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Found 8 results

  1. Contravention code 01 Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours Russell place Brighton £35 Can I challenge this....11:20pm is a bit late to be lurking for parking enforcers. Regards BB
  2. Hi All In May I visited Brighton and went to park at the MET College as I had done many time before. However, instead of the college managing the car park it was now managed by CPM. The essential difference being that you used to pay in cash but now you have to pay over the phone to Just Park (not that you could tell how much as no signs showed the tarrif). After parking in the half full car park I saw a number of people in discussion in the middle of the car park. I approached and asked what was going on and they advised that they were all trying to call Just Park to pay for parking and kept being told the car park was full . After much discussion everyone agreed we would park and leave a note on our cars advising we had tried to pay and would be happy to pay if contacted. A week later I received a PCN for not buying a ticket. I had wrongly assumed the site would have a parking warden but of course the ticket was issued based on photographing my car on entry and exit so my note was never seen. I appealed the PCN based on the message saying the car park was full and requested they review their tickets for the afternoon as there would be an above average number of tickets issued due to the other people who also left messages. Today I have received a letter rejecting my appeal on the basis that the car park was full as other people had paid in advance for the spaces so by parking I was obstructing other drivers from using their designated areas. It says I should have refrained from parking and contacted CPM for advice. I repeat the car park was half full when I arrived and almost empty when I returned to my car. The recorded message did not explain why the car park would be full and I dont recall adequate signage explaining this in the car park. Can anyone give any advice on how I might appeal to the IAS? thanks Steve
  3. Hi there, any advice very much appreciated as I am slightly worried, I have now received a charge certificate and do not know what to do as I have missed the deadline for payment 17/07/2018. Kind Regards Billy brighton nd hove city councily.pdf
  4. Hi Received letter from DRP (Debt Recovery Plus) to pay £160 for unpaid PCN from 14.4.18. I've never received a PCN from UK Car Park Management Ltd before, so this is the 1st time I've seen anything! Just called DRP to get more info - they have photos, say I exceeded maximum stay (or may not have paid). I remember being surprised on the day that it has changed at Brighton Met College to the new system, lots of people that day had confusion, couldn't pay by phone (there's no cash option) or was told carpark full, which it clearly wasn't. I have phone record on that day, but that's all but think we may have had similar situation where it said full and we put notice in the windscreen to say this. They asked if I moved recently - I did in Oct, but did update my address with DVLA, etc. Again this is the 1st I'm hearing from them. They just said on the phone I have no right to appeal or dispute, to pay £160 or further action! Any advice would be appreciated - should I ignore, should I contact UK Car Park Management directly instead...? Many thanks,
  5. Hi, Hope you can help, this is my first Penalty Charge Notice. I park on the same road for 6hrs 3 x week for work and have done for years. I have always paid and for at least 1yr have been using the pay by phone app so it is easy for me to prove that I always pay, regular as clockwork on these 3 days at the same time every week. On this day I was frazzled and tired and rushing to work and received an important phone call at exactly the time I was paying by phone. After the call I forgot to pay. I told the council all of this and I immediately offered to pay the usual parking fee owed as I always do and they still want me to pay a fine! I think this is really unfair and it sticks in my craw as it was an honest mistake so I really don't want to pay the fine. Do I have any chance/way of winning an appeal or is there no way around it and should I just (very begrudgingly) pay? They say they only observed my car from 14:07 til 14:12- only 5mins, is this a way to win an appeal? Many thanks for any help.
  6. If you are thinking of visiting the BA i360 in Brighton I would suggest reading “Tripadvisor “ reports and in particular low rating ones first . I believe there is a member of staff acting outside accepted parameters for security searching , in that this person appears to delight in searching ladies personal belongings , in one report the lady had to stop this person removing her underwear from her bag , clearly this sort of search of ladies personal belongings should only be carried out by a Female member of staff , it is not . This member of staff also is surly and combative if he is challenged when carrying out searches , in my case he was handling my photographic equipment bag in a rough way and I asked him to stop , which resulted in a threat of not allowing me in the attraction . I have written to the Communication Manager at the BA i360 , but as yet not had the curtesy of a reply.
