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  1. Hi all, I had a loan with the A&L about 14 years ago and no longer have any paperwork! I filled out the the PPI query form on the Santander website and got a reply back from them saying they can't find any information about my account. I have since managed to find bank statements that the loan was paid into. I'm just wondering if it is worth me doing an SAR with Santander or getting back in touch with them with the dates and payment amounts of when I paid the the loan back. I'm thinking that surely that they would have the interest rate that the loan would have been charged at, at that time and be able to see that PPI was added on top of it, or is that far too simple! Many thanks in advance for your help folks.
  2. Hello I am just about to commence a PPI re-claim on an old Alliance & Leicester personal loan. There appears to be a number of addresses to where the SAR letter should be sent. Can anyone please confirm which is the best (correct) one to use. The options I have are:- Customer Services, Santander Consumer, Santander House, 86 Station Road, Redhill RH1 1SR. Alliance & Leicester Personal Finance Limited Building 3 Floor 2 Carlton Park Narborough Leicester LE19 0AL Santander (Abbey, Alliance & Leicester) Abbey National House 2 Triton Square Regent's Place London NW1 3AN Santander SAR's team P.O. Box 1111 Bradford BD1 9NQ If non of the above are the correct address, I would greatly appreciate info. on where it should be sent. Thanks James
  3. Hi All, Hope you're well and a very Happy New Year! A while ago, I helped a friend with her Santander (old Alliance & Leicester) loan from 1999. She was (and still is) unable to work, through illness. We sent a SAR to Santander, who admitted in writing that they don't have the original loan agreement - as it was before April 2007, then they need it for recovery/court action. The only correspondence from Santander since then has been a yearly statement of account. That was three years ago. She could really do with some funds at the moment to help with her disability issues and some equipment to help her with day-to-day life... My question is, would a PPI claim on the original Alliance and Leicester loan re-set the statute barred clock and/or open a whole new can of worms? I realise that they may say they will off-set the PPI refund against the amount still outstanding on the loan. Many thanks for any advice. Cheers, H. x
  4. Name of the Claimant - Arrow Global Guernsey Limited Date of issue – 13th October 2017 What is the claim for – 1.The Claim is for the sum of £5984.20 in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with MBNA under account number XXXXX under which the defendant failed to maintain payments. 2. A default notice was served upon the defendant and has not been complied with. 3 The balance owed was assigned from MBNA to the claimant and the defendant has been notified by letter of the assignment by letter. What is the value of the claim? - £6494.20 Is the claim for - a Bank Account (Overdraft) or credit card or loan or catalogue or mobile phone account? Credit Card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? probably around 1999 and originally with Alliance & Leicester. Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. ARROWS Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I may have done but don't remember for sure. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Again possibly, but I don't remember clearly. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year went through a period at a different address and also had a lot of unopened mail...so as before, I can only say these may have been received. Why did you cease payments? The company I worked with at that time, went into Liquidation and my income was then drastically reduced and hence I could not keep up with the payments on my Cards and loan. The situation was impacted further, by a couple of heart attacks and another since. What was the date of your last payment? As far as I'm aware, not since around 2008. I had been making payments to some creditors in 2015, but I don't recall this being one of them. Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No, I don't recall a dispute with the original creditor. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes, first in 2007 to Alliance & Leicester..... this in respect to the specific debt detailed here and also other debts/loans on cards and a bank. This is something I arranged myself with each of them - first stopping all the substantial PPI premiums I was paying on each; requesting the interest to be frozen [agreed] and then paying a percentage of the usual monthly payments, pro rata the size of each debt. Assuming MBNA took the card over from A. & L. at some point, I don't recall having had any communication with them at all. This is a new CC claim I've received from Arrow Global, regarding an old MBNA/Alliance & Leicester credit card. The questionnaire completed below.....as had be requested in another thread I was being helped with. The "claim for" details provided are as written on the claim form. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, I have recently contacted Santander regarding an alliance and leciester loan which was taken out about 2004. I have had a response saying that they are unable to locate an account, product, or PPI policy based on the information provided and as such they will not be upholding the complaint. As my own memory of the loan is sketchy other than the amount and the fact that I did pay PPI (I was told at the time my application would likely be unsuccesful without taking PPI); I was wondering if there is any other way I may find details. I have no paperwork left to do with the loan, and the bank account that repayments was made from is long closed down (Was with natwest I am going to contact them to see if they still have any records), the loan is also long gone off my credit file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Gary
