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  1. We did accept the refund we thought that was a final figure and wasn't negotiable
  2. Hi. The original loan was for £5000 over 62 months - total repayable £6107.40 . PPI - £1289 plus credit charge £266.04 - so the total ( i think) was£7662.60, I'm sorry but I really can't remember what the arrears were at the time the judgment was issued . The judgement total was for £6212.87 and the judgement date was 18th April 2008. £320 costs awarded against us. Thanks for your help
  3. I will dig out the paperwork and gt back to you. Thank you
  4. Hi. In 2009 my husband and I had a loan and were unable to pay this due to my husbands ill health at the time. To cut a long story short we received a county court judgement for this and this was secured against our property. We did pay this ccj off in monthly instalments and when we sold our house this was paid so the ccj was satisfied. A few weeks ago we were contacted by lloyds to say we had ppi on the loan ( we had no idea we had ppi ) and would never have taken this out as my husband had pre existing conditions so any claim would have been disqualified anyway. our claim has been upheld and are being refunded £1880 ( original ccj was for £6000). My question is can we apply for the ccj to be set aside ? Even though it is satisfied it is still on our credit report . Many thanks any help from this fantastic site gratefully received .
  5. Does this seem ok - DECLARATION OF OWNERSHIP We xxxxxxxxxx make this statement knowing that it may be presented to a Court and believing the contents to be true. 1. We are the lawful tenants of the aforementioned address and own all its contents and we declare there is no entitlement enabling anyone to change ownership, possession, location, use and enjoyment of our goods or deprive us of them for the purposes of using it as leverage for obtaining a money transfer from somebody else. 2. We further declare that any bailiff or person seeking a money transfer from somebody else including members of our household may not consider our goods property and chattels to be prima facie to be the property of, or belonging to somebody else. 3. This statement will be served on a firm of bailiffs known as Andrew Wilson and co of The Sherriffs office, 26 Missouri Avenue,Salford,Manchester M50 2NP by ordinary course of post and will be considered good service under Section 7 of the Interpretation Act 1978 as they have made a threat to convert our goods to somebody else's use. 4. I believe that the facts given in this statement are true. Date_10th September 2012 Sworn before me: ______________________________ An officer of the Court.
  6. Sorry to be completely thick but could you send me a link for the stat dec template - cant seem to find it - thankyou
  7. unfortunately much as we would like we cant afford to. Its a matter of priciple - Everything in the UK is wrong - she works pays tax on 2 jobs. It just seems the law is an ass, we will fight this tooth and nail . It seems the workers of this country are easy targets , I despair . I will be contacting chesterfield college tomorrow (who are the claimants). If this was a huge credit card debt then I would appreciate this action - she has worked in one job or another since she was 13 !!!!!! it seems work doesnt pay !
  8. so how can they press ahead with enorcement when there is just a few of her clothes here - nothing else. Obviously a ccj has been issued it says this on the form - she is unaware of ever having been issued a CCJ. yes they have left a form 55. we have 2 other daughters here who are now frightened to death !!!!
  9. Today we have recieved through the door a "notice of seizure " for my daughter for college fees. Debt £1015 - their charges £960 from Andrew wilson and co. She finished school with a levels - went on to university and did an HND in fashion buying, the recession then hit -no jobs in fashion so she got a job with a full time media company, one year later was made redundant so she decided to go to college to do an access course for teaching and as she was claimimg jobseekers she would get the course paid for ( or so she thought) . During all this time and still now to pay her car insurance she worked at a pub but was still able to claim jobseekers which was 40p most weeks as she only worked a few hours),this was 2 years ago. she is now at university doing primary teaching aged 25, he has 2 jobs to pay her rent, etc (obviously not claiming jobseekers now) My point is during all this time she has worked to try and better herself and make a career , and this is what happens for trying to educate yourself for a better life. As far as she was concerned these fees were covered by the jobseekers ( i helped her fill out the forms) . She or I at my address have never had a ccj for this or any communication in fact. Most certainly should this have been the case she would have contacted the college to argue the case. what can we do - she doesnt live here anymore but I feel so strongly about this I am happy to do whatever to defend her - she is an honest hard working girl and this is wrong.Please help
  10. Hi . My father sadly died in September 2011 and did not leave a will, his estate consisted of the family home where my mother still resides , and our grandparents former home which was inherited from my grandparents and jointly owned by my father and his sister and which has been rented out for the last 20 years. We (my mother , and 2 sisters) had to apply for a grant of letters of administration and signed the estate over to my mother and presumed my mother would have owned my fathers half share of my grandparents home . However , when looking through my fathers documents we have found the will of my grandfather which states on my fathers death his half of the property passes down to his children - which is myself, and 2 sisters. The question I need answering is - now that we have signed my fathers estate over to my mum is my grandfathers will now null and void. or do/ can we still inherit his share of the property ? Hope this makes sense. thank you
  11. Hi Oh dear - sounds familiar . Helios is perhaps the best one to help you with this one - he has a wealth of knowledge on VW and helped us with my daughters vw polo ( see previous threads) . I would call VW customer care as they gave us a 30% discount and your daughters car is much younger and has done less mileage than my daughters .At the end of the day it is a VW and they care about their brand and repuation . I did collate a lot of evidence to prove this was a common fault on polos in case we needed to take it further so should you need these links let me know,fortunately it didnt come to that but they did repair it at a discounted price of £600+ and it now has a 2 year warranty ( still shouldnt have happened though) I would have thought with the young age of the car you should be able to take some action against arnold clark or VW should they not help. Speak to trading standards they are very helpful. good luck.
  12. Hi Folks - Update. VW called on thursday morning to apologise they hadnt been in touch - the case manager who was dealing with it was off sick ! and they would call back later thursday ( which they didnt) . However the service manager at VW sheffield called on friday morning and said VW customer care would contribute to the cost- they would do the repair ( head replacement) for £679 ( rather than £1600). Helios - do you think we should accept this? I am pleased with this result although still feel slightly annoyed it has even happened in the first place. Once again thanks for your help. Sarah
  13. Hi Helios. Thanks again - will of course keep you updated.
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