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Found 15 results

  1. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-lancastrian-private-george-wilson
  2. New to this forum and got a bit of a long winded story so please bear with me as any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. In 2012 I had £400 loan through the speed credit website and like most had issues paying it back. This in turn made me seek help through Step Change (CCCS at the time) who helped me set up a debt management plan to pay off all of my various debts to other payday lenders,credit cards and bank overdraft. The loan from speed credit has caused me many issues over the past few years and even though I was in a debt management plan the original outstanding balance of £400 quickly accelerated to £2570 at the point of last contact via Marshall Hoare. I have always made payments through step change to this debt. Last debt collection company I had contact with was Digital Financial service. Payments to DFS suddenly stopped and after a few months step change advised me that I had to contact Wilson Field regarding the outstanding balance. Wilson Field informed me that DFS had gone into liquidation and they were to collect all outstanding balances. This was all done over the phone and I have never received any paper work from Wilson Field. Payments have continued to be made via step change again. In March this year I got a letter from a company called BPO stating they had been passed my account from cash choice uk ltd who had bought the debt from the original lender MCO capital. The letter offered me the chance to clear the outstanding balance of £3100 (unsure as to why the amount owed has increased so much!) if I paid a one off payment of the original loan amount £400. According to BPO, cash choice had passed the account onto them in December 2015. I phoned Wilson Field to see if they still had my account in their control as they have still been cashing the monthly cheques sent by step change and to tell them about BPO claim that they owned the debt. According to Wilson field they are still due the payments each month until the balance is cleared but they said they don't hold any details on their systems relating to individual cases. I decided to contact the Financial Ombudsman regarding the matter. Two days ago I got a letter from BPO confirming contact from the Ombudsman and in turn they had returned my account to Cash Choice uk and all further contact should be made to them. I am at a loss as to who actually legally owns this debt. To date I have repaid nearly £650 towards the debt to the various companies who have passed it about between them. I feel I am not getting the help needed via step change so looking on hear to see if anyone is in the same or similar position. Once again any help is greatly appreciated many thanks Paul
  3. Just a bit of initial advice. Just had a friend on the phone who has received a NOE from Andrew Wilson. Background; Friend split from his wife and moved out. He has moved in with a friend for the time being. He had a dispute with his accountant over extra fees that were charged that he did not agree to. He is not sure if this went to court (told him to check credit file) but I feel that it may have done. AW say they will be visiting the address he is now living at on Monday. He is the director (sole) of his Ltd company and the NOE is in that name not his personal. He has no personal possessions (other than clothes) where he is now living but does have the company van, tools etc. I have told him to register on here to give the story in more detail but he won't be back from work until after 5pm. Any advice that I can may be give him. Thanks
  4. Can someone offer some advice please? My husband had a dispute with a solicitor and they got a CCJ. He should have defended the case but didn't and it was ages ago now so I believe he is stuck with it. He has been paying them sporadically as and when he can afford to and the debt is now down to £660. He received a letter from an enforcement agency a few weeks ago and ignored it, he just paid another instalment to the solicitor who had the CCJ and thought no more about it. Now we have had a notice put through the door from this bunch at Andrew Wilson & Co which says they have a Writ. We have not received any notification from the High Court about any Writ (although I don't know if they have to notify us) and the enforcement details on the note only mention the CCJ from the County Court as the enforcement details, not any High Court claim number. There is however a Writ number at the top of their note but I don't trust this to be anything other than their reference number, it is just a number, no letters in it as you see in county court claims. We have no intention of letting these people into the house, which is owned by me and not him in any event. We have revoked their license to enter the premises with a notice in our porch window, which they must have read when they visited today. My husband intention is to carry on paying the solicitor direct as and when he can until the original debt is paid (they waived the right to interest in a letter to him). What I want to know is what rights, if any these enforcement people have? Can they take his car if it is on the drive despite the licence to enter the premises being revoked? If we pay the solicitor in full will they have to go away or are we stuck with them now banging on the door every few days? They have added over £1,000 to the alleged debt that they are now demanding, is this legal? My instinct is to ignore them and make sure they can't get in but I need some guidance please. Thanks for such a good and interesting forum.