  6. Evening all, I'm after some advice and please forgive me if this has already been answered. I'm using my mobile and it's not too easy to navigate/search on here to see and it's been many years since I last posted on here so I'm a bit out of touch with processes/etiquette. I've received a letter from Santander relating to a PPI claim that I opened quite some time ago and didn't proceed with. I was told at the time that there is no records relating to my account because of its age. The credit card was taken out with Alliance & Leicester very early 2000 and was taken over by MBNA in March 2003. I had a few cards, the repayments were gEttington to the stage where I had little left over after paying the minimum amounts on all of them and then ended up living on credit at the limit but was still able to pay the monthly payments. Then the company I worked for at the time closed down over night owing me a months wage and missed payments. I found work but not soon enough for the late payment charges and interest to escalate. I then entered a debt repayment program with Baines and Ernst chipping away at approx £16k of debt. I had PPI cover on all my cards (and loan) because I was foolish enough to think I would be protected. When I was out of work I tried to initiate the cover but was told that because I wasn't on JSA I didn't qualify (the amount of time I was out of work and then back in employment wasn't worth signing on but did mean I had to wait two months before any money from employment came in). They all told me this about having to sign on JSA and didn't want to quit my new job so hence the repayment program. So today, this letter states that they still hold no evidence but "have recently undertaken a further review of our process and guidlines, and this means we are now able to calculate an assumption redress offer". Their offer is £48.89! I'll have to have a hunt for a statement or any mention of th card balance, but that offer does seem very unfair considering A&L were one of my biggest creditors (£4k plus) and we're one of the most brutal when it came to Debt Collection. This is how they've calculated it A: Full refund of PPI payments: £25.08 B: Interest paid by you on the above: £0.56 C: Lost interest on cash unavailable to date: £29.06 D: Income Tax Deducted @ 20% = 20% x C: £5.81 E: Net interest paid to you = C-D: £23.25 F: Net offer to be paid to you = A+B + E : £48.89 Any advice on what steps I should take would be extremely appreciated.
  7. Hi All, Just a word of advice....... If your ever are unfortunate enough to be hit by a driver insured with Royal Sun Alliance, Please make sure you DO NOT LET them try to resolve it even if they admit full liability..... Our parked car was hit by a RSA Client and you wouldnt believe the hassle we have had and is still on going...... * Failed to provide a loan vehicle due to various reasons (staff shortages / Needing to see the original cover note before letting you take car away but they couldnt confirm details of loan vehicle until we got to their pick up point, which meant you couldnt arrange cover note in advance so no chance of having the original when you collected the car...........) * Returned our car after 12 days with more damage than when they collected it - RSA cant explain what happened??. * Returned the car after another 3 days , 90% repaired but still not perfect - refused to let them have a 3rd attempt (Arranged proper repair ourselves and done in 1 day and looks like new again). * Total losses for the period was £2312 but only offered £650 in compensation.. ..., now going to legal dispute (lucky we had legal cover). * Refusing to supply documentation in respect of what work had been carried out on our vehicle. my advice is if your unlucky enough to be hit by a vehicle insured by Royal Sun Alliance DON NOT LET THEM REPAIR IT... ....., USE YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANIES 3RD PARTY CLAIMS PROVIDER..... Regards Jdmave NB Please pass onto your friends / colleagues as wouldnt want anyone else to have to have the same experience
  8. Evening all, Is it true that there is a 6 year time limit on all unfair bank charges? Over a 2 year period with A&L my partner and I racked up over £1k of charges, which looking back on it caused us quite a bit of financial difficulty. These charges were from 08/09. Is it far too late to pursue anything? Also, i have copies of the statements detailing these charges if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance Daniel
  9. Hi i wonder if you could help/guide me I have a charging order on my property for £10,750 from 2006, it was applied by alliance and leciester for a 10k loan I took out for my exgirlfriend (girlfriend at the time) for her parents company and they couldn't get credit they had the money in 2004 and ended up not affording it and missed payments and I couldn't afford it or get credit so it ended up a charging order as I buried me head in the sand as was only 20-21 I never knew what it was at the time, I am now trying to get a bigger mortgage before moving and this has come up blocking it How do I go about removing it before or with the house sale Many thanks
  10. Hi all,sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but i didn't know where else to ask so i hope someone can help me with this. i used to have a joint (with my ex husband,he's deceased) mortgage with alliance and leicester, i know they don't trade anymore but i want to get an sar. my question is what address do i send it to?, is it with the bank that took over?
