have my concerns since I may have been too honest and offered too much information on my appeal. Plus, it seems most people have had tickets and yet still got a PCN, whereas I only had a permit from a resident. I was working at a block of flats for a client. Every day I would go up to his flat to retrieve a permit he was always busy getting his daughter ready for school or I couldn't get hold of him by phone. The final day I visited, it took a bit longer, about 15mins because the daughter was crying and causing mayhem, and he had a plumber in at the same time. It was chaos. I finally got the permit and went downstairs to hang it in my car as usual. A couple of weeks later on 11th May, I got a parking charge notice. Someone was waiting in the bushes! Started reading about it, and figured I should appeal, expecting to them to turn me down. I just said I was the registered keeper, not the driver, but my admission of the fact that I was working there may have revealed too much. I told them what I just wrote above about his daughter etc. I sent the appeal within the specified period. They rejected me as expected responding on 27th June. I didn't appeal through the IAS as suggested in their letter by the deadline as I thought it was pointless. Now I have received a formal demand on 26th July Should I just continue to ignore them? I worry that I may have given too much information away. Here is what I wrote on my appeal: Dear sir/madam, I, as registered keeper of the vehicle relating to PCN ******, wish to invoke your appeals procedure. I had been working at a clients property in several occasions prior to the alleged contravention of the parking rules and had been issued with and displayed a valid parking permit clearly within my vehicle. This was the final visit upon which I had to retrieve the permit from the client who lives several floors up in the Greenwich Heights tower block. During this time of retrieving the permit you took your photo (what a coincidence). Find enclosed a photo of the permit. I am well aware of yours and my legal rights. I am well aware that you normally ignore legitimate claims and reject appeals so you can make more money, and then follow up with threatening letters but why not humour me and actually grant an appeal I’ve got a story to tell. You’ll make someone’s day. In any case, please supply a popla code if you refuse my appeal. My name Thanks in advance
  8. Hello. I really appreciate that this forum exists and I hope someone can give me some advice on how to proceed in this situation. I recently received a CPM Parking ticket for the car park of the flat where I am a leaseholder. I was away at the time and the building management company had told me (in writing) that they would inform me (and all lease holders) when a new parking management company took over the car park. Needless to say they didn't. They are also saying that the parking company did a mail drop explaining the new system. Apparently they did but I didn't see it, I have seen another copy and it was addressed to the occupier not the leaseholder. I called the parking company and they said they had a video of someone putting something through the door which they would email to me. This still hasn't happened but I imagine it just proves they put something through the door? My building management company say they will not get involved in any disputes with the parking company - I imagine this is part of the contract they have with them as in the copy of the circular that was put around the block and it says that the landowners will not get involved in any tickets. If that even legal? My lease also says nothing about parking permits. As far as I can see there must be some kind of deal where the parking company get anything they can take and the management company will now not get involved. Please can I have some advice about what to do next? Has anyone been in a similar situation please?