  5. I own a hotel and came back from shopping to find a letter had been hand delivered through the post box. It was from an Enforcement Agent from Andrew Wilson & Co addressed to a former guest who stayed at my hotel many months ago. The letter states the EO will come back to take control of goods. I rang the number on the letter and got nowhere. I was told the EO has the right to force entry if necessary to carry out the Writ of Control. How do I stop this from happening.... Its not my debt, the person they are looking for is not here. They were quite intimidating when I phoned. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
  6. Good morning, Just a quick spot of advice required. I used a company called I-smart to chase a credit card for a PPI claim a few years ago. They were successful and I received a payment into my bank account. I understood that I-smart would deduct their fee from my final payment but apparently they messed up and did not take the payment. I spent the money almost immediately when I received it paying off another credit card, now I do not have the £904.81 that Wilson Rose are chasing me for. I have received a letter this morning from Wilson Rose stating that unless I pay immediately they will start bankruptcy proceedings against me. Is this legal and can they do this was my initial question please? I am trying to get the money together in order to pay, but do not wish to be threatened with something like this if it is not right. many thanks in advance for your advice if possible, Geoff66
  7. Hi I am helping an old lady with her debts, and have been for 5 months or so the story so far.. I sent off a CCA request 04/01/2014 I duly received the attached documents, Prior to this I took control of her debts and needed a DPA release letter, This was duly signed not her usual signature but with two added security features to the signature, so it could be connected to the DPA release letter. Now to explain the layout of the attachments As you read these the first one is document 1 and is signed by the rep from Ambrose Wilson only and no name or address on it, the last 4 digits of the account number top right hand corner as a reference this is printed on shiny paper and looks like the original document. In document 2 this is inkjet paper, with the same exact signature from the company, dated 24/10/2012 but this one has her address, customer number address and the exact signature from my DPA release including the 2 security markers I placed on it , the signature of the customer was created on the 04/01/2014. I printed off the company signature onto a clear sheet and it matched perfectly as did her signature from the DPA release, I meant it was EXACT (hers) the DCA dealing with this account was Fredrickson. Who have had 4x CCA requests all but one denied and all now returned to the OC, no refund of the CCA fee has been received, also the CCA request is over 10 working days late for the remaining three, please look here for any missing details, Thx dx100uk for the extra info. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414812-Fredricksons-obo-JD-Williams Perhaps admin can tidy and make as one post for ease of reading please.
  8. Hello My wife had an account with Ambrose Wilson and we got into difficulties with payment on this and other debts. We have been on a DMP with CCCS/StepChange for a year and all our creditors have not bothered us. CCCS offered Ambrose Wilson £5.00 per month and this is what has been paid every month. They have now sent a letter saying the account is in arrears because the agreed payment was £5 every 28 days meaning over a 12 month period only 12 payments were made and not 13 payments, they have charged £12 for the arrears and £12.00 for sending a letter. I contacted CCCS and they said AW know that payments are monthly and should abide by that but they couldn't help with the charges because companies can do that. We are now receiving two letters a week, one from Ambrose Wilson and one from Reliable Collections (I know they are both the same company). They have now added a further £12.00 admin charge so now £36.00 in charges. That is in addition to about £120 in charges before we sorted out the DMP. I intend to send a SAR so we can get details of all the charges and then claim them back but in the meantime I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. The OFT guidelines say that it is unfair pressure if multiple businesses pursue you for the same debt, I know that both AW and RC are the same company but both are sending one letter per week, this looks to me to be harassment. They have threatened to send someone to the house, I can cope with that but since I am out at work all day my wife is worried about what may happen if someone calls. CCCS have not been much help, at the moment I can't see any point in us paying £5.00 per month if AW keep adding £12.00 every time they send a letter. Should we just stop paying the debt until they stop the charges/harassment. Any advice would be appreciated. The debt is just over £1000.00.