  11. Hi, I'm new to all this type of stuff so I hope this is of interest to some of you. I have recently heard from a friend of mine that his local vet has been told that all royal sun alliance backed policy holders will now have to have pre approval for specialist treatment and they can only go to a chosen RSA supplier or there will be financial consequences in addition to the excess. IS it just me or does this sound like they are going down the same route as the motor insurance trade where you have to go to a "preferred supplier" and not the one you want to use. What I don't know is how good the "chosen" supplier is and whether or not they have come to some form of deal with these suppliers on price etc. A bit worrying when you consider we are talking about pets here and not cars. Does anyone else know anything more about this? Companies include More Than, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco and M&S. Regards
  12. This judgment might be useful where there is a shortfall after a repo'd property has been sold. In this case the lender took the ex-owner to court for it. It wasn't allowed as they'd already got a judgment for the money. It may have been over 6 years old, but the lender was refused judgment as it was an abuse of process due to the money judgment when the property was repossessed. Whilst County Courts Judgments do not set precedents, used properly it could be classed as persuasive. [ATTACH=CONFIG]57724[/ATTACH]
  13. Good Morning I wondered if some could help me please. Firstly, we are looking to move house and therefore need to sell and apply for another mortgage, this is why I am forced to sort the problem I have with A&L and Santander. Originally we had a CCJ with A&L in 2007 and agreed payment of £small amount a month, at the time we had both lost our jobs and that was all we could realistically afford. The solicitor ask for costs and interest to be added and I specifically remember the judge saying no. When we got the court payment work through, the paperwork did not reflect this… we were quite ignorant at the time so thought that A&L knew what they had said and so would not add the interest and charges. HOWEVER, they did add the charges! I was advised this is contempt of the court. Didn't really know what to do about it so just kinda remembered it incase I ever had to face the court again. Well A&L tried a year later to put a charging order on the house accusing us of missing a payment. So there we were before the judge again, once again, NO costs were awarded and the judge was not impressed that they had tried it on with us. I was so petrified they would take our house I forgot to ask the judge about the previous misdemeanour. I believe that costs were still added by A&L! and this time I believe it was on the court paperwork that NO costs were awarded. I was on the understanding wrongly or rightly that if you are in a payment arrangement, either, PRO ROTA or CCJ, no interest could be added. Well a few years ago, the debt was sold to Santander, and every time we get a statement they have added interest. Even though we paying £small amount a month, obviously the debt just increases every year!!! Not too sure what to do with this one, I feel afraid to fight anyone and don't know why I feel like that either.. I've fought all our other creditors in the past and won all of them re the CCA, with help from the people here on CAG, and i'm so grateful. CAG truly was a miracle to me. If anyone could offer any advise I would be so grateful. In my mind, Im thinking of writing to Santander to explain that the debt sold was a CCJ so no interest should have been added… don't know if thats right or wrong. But then I'm also thinking that A&L and Sandtander are in contempt of the court so do I have any legal grounds to fight the debt completely?.. I appreciate its a long shot. I just don't know what the correct thing to do is. Many thanks for anyones time. Kindest regards Red
  14. Hello folks, I need some advice in regards to an ongoing issue I have with UKLA: UKLA have placed a default notice on my account without any notification about this in written format UKLA have a plan in place for me to pay off the loan I have with them at £25 a month, however on a regular basis the account number changes etc and I'm left with notice of this after sending funds I've had two months of payment returned to me without any notice from UKLA why this is, they've added late fees and interest to the account while failing to contact me. I've asked for a full break down of the account from them twice but these have not materalised. What I'm looking for is some assistance with dealing with them so what I owe is paid off but they don't rip me off either. Any help welcomed.