  9. This one is especially for DX, you see sometimes they do use the word
  10. Hi Guys, Really hoping someone can help me with this as have read several forums now and I'm really confused/worried on what I should do next. I'll give an overview of what's happened and have also answered the questions suggested in other threads below.. .if someone could please help me with this I'd be really grateful: A few weeks ago on 2nd June I parked on what I thought was a side street, there were double yellow lines on the main road and the double yellow lines stopped at the entrance of the side street. There was an office on the left to where I parked which had a gated entrance and a sign attached saying "Private Property" which looks like the area beyond the gate is private. On the left hand side of the road there were also yellow hazard/no parking cones. On the right hand side (the side that I parked on) there were no cones and no signs either. There were also no signs at the entrance of the street which is why I believed it to be a public road. On the right hand side a few yards from the road there is a warehouse type building with "Private Property" signs on its wall, between the wall and the road there is a wooden barrier and between the barrier and the warehouse wall there is an area for cars to park which looks like a private car park for the warehouse which gives the impression that the private property signs are for this area. I parked here for 15 minutes upon my return found a sticker stuck to my drivers side mirror, telling me I've been issued a fine and to contact the number provided for parking advice. I called the number and it put me through to Leeds City Council who then confirmed they had issued no fine. I threw the sticker away assuming it was someone trying to scare monger. A week later I received the attached CPM Letter 1. The letter says I was being charged for not Displaying a Valid Permit but it wasn't clear that you had to display a permit to park on this street and the photos they've taken are at a weird angle. I then looked this up online and sent a letter back to them which was recommended on one of the forums I read, please see attached Letter sent to UKCPM. I have received a letter back and I now don't know what to do next, please see the attachment CPM Letter 2. They haven't answered any of my questions and refer me to a website to review the photos they took online. The information on this is slightly different as online it says the time of issue is 14:29 but the 1st PCN letter says 14:00. 14:29 is definitely not correct as I was back at my car by 14:20. On their signs and 2nd letter to me they've referred to being members of BPA but in the first letter they've referred to IPC. On the BPA site they don't appear to be members. Please can someone advise me on what I should do next, this has never happened to me before : '( I hope I've given enough information. I have some photos of the street where I parked which I'll post below. For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions: 1 Date of the infringement – 02/06/2016 2 Date on the NTK – 08/06/2016 3 Date received – 13/06/2016 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? - NO 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? – YES – please see letter attached (CPM Letter 1) 6 Have you appealed? Have you had a response? I’ve not appealed but I have sent a letter requesting more information and received a reply, please see attachments Letter sent to UKCPM and CPM Letter 2 7 Who is the parking company? – UK Car Park Management (CPM) 8 For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS – YES its IAS 9 If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here – no further correspondence as yet. Attached are photos of the entrance to the side street where I parked and different views of where I parked. Attached is another photo showing the entrance to the side street from the main road, Private Property sign, warehouse, the land that looks like a private car park outside the warehouse next to the side street and the gated entrance with the sign on the gate. I hope these photos help. CPM Letter 2.pdf CPM Letter 1.pdf Letter sent to UK Car Park Management June 2016.pdf Pics 1.pdf
  11. Hi, Please help me I received a parking charge Notice from CPM I sent back a transfer of liability to them(with name and address of the driver at the time) as I was not the driver at the time the contravene occurred I have received a letter from CPM stating that they are unable to process the transfer of liability as they have not been supplied with serviceable address The driver lives abroad. What do I do please.
  12. Hi all a friend just got a ticket at home and picture clearly shows her permit next to the ticket! Happen to a neighbour a few times. She cannot call as deaf. Shall I just tell her to ignore it or send letter to CPM saying not paying? Thanks in advance Andy
  13. My sis in law has just received a PCN in the post. The cahrge is the usual £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. At the bottom of the letter it has the IPC logo but on the signs they still display the BPA logo. The signage in the piece of land where she parked consists of 3 A0 sized signs fixed to the wall of the building in front, there is no entrance sign. The other potential problem is that the PCN is addressed to her late husband who has only recently been buried. Does anybody have any suggestions of where to go from here..... Thanks in advance t-star
  14. Hello please need help. I received this, I missed this completely, did not mean to ignore it and got around doing it now. I am confused though, one letter says pay in 14 days another says you missed it so pay 100 but I never even got a sticker on my windshield. please advice what to do next as I don't want to fully ignore it. What letters to write etc. Thank you very much, You helped me before and I know I can count on you guys. Tomas CPM UK PNC.pdf
  15. Hey, I have moved into a new flat at the beginning of November, today have received a notice saying that parking permits will be coming into place on our car park (all of the car parks in the neighborhood, really!). I have two cars (one for me and one for my husband) as we both are courier drivers so we need them for work. Unfortunately we only received one resident permit, and one visitor permit, which is only valid for 12 days annually. I have called them, and have been told that they can't give us another resident permit, and I should just park 'elsewhere'. Well, there's no 'elsewhere' near us at all! Are they allowed to do that?
