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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I was apprehended by security in primark yesterday after I left the shop. I went back into the detention room and he searched my bag. He brought out the items I hadn't paid for and called the police on me. I really do not have an excuse for this and I am greatly ashamed. I panicked and started crying and apologizing, even agreed to pay the £95, now I don't know how that value came by because I did some exchange and paid some money via my card, I was too distraught to challenge it but that is not even the problem. The security man collected my provisional driver's license, wrote down my details and passed it on to the police men when they arrived. One of the cops went with the security man while the other sat with me. I wouldn't exactly call it an interview, he questioned me gently and went through the things I had which were all baby clothes (I have a 2, month old) I told him I needed to call to make sure my baby was alright but he said I could only do that at the station. I broke down into tears again and he offered to call my mum who was watching my kids and tell her I was with the police but well and fine. I declined this offer cos I didn't want my mum to know anything about what was going on. She would have been very disappointed. The process seemed to be dragging and I told the cop I needed to be home to breastfeeding my baby, he said I would have to go in with them and it was going to take a few hours. I started crying again, he asked if I had ever had a run in with the police and I said no. He said the only help he could offer if my trace came back clean was to call his sergeant and get clearance for him not to take me into the station so I could get home soon. Now, so many little processes were followed by primarily staff, such as refunding my money, giving back my exchange... But they were all a blur as I was in a state by then. The police took my children's date of birth and said they were going to pass it on to ss to make sure they were all right and I could get a visit or not. I refused to do this at first cos they are innocent in all this. Secondly, I was taken into the van and heard him call his sergeant and said something about caution or process on the street, I'm not sure of the exact words. He read me my rights and basically said I won't be taken to court if I pleaded guilty. Which I did. What is this street processing or caution? Will it go on my records for life? 3rd, primark gave me a printout saying I should expect civil recovery. Again what and how will this be handled. Lastly, I was taken home by the police, they wanted to make sure my kids were ok, I requested that they wait in the hallway cos of my mum. He agreed to wait outside the door but held the door open with his feet. I brought them to him and they left. I have been unable to sleep and I've berated myself for this foolish act. What a great price to pay for something so silly. Sorry this is a long post, I wanted to include as much details as I can.
  2. Hi Just interested in your views. The car was parked at NCP's carpark at Edinburgh airport, on returning a sticker was applied to the windscreen saying "OOPS you have parked outside the marked bay... this is a warning you may receive a parking charge notice is you do it again" or words to that effect The images is where the car was parked. I believe it was inside the bay, but more importantly the full bay marking was a short line on the ground, on the left side of the image you can only just see the mark and that was in the daylight. It was parked early morning while still dark. The main question, for my own benefit, would you say it's inside the bay, granted near the edge...? I'm just wondering if this is a prelude to them trying to increase revenue through PCN's Thanks
  3. I've just received a summary cause summons from Arrow for the sum of £4324.32 for a credit card debt I owe. This debt is not SB and won't be for a while. The summons is legit and I have to answer it. My question is this: If I took PPI out with the credit card, can I make a counterclaim, stating that the amount the pursuer is claiming is incorrect because of owed PPI and interest? If I did, any opinions/advice on how this might go? Or should I just bite the bullet and make an application for a pay over time? Thanks for any advice about this. I'm considering going for a midnight swim in the Atlantic.
