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Found 23 results

  1. Engines First LTD (NORFOLK) I need help i am having problem with this company after googling found out this is dissolved company and still trading on 1stchoice.co.uk with five star rating. I ordered my corsa diesel engine on Monday morning the guy said engine will be with me by Wednesday or Thursday and ask my email for sending invoice but after numerous calls still not received any email. On Tuesday i rang them again to ask if they dispatch the engine yet or not but the guy put me on hold then said he will ring me back in 10mins waited an hour but no call the same thing the
  2. I ordered 5 items from the online store called ChoiceFurniureSuperstore at the end of October and paid using PayPal. I then cancelled 3 of the items 2 days later and received acknowledgment of the cancellation. The 2 items I wanted have been delivered but after 23 days, including reminders from me, I have not received the refund (over £300) for the cancelled items. How long do I have to wait? Is there a legal limit to the length of time they can withhold my money? What's the next step if they continue to not pay?
  3. Need Help please Received a letter today from a company called BPO collections acting on the behalf off cash choice uk limited . MCO Capital sold my account to cash choice. I have never received any letter from MCO or cash choice about this debt . I got a payday loan for £400 from MCO IN 2011 but I got into trouble and asked for a payment plan which they refuse and I never heard from again. In the letter a received today the original loan was £400 and now the current outstanding amount is £1155 in the letter as a gesture of goodwill cash choice have given Bpo p
  4. Hi, Just had our first and most definitely last encounter with Rcib. Here's the review I've left on TrustPilot for them. 'We found this shower via several comparison sites, regardless of site they were the cheapest quote and the price quoted was consistent across the board. We decided to go with them and selected the policy via Go compare, we wanted to pay the premium on a monthly basis. When we paid the deposit/ first payment a box appeared on the screen saying the payment couldn't go through and to ring them, which we did. While on the phone we checke
  5. I have been in my current flat for 9 years and currently I get all my rent covered by housing benefit. However this year the landlord decided to make things difficult and my terms are changing. Extra £20 a week rent. New guarantor required even tho I dont have arrears or ever had arrears. Without this 3 months rent paid in advance. Early termination fee payable in advance So to renew I need this amount of money. £1245+£495 up front and extra £20 month rent. Council and charities have confirmed housing benefit will not cover extra rent, in fact I actually already get
  6. New to this forum and got a bit of a long winded story so please bear with me as any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. In 2012 I had £400 loan through the speed credit website and like most had issues paying it back. This in turn made me seek help through Step Change (CCCS at the time) who helped me set up a debt management plan to pay off all of my various debts to other payday lenders,credit cards and bank overdraft. The loan from speed credit has caused me many issues over the past few years and even though I was in a debt management plan the
  7. Eeny meeny miny moe, in which forum should it go? The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- High Street Stores The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- Retailers - High Street and On-line Stores Forums Specifically for a supermarket related question.
  8. probably posting this in wrong place so please redirect last month bought a part from my car from above company saw add on ebay couldn't pay by pay pal and didn't have enough on c/c so after reading the companies reviews on ebay bought by debit card monrey back guarantee with product money duly taken but under a different name, part turned out to be faulty and si I asked for my money back, they agreed to do so even got them to agree to pay postage due to distance selling regs, all going well I thought, still not got money back. the address they give on invoice website and on line is not tr
  9. Hi, Could someone please tell me which small claims court I would need to use. We sent our BMW Engine block to be remanufactured by a company called 1st choice engineering Ltd. Now I live in West Yorkshire and the company is based in Scotland. They are refusing to take my credit card as payment and demanding we pay via bank transfer. This was not made clear at the start of the contract and no terms were given to sign. So which courts would I issue a small claim through England or Scotland? One more thing... a new engine block would cost me a
  10. This was an especially acute problem over Christmas with a lot of complaints on the Amazon website about my Hermes (different from the Hermes network) but this applies to most online sales companies. The issue is this: as a customer you have to pay postage (quite rightly) but get no choice of who is used and usually no visibility of which company before you’ve paid. So, most Amazon purchases are delivered by the cheapest, most unreliable form whose online tracking system is sheer fantasy and is acknowledged as such by many frustrated customers. A company that many would not choose to use i
  11. Hi, I am posting this on a few of the Shop Direct posts as I have been working on 3 claims on behalf of a relative and want everybody who has been charged by them to reclaim their charges and all applicable interest as these are possibly the most arrogant of all the companies I have dealt with and will firstly refuse your requests and then as it goes on breach the court procedures and ignore the judges requests until they ultimately settle as of they have no defence and no desire to go in front of a judge. The final outcome on the claims is posted below as the e-mail sent to me for my r
