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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I've got 4 catalogues with late charges but thought i would start very claim first, I've sent my sar letter its came back with all sar information for all catalogue 4 accounts. So my questions are, Do i do one claim letter for very, littlewoods, choice, kays. What address do i send letter too. Also should i put interset rate at 24.9% thanks amy29
  2. Hi, I am posting this on a few of the Shop Direct posts as I have been working on 3 claims on behalf of a relative and want everybody who has been charged by them to reclaim their charges and all applicable interest as these are possibly the most arrogant of all the companies I have dealt with and will firstly refuse your requests and then as it goes on breach the court procedures and ignore the judges requests until they ultimately settle as of they have no defence and no desire to go in front of a judge. The final outcome on the claims is posted below as the e-mail sent to me for my relative. Shop Direct have still not paid the sums stated in the e-mails in full and have part paid so still looking to court. Please click the star if this is informative and feel free to contact or reply to this post for any assistance. I have just advised the defendant to make the following account credits, which I believe satisfy your *******'s claims: Claim No 1QT08206 re account ref ******** (Littlewoods) Credit to the account of £175.79 Claim No 1QT09646 re account ref ******** (Very) Credit to the account of £251.72 Claim No 1QT24916 re account ref ******** (Choice) Credit to the account of £137.12 - to include the charge of 30/4/11. I understand that the adjustments will take place on Monday. Regards
  3. ...I have a few creditors I have offered pro-rata payments to as I have lost hours at work and cannot now afford my bills, I sent them all template letter B as advised and so far have had rubbish responses from all of them, the latest is k&co.... This is what I received; Dear mr XXXXXX Thank you for your recent letter regarding a possible payment arrangement. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your offer as it does not meet our minimum payment criteria.... They then ask me to ring them (!!) to discuss - if I do not do this within 7 days they will assume I no longer require their 'assistance' and they will expect normal payments. Then I get the 'please note failure to bring the account up to date etc will lead to admin charges and ultimately being passed to external collection agencies' line at the bottom of the letter. So, K&co as helpful as ever - what are my options on this one? Many thanks
  4. I have a Kays mail order account, due to being unemployed for a few months, I got into arrears and NDR are now contacting me, arranged to pay a lower amount with them thinking it was Kays, I am paying the amount every month to Kays but have now accrued late payment fees, due to them not making it clear that payment is not due on a set date every month. I am going to start the reclaim for these this week. But my question is, I have been paying into Kays account as normal so why am I getting a statement every month from NDR, has anyone tried to get this changed back to Kays statement, I know this sounds stupid but I dont want to pay direct to a dept collector.
  5. So wifey has a Keys account which has been in default since Jan 2012 (you know the rest). I'm going to reclaim the Late payment fees Just need some information on this (we have all the statements from Kays); 1...Which spreadsheet do i use to work out the total reclaimable. 2...How much intreist should I charge on the total reclaimable. Thanks, will post my dealings.
  6. Hi On Sept 11th i recieved a letter from Transcom Worldwide Ltd claiming i owed a debt of £284.93 and they were collecting on behalf of Arrow Global Guernsey, i sent the letter stating i have no knowledge of any such debt being owed and have today received a reply stating Dear sir/madam we write in reference to your most recent correspondence of which your concerns have been noted please note our clients Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd purchased this debt from Kays and now legally owns all rights to to seek recovery of this debt and we are legitmately instructed to act on their behalf if you believe the matter to be a case of fraudulent activity please provide proof of residency for 2007 so we can investigate this matter further Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to reply to this letter ,i have no recollection of ever having a Kays account so why would they need proof of residency in 2007 when they are already writing to me at my address? i checked my CRA and nothing shows up there and the electoral roll shows i registered at my current address in 2005 so surely they should know this? Thanks
  7. Hi In March I ordered a washing machine of KANDCO online, which offered a buy now pay later. If you know Kandco, you have to fill out the promotional code to do this, which I did and proceeded with the order. After receiving threatening letters from them about not paying the minimum requirement, I contacted them stating that I had doe this on a buy now pay later deal. Initially, I received an email that back that the buy now pay later deal is checked with credit agencies and that my credit did not allow me to proceed with the deal. I replied that I had already received the item. They emailed back, stating I will be passed to another department who deals with this. The new department replied, stating that I did not fill out the promotional code (which I did). After, reading through the statement that they sent me, there is no mention of the buy now pay later ? but also they have charged me Shopping Insurance Covers Your Purchases + Payments ! Again after contacting them, they say I agreed to it, which I definitely would not of. Can someone tell me if I can return the item ? and what can I do about this ? they are also trying to charge me £12.00 late payment fees.
  8. Hi, I requested a CCA on behalf of my mother from Very which they sent me this morning, I will post copies shortly, the CCA has no address info no signatures and no limits, also the accompanying letter states the account was opened May 2006, as far as I can find Very opened in 2009 - so unless my mother is a Soothsayer and predicted Very would start a business in 3 years times this must be extremely ropey.
  9. Hello Forum, Well I had heard so much about this forum that it seens the best place to post my question and hopefully seek the help that I need (if any solutions exist) to the problems I am faced with Shop Direct & CapQuesr. In a nutshell, my wife took over her mothers Kay account and was ordering items to be delivered to her mothers address with her complete consent and was paying back the minimum payments as per Kays monthly direct debits. We had some financial problems and my wife ending up not paying the monthly direct debits and the account fell further and further into arrears until finally its been told to Capquest. Now Capquest has written to my wifes mother with their standard letter saying that they may instruct baliffs, force her to sell her house and so one unless a payment plan is arranged. They are asking for the full amount owing plus all the interest that we would have paid should the items we purchased be paid over the maximum amount of time. The goods she had totalled just under £1600 yet Capquest are asking for £4189.70 now. I am most definately not disputing that she needs to pay the £1600 however what about the interest and is a correct way to proceed with then ? also whats the best method of communication with CapQuest? Sorry to ask so many questions but this is something that is causing friction between me and the wife and she knows she screwed up but has left it to me to try and solve as apposed to buying her head in the sand... Any help or advise would be great. Cheers
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