  4. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding Edinburgh council tax and Scott and Co and stumbled upon this great site, and after a bit of reading I cant seem to find another post that quite matches my issue. I would like to start by saying I am under no illusion that i am perfect in this situation but I still believe i have been treated unfairly. I am also able to afford the payment, i just disagree with the 10% addition. I will try and give you as much information as possible as briefly as possible... For several years council tax has been paid on our flat a full year at a time to save stress. Recent changes in who is living here prompted us to change to monthly payments and due to many reasons there was a gap between the start of the financial year and setup of Direct Debit (DD). This meant the first 2 payments of this financial year were manual, one of which was late and rightfully so prompted a 1st late payment notice. The rough timeline of what happened next is as follows. 20th July - fill out online form to setup DD on council website and receive e-mail receipt 24th July - receive "e-bill" thanking me for setting up direct debit and telling me when payments will be taken and to take no further action (i should have checked the first payment came out but did not as it was a month or so before it was due and i have several DD setup i.e. i forgot) Mid Aug - unknown to me direct debit 'fails', don't know exact details yet but no notice from council Mid Sept - again unknown to me direct debit 'fails' 15th Sept - another demand which must have constituted 2nd payment notice from council, no mention that DD has failed or even mention that i had a DD, I assumed this was an error and took no further action (was following previous e-bill but now realise this was an error). 25th Oct (1) - return home from weeks holiday to find summary warrant from Scott and Co. 25th Oct (2) - E-mail scott and co stating that demand is incorrect with copies of documents received. 26th Oct (1) - reply from Scott and Co stating they have contacted council and council has said DD failed (this was new information at this time) 26th Oct (2) - called council, they confirmed DD failed but couldn't tell me why, agreed it was odd that DD was not mentioned on the payment notice. Suggested i write a letter and gave me postal address (a PO box) 26th Oct (3) - e-mailed Scott and Co again again stating why demand is incorrect and informing them i was submitting a complaint/appeal and would send them a copy My gripe is that the council did not try to contact me after the first failed DD and then tried to take another the next month. The letter they did eventually send made no mention of DD failure and in fact no mention of DD at all (except helpfully informing me it would be easier to pay with DD). I will end this information by again saying i realise i have not acted perfectly in this situation but members on this site seem to be very good at not judging too much. My questions are.. - i guess first question is do i have a case worth fighting? - reading other posts am i right in thinking the warrant is issued and can therefore not be recalled? i.e. should i just pay Scott and Co and take it up with the council? - would me paying equate to admission of guilt? i.e. remove my right to appeal - should i have made a specific request to Scott and co to put my debt on hold? i.e. will they continue to pursue even though i have told them i will be submitting a complaint/appeal - will this appear on my credit record no matter whether i pay or appeal? - is any of this covered by the DD guarantee? the guarantee was printed on the back of the "e-bill" - any advice on how i should approach this with the council/Scott and Co? Sorry for the long post but i have seen members get annoyed when they don't get the full story so i have tried to be as honest as possible but can provide the documents or any other information to anyone who is willing to help. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  5. Hi, This is my first post. I'm in the Work Group for ESA and I've got to sign up with a Work Group provider. In Edinburgh there is A4e (who I've heard not good things about here), Igneous and Remploy. Does anyone know if Igneous or Remploy are good/bad in Edinburgh? My health is improving slowly and I am keen to get back to work when I feel I can manage it. Many Thanks.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could help my colleagues and myself. We were all recently issued PCNs by Smart Parking for not displaying visible permits during our time in the Edinburgh College car park (They only recently went over to this new system, previously we have had no problems as it was college run). We all attend the college, but do not have permits. We are all still within the 14 day pay area and wondering what would be an appropriate course of action. The PCN is for £60, reduced to £30 if payed promptly and if not paid after the 28 days an admin charge of £40 is incurred. Just for you knowledge. If you require anymore information I will be happy to answer. Thanks in advance, Gurk
  7. My wife has recently started to get correspondance from these stating that she owes xxx amount for an account with Next Directory. She has never had a Next Directory or an account with them. She has contacted Debt Managers Sevices on two occasions explaining this and both times they stated they would remove her from their database and she would receive no more correspondance. Guess what, the letters keep on coming, the latest from their court dept., threatening court action. Yeah right. What should she do next: ignore them, which I'm inclined not to as this will obviously affect her credit rating and also mine by association. write to them asking for proof of account i.e. signed agreement which they will obviously be unable to provide. Contact Next Directory. We are now at a loss as to what action action to take as these numpties won't take no for an answer. regards Ken
  8. I got a PCN today and wondered if anyone could advise on my appeal chances. I paid for the ticket and put it on my passenger seat as the sticky surface leaves residue on the windscreen and only the day before I had a parking ticket slide down my dashboard and get trapped (its still there). I returned within the time to find a PCN on my windscreen and didn't understand. I phoned my dad who said it was most likely because the council seems to think on the passenger seat is not 'clearly displayed'. This being the case, if legally i am at fault for not displaying, I will pay the fine before it doubles. Even though its horrendously unfair when I bought a ticket and displayed it face up. However I am wondering about the contravention code I was issued - number 11P. Looking this up it appears to be "Parked without payment of the parking charge". This contravention didn't occur as I can prove with my ticket. If I committed a contravention it would seem to be code 6 "Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket or voucher". This would mean the code listed on the PCN is wrong and therefore the PCN is invalid. Edinburgh council doesn't list code 6 on their site however so are they lumping them together into code 11 and did I contravene code 11 by incorrectly displaying? P.S. the envelope my PCN was in has a sticky strip along the top (and the bottom I tore off) that says 'the cover strip is removed by the officer' but this hasn't been removed - does this by chance invalidate the ticket? (long shot I know)
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