  16. Hi, I've only just discovered this forum and wish I knew about it before! If anyone could help me in my situation I'd be really grateful. We have been renting a flat with an allocated numbered parking space. My partner parked the car, went in the house without realising the permit had fallen off. He said it was on the seat and still visible. CPM issued a parking charge notice. The pictures show the parking terms which are in the car park about the charge, permit must be displayed in the windscreen etc. In the pictures you can also see the permit holder on the dashboard, having come unstuck. The car's in my name so I wrote back as asked in the notice to appeal. I included a copy of the permit (also numbered), our tenancy agreement showing we have use of the space, explaining that it had fallen but also stating that my partner was in at the time and the bell for our flat is about 10 feet from the space, if they'd rung the bell he would have come down and reattached the permit. Didn't really think much of it, kind of assumed it would be fine. We're now moving out and I just received a letter saying they've rejected the appeal because the permit wasnt displayed, and that it's our responsibility to ensure its on. It also gave a POPLA number and web address to appeal to them. Maybe stupidly, I phoned both popla and cpm. I was a bit emotional but didn't really expect anything to come of it. POPLA told me i should have been sent a paper form, but i wasnt. I can try to do it online but only have my phone and 4g at the moment, it took me 10 tries just to register for this forum :/ Is it worth appealing to POPLA as well? We're not living at the old address and I didn't particularly want to give them the new one, especially if they'll just turn around and reject again. Thank you for any insight! Please let me know if I need to provide more info.
  17. Sorry for having to create a new thread. I know there is already a lot of great information out there already and I have read loads already but I need some fairly specific advice with this one. So the story goes: I took my Dads car to the office the other night. We have use of a car park that belongs to a bank that we sublet an office from. All thats required is a little paper permit that I have had sitting between my dash and windscreen for months now without any issues. The other day my Dad sent me a text saying he had received a letter about a PCN being "overdue". He sent me a copy and I saw that the evidence pictures were really dark and hard to make out. So I logged in to the website to see the rest of their evidence. Looking through the pictures I can see that they are all taken in the dark using a flash that has done nothing except illuminate the reg plate in to a incomprehensible blurred mess. Cant even read the reg. There is one picture on the whole windscreen that if I up the exposure, I can just about see the permit in the bottom of the drivers side windscreen but obviously I cant see any details. The rest of the pictures of the dash and windscreen are all taken pointed away from where the permit is... So what should I do from here? Send an appeal letter with the photo that I upped the exposure on and suggest that perhaps the Parking Official didn't see the permit in the dark? Or is there a standard appeal letter I should send first? Thanks in advance for any advice given.
  18. Hi, I am hoping I can get a little help/advice with a parking ticket recently issued. I visited a friend at their Flat on New Year's Eve. On arrival my friend advised me to park in a bay that in 2 years has never been allocated to any of the residents & as such the residents class it as a visitors parking bay. As the Car park gates were not working my friend provided me with a spare permit issued to their own parking bay to place in my car. (This was so that any wardens would be aware that I was a genuine visitor to a resident). We left their house around 9.20pm after returning home my wife noticed that a parking charge notice had been placed on our car. The PCN was for £60 raising to £100 if not paid in 14 days. It was issued under Contravention 1: Not displaying a valid permit. I have appealed the ticket on the grounds that the resident I was visiting had contacted the housing association who had verbally confirmed that the bay I was in could be used for visitors. They also confirmed that there was no requirement for a permit to be displayed in a visitors bay. CPM (UK Car Park Management) have written back & declined the appeal stating that a "breach of the terms & conditions of parking occurred" I myself then called the housing association, who then provided the contact details for a named representative at CPM. I called CPM, they were not helpful. They confirmed that the bay I was parked in had never be allocated to a specific resident but stated that simply meant that 'NO ONE' could park in that parking bay as it was reserved until a resident required it. Hmm, doesn't sound right to me?... At this stage I have until tuesday 4th Feb to pay at the reduced rate of £60 which CPM have recommended I do "to avoid further charges and possible action being taken". I was about to pay the ticket online & luckily remembered about The CAG. So here I am for help. Is there anything else I can do before I accept defeat and pay this PCN?. Thanks, P.S. I have attached pictures if it helps.
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