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  1. Just found this: https://www.southwestwater.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/meters/what-happens-if-you-cant-install-a-meter/ I believe my water company might offer the same reduced assessment.
  2. I recently saw a TV magazine programme, possibly BBC The One show, about water rates being reduced for properties where it is not practically possible to have a water meter installed. I tried doing an online search to verify this but was unsuccessful. Has anyone else heard if such?
  3. Thanks for your replies and sorry for the tardy response. I got in touch with my bank who informed me that is down to whoever you are making a payment to whether or not they require you to supply the 3-digit code as an extra security measure. Obviously, BG no longer requires this.
  4. I find they are very lenient when dealing with late payments which can be a life-saver when 'robbing Peter to Pay Paul', and I'm not sure any discount for going the DD route would cover the cost of charges incurred for insufficient funds.
  5. Hello, BG has recently made a lot of changes to their online account area. One of the changes seems to be that you no longer need to enter the 3-digit security number, from the back of your card, when making a payment using previously saved debit/credit card details. I thought when making online payments the security number had to be entered manually as it isn't 'legal' for a company to store it online? Also, I can find no method to manage stored card details when logged into my BG account. Any advice please?
  6. Thanks, just thought less confusing if they were: The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- Retailers - High Street Stores The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- Retailers - On-line Stores
  7. About lack of information on a non-food own brand item in my local supermarket that could lead to safety issues in the home (fire risk).
  8. Eeny meeny miny moe, in which forum should it go? The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- High Street Stores The Consumer Forums > Retail Goods and Services > Retail Subforums:- Retailers - High Street and On-line Stores Forums Specifically for a supermarket related question.
  9. Thanks for the reply. As an existing customer requiring 2nd car cover, I applied directly on Hastings' site. No changes were made to the original details submitted. As previously mentioned the difference was marginal amounting to about £9 overall, but as mum used to say, "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". Edit: The difference was noticed immediately on recovering the quote; before following through and making the purchase.
  10. Got an online quote and ref. no. on Thurs evening 26th to insure a second car on Sat 28th. Didn't accept immediately, but recovered the quote in order to accept on Fri night 27th. On recovering the quote it was noticed the monthly payments had increased marginaly. Querying this on twitter I was informed "Hi, our prices are subject to real time pricing which can re-rate the policy. The best thing to do is call 0800 001066 and quote the reference to our sales team in check for you. Hope this helps, their open until 9pm this evening, Sj". Called the number given at around 19:30 an
  11. I've also pointed out that they advertise some of their watches as 'sliver' but don't clearly state anywhere as being just 'silver coloured' in the detailed description as in other adverts on their site. The response was "It's just your (my) perception".
  12. Was just 'sharing' my experience, but I have already notified Argos - they emailed back asking for my Twitter name and the date/time the conversation took place.
  13. Question asked by me via Twitter @ArgosHelpers: Reply from @Argos HelpersLuke: Merry Christmas to you too Luke.
  14. Likewise, I have started receiving spam to the unique email address that I originally used to register with CAG.
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