  7. Hi, I wonder if I could get some help regarding JTR. I owed council tax from a few years ago. Brighton Council sent me a letter, I wasn't in a position to pay so stupidly ignored it. They have a liability order. It was passed to JTR. JTR didn't write saying they were going to come and just turned up one morning. He had no copies of anything. No liability order, nothing from the council, just a scrumpled up bit of ID that looked home laminated. After threatening me on the doorstep, I said I wanted proof that he was who he said he was and was acting on the council's behest. He had nothing. I asked for the number of the council, which he gave me. I went into the house to call them to check he was acting on their instruction. I didn't lock my front door during this time, and he let himself in and started writing a list of items in my sitting room, whilst I was on phone trying to find out who he was. At no point did I say I wouldn't pay. I just wanted to find out who he was. I tried to pay the council the full amount directly at this point. They refused. He then gave me a "notice of seizure of goods and inventory' where he had listed 5 items. He also put on charges as follows: Levy Charge: £58 Enforcement fee: £150 He was informed my wife was pregnant, and therefore vulnerable. He didn't stop. I then agreed to pay the council tax debt in three instalments. I rang JTR and made a payment of 1/3. I have since logged a complaint with Brighton Council saying that I believe he was acting unlawfully turning up with no proof, letting himself in, and adding these fees when I was prepared to pay the debt, just not the charges. They have replied saying he was acting within the law and all the charges are applicable. They also lied about a couple of things. 1) That someone had called Brighton Council saying I no longer lived at my current address. The council have admitted this is a lie. 2) I said initially he should have sent a letter warning me. He replied that his visit WAS the letter. He then said that JTR had sent two letters. And now the council have told me they are claiming they sent ONE letter. All lies, no letters were sent. I asked for proof, they have not provided any. I am not sure they were acting legally, and I am sure he did many things wrong. He didn't tell me he was recording me, he didn't back off when told my wife was pregnant, he had no paperwork, etc etc. I am now starting a stage 2 complaint with the council and would love to be able to quote law about what he did wrong. Can anyone advise me what I should be doing? Thanks Dai
  8. Have been trying to deal with Vodafone over the last few weeks on two issues and their customer service has hit new lows. I work in London and Brighton - first issue is for the last month there's been no vodafone coverage in the bn1 area of brighton due to a fault that has no time scale to be fixed. When you start looking into it, VF customer service send you round the departments, each one making you carry out pointless and time consuming diy tech support. Eventually you find everyone else on a network forum with the same problem, then on going back to VF they say they can't fix it, they won't offer a discount and you can't get out of your contract, despite the service not working. Issue 2: they have no coverage at one of the London sites, where I've been using a suresignal - good when it works, but it is intermittent, problematic and very user-unfriendly. To set it up you need to be able to open ports on router etc etc) - plug and play it isn't. Cut a long story etc mine died, hours on the phone having to convince vodafone tech support it wasn't working, they finally agree to send a new one, then nothing. Delivery date passes, no text, no call, can't track it down, nada. More calls to customer services - the usual rudeness, passing around and hanging up etc More than a week later I finally get a call back, but on the brighton network issue - Davey the vodafone rep proceeds to withdraw a previous £10 goodwill payment (which was laughable to start with, on a spend of £80k to date) and say the suresignal that had been ordered for me had also been withdrawn (without letting me know!) as their policy is now to charge £65 for any fault on one (above package and call costs). Remember, this is a device supplied by vodafone to allow the phone to work at all! Being as I now get no coverage in two out of my three workplaces with vodafone being so spectacularly unhelpful I have to make other arrangements with a telecom that works. Do I press vodafone for compensation to pay for this or do I just quit the contract and stop paying them? any advice welcome
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