  12. My son is fifteen and can not walk so booked assistance at airport and following cancelling one hotel due to it not being described accurately on first chocie website booked at the grand sirenis, mexico which was supposed to be a five star and close to the sea and most importantly flat. First choice despite several long conversations to ensure accommodation was ok for sons needs prior to travelling decided not to inform them about my sons disability so room was totally unsuitable and we had to stay in this room for three days despite being told we would be moved within 24 hours. I know t
  13. Hi guys, I have a few debts i want to put into DMP however not all my debts as some debts i will be able to sustain as long as i can get my short terms into a DMP (such as 3 payday loans and 2 credit cards totalling £1800 (approx) ), firstly is it possible to select which debts you put into DMP? Secondly what are good DMP companies to turn too? I tried doing a review search but clearly alot of fake reviews for companies. I have tried stepchange but to be honest they made my situation worst, dont know if i just got a bad advisor or what, but ev
  14. Hello, Ive got a claim in against thomson/first choice, at allocation I filed "litigant in person, home court, not have resources of company" etc Thomsons argued in their allocation to move to luton to allow for the witness to attend. I received notification it was transfered to Liverpool (my local court) but today received letter from Liverpool saying judge decided to give thomsons until 17th Sep to give reasons as the judge has stated this is not my "home" court. Purposes of considering CPR part 30.3(2)(b) subject to CPR part 3.3, 1.4,3.1 as well as 30.3 I live in Liverpool so c
  15. Found some old statement from Feb 95 to 2000 from my Littlewoods Account and can see that Agent Balance Care Insurance has been added every month. These were up in the loft and even though I still ahve the account the next lot of statement I have start again in 2009, so theres a gap from 2000 to 2009. There is nothing else in the file and if any paperwork relating to cover was sent it would of been in the old file as I used to keep everything. Is this the same as PPI? I have also found similar for a Choice account that I have..statement from opening the account in Jan 94 to
  16. HI, Advice needed please I recently booked a family holiday through First choice using there low deposit scheme. The total cost of the holiday was £1750 I paid a £250 with the balance being due today £1500 , due to to some unforeseen circumstances I am unable to go , so I tried to cancel I was fully aware that I would lose my deposit but now they are asking me for another £350 pounds to cancel . This seems outrageous to me . can they really enforce this ?? Should I ignore them or pay .?
  17. I've had a text and email from Cash Choice today regarding my balance with them. I've already agreed to payment agreement in Feb that started this month at £20 a month but the email states no payment has been made despite their best (HA!) efforts to ensure this happened: I've clear evidence my payment left my account on the 5th of March using FPS to them with the details provided in a text message from their company. As it's been 15 days since the payment has been made I'm surprised they've not added this to my account. Should I go ahead and ignore this email, they are only
  18. I've defaulted on a loan with the above company after finding myself running very low on funds on a monthly basis. I had an arrangement in place for £51 a month but because of a repeated issue with them taking more than this a month I cancelled their payment authority on my account, despite this they still took payment every month which my bank reclaimed from them. At no point has CC/UA called me, emailed or sent me a letter to discuss this. I contacted them at the start of this month and made them aware that my circumstances were not good and I needed to make a much lower paym
  19. Afternoon All, I've got my credit file this afternoon and discovered a default by Cash Choice UK. I have a payday loan with them in 2010 and agreed a repayment plan which they took by debit card before stopping. I havent heard anything since, until finding a default for an outstanding amount of £430.00. I'm trying to write to them to try object and get the default removed but cant find the address. Does anyone have the address and have anyone got any advice/tips of anything i can add to my compliant to give it a push?
  20. Work Programme or Work Choice ? What is best if you are recovering from an injury please? Just practical (not Benefit rates). Which programme would expect to have the best outcome with reduced capacities. Best outcome is thought of as the best use of my energies. Job or volunteer work, preferably a paid job. For the older worker. I am finding it a bit of struggle on the work programme which I chose to do as I thought I could handle it. Not so sure any more as there are not many jobs around and the advice is rather harsh and difficult to comply with. My status is higher
  21. can i do anything about reclaiming the charges that are applied to my account with Santander. The charges are £5 per day when in unauthorised overdraft(max£50 per month) I think that this is excessive and feels like I am being "fined" every month
  22. Mortgage lending is growing at a faster rate at mutuals than the banks, new figures show. Gross mortgage lending by building societies and other mutual lenders rose 54pc to £2.8 billion in May 2012 compared to £1.8 billion May 2011. In the first five months of 2012 lending rose 40pc compared to the same period in 2011. In comparison, during the same period bank gross lending rose just 8pc and year to date was up 4pc. Adrian Coles, director-general of the Building Societies Association, said: "The mutual sector is giving a strong signal that it is open for business to all types of borrowe
  23. Hi, I requested a CCA on behalf of my mother from Very which they sent me this morning, I will post copies shortly, the CCA has no address info no signatures and no limits, also the accompanying letter states the account was opened May 2006, as far as I can find Very opened in 2009 - so unless my mother is a Soothsayer and predicted Very would start a business in 3 years times this must be extremely ropey.
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