  9. My mum asked meto look at her Ambrose Wilson Account as her monthly payments were hardly making a dent in what she owed. I was shocked to discover that for the last 6 years they have been applying Payment Account Protection which works out around £36 -£54.00 a month. In over 6 years she has paid a whopping £2678. When I asked her about it she said she thought itwas an insurance for the electrical items she had bought. She did not know anything about it being to protect her if something happened. She is nearly 70 years old does not have a great understanding of these things and cannot remember if she did ask for the PAP. She has been retired since she was 47 due to arthritus and other medical problems. She received DLA and icapacity benefit so does not really need this protection. She also has life insurance and a funeral policy. I want to know if she can claim this money back. It is not PPI but I believe it is similar. I just feel that Ambrose Wilson are ripping her of.
  10. ********* POSTING FOR A FRIEND******** Hi just some general advice really. I have had these accounts for many many years and never failed with them until recently when i was taken ill at work. I have spent some time in hospital and as a result lost my job so on discharge i come home to find several letters including one threatening one from reliable lol ignored and filed under bin! So I faxed JD Williams direct and asked them to put my account on hold for 28 days while seeking advice. They have refused point blank but offered me a few low payments on 3 then a massive £37 a month on one.. yes it is the one I have had the longest and owe the most debt too but I cannot afford that. So in my reply I have asked for them to reduce this and also for reliable to be stopped in their attempts to threaten/bully me in the meantime. would you accept that this would be a good response or will they still refuse? I also am sure I took insurance out at the time to protect myself in case of sickness bereavement etc.. I have also asked them to look into this as well. I have no objection to paying as it is MY debt and up until November 2012 I was actively using them and paying them (more than minimum payment) correctly. many thanks in advance everyone just trying to help a friend out.
  11. We are paying a charge of £3054.06 at £100 per week agreed. Charges of bailiff are £25 per £100 - also charged us walking possession fee, enforcements under fee 5 disbursements under fee 12 etc totalling bill of £1255.40. This is a business rent debt that went to court and landlord agreed above terms. No possessions were taken, no letter sent to indicate court proceedings, no seizures; nothing. Can bailiffs charge on these terms and this amount? Thank you!!!
  12. So if you have payed Ambrose Wilson for the item (£24.99) but they have added £190 in charges because it was paid late, what do you do? I am not paying £190 in charges!
  13. My name is Tony Wilson. I am currently challenging the way i have been treated by Clydesdale Bank plc. Over 16 years ago I was offered a principal account by my then manager and at all times since have believed that one of the benefits of a principal account was an overdraft facility of £15,000.00. Was anyone else ever made the same offer in relation to such an account? I also thought this was one of the reasons for my continued membership fee being deducted without my authority from my account. I enjoyed no other benefit of membership so far as I was aware. For 16 years continuously I enjoyed at least a £15,000.00 overdraft. Then in January of this year my overdraft was removed based on an experian report which I told the bank at the time was incorrect and experian have since acknowledged to be incorrect. If anyone can shed some light on the benefits of an old principal account it would be helpful. I am convinced the bank are not providing me with full disclosure..,only the parts that suit them. Thank you for your help if you can... Tony Wilson
  14. These clowns have been unable to supply me with a signed CCA. This was last year. They said they were suspending collections activity. Now they have started sending letters and statements again. Is there a follow up letter I can send? Thanks C:wink:
  15. Today we have recieved through the door a "notice of seizure " for my daughter for college fees. Debt £1015 - their charges £960 from Andrew wilson and co. She finished school with a levels - went on to university and did an HND in fashion buying, the recession then hit -no jobs in fashion so she got a job with a full time media company, one year later was made redundant so she decided to go to college to do an access course for teaching and as she was claimimg jobseekers she would get the course paid for ( or so she thought) . During all this time and still now to pay her car insurance she worked at a pub but was still able to claim jobseekers which was 40p most weeks as she only worked a few hours),this was 2 years ago. she is now at university doing primary teaching aged 25, he has 2 jobs to pay her rent, etc (obviously not claiming jobseekers now) My point is during all this time she has worked to try and better herself and make a career , and this is what happens for trying to educate yourself for a better life. As far as she was concerned these fees were covered by the jobseekers ( i helped her fill out the forms) . She or I at my address have never had a ccj for this or any communication in fact. Most certainly should this have been the case she would have contacted the college to argue the case. what can we do - she doesnt live here anymore but I feel so strongly about this I am happy to do whatever to defend her - she is an honest hard working girl and this is wrong.Please help
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