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help for myself with regards to a PPI claim against Santander/A&L. I have a feeling I may be too late to deal with this but you never know. I first launched a claim for this last year and received the ''get lost'' letter in August. From the start I told them that the claim was for a card from A&L that was terminated around late 2004. They then sent back the letter stating that I had nothing with them in the previous six years, something that I had already told them. I then spoke to them and was informed that according to their ''C.U.G.'' system (I have no idea what that is), yes, I did have a card with them, and yes it did have PPI. She could also tell me that the card ran from October 1997 until November 2004. The ''get lost'' letter was received August 14 2012. Unfortunately, due to various other things going on at the time, I mislaid the letter and it wasn't dealt with the way I normally would. Is there a next step for me, or should I just forget it, or should I SAR them? I am aware of the six month time limit from the date of their letter. Any advice/help/suggestions will be very gratefully accepted. I do realise that I am probably too late, but you never know Regards, Buncrana.
  16. My OH had a unsecured loan with A & L in 1995 in which she settled early but recalls that in order for her loan being successful ppi was added. It wasn't a large loan but nevertheless she paid monthly ppi premiums for about 3 years. The problem being is that she cannot locate the original agreement details but does have a couple of letters in relation to early settlement and rebate figures with loan account number and old address details. So she sent off the usual SAR letter to Santander and has now received the attached response. Has anyone received one of the same or is it the usual Santander reply letter ? Cheers
  17. Hi, I hope someone will be kind enough to enlighten me on the current situation regarding unfair credit card charges. I have received some old statements and on reviewing, there are various over limit / Late Payment charges for £20 from 2005 - 2006. Can I still attempt redress from A & L or am I too late ? Cheers
  18. I've defaulted on a loan with the above company after finding myself running very low on funds on a monthly basis. I had an arrangement in place for £51 a month but because of a repeated issue with them taking more than this a month I cancelled their payment authority on my account, despite this they still took payment every month which my bank reclaimed from them. At no point has CC/UA called me, emailed or sent me a letter to discuss this. I contacted them at the start of this month and made them aware that my circumstances were not good and I needed to make a much lower payment. I've provided them with a financial statement show what's going on and they've accepted it, however when I asked for my balance instead of it being £400 as I expected the amount had been risen to £609. They advised this was interested added on a daily basis from the default being declared on my account, I can make the payment I've discussed but I don't feel its right I have to pay over 1.5 times what I owe them. Is there anything I can do to get this reduced, I tried to argue that once an agreement was breached interest couldn't be added to it but they refused to listen.
  19. Just watched the video on how to post so i went to welcome to the consumer form trid to post and it said i have to post in the right section which section relates to the consumer credit act 1974 and 2006
  20. Hello. I know I'm going back in time here, but I think when I opened my A&L Premier Direct Account online in Feb 2007 the deal was a free o/d facility. I notice that I have been charged £5 by Santander since 2008. I'm sure the free o/d (up to its limit) was for life, but Santander insist it was only the first 12 months. Who is right?
  21. Hi, I have 2 credit cards with MBNA: Alliance & Leicester opened July 2005 and Thomas Cook opened Sep 2005, because of financial difficulties in 2006/07, these debts have now been sold on to Link Financial. I am planning to make claims for PPI and charges on A& L and charges on the TCook card. I sent off and have received the SAR details from MBNA but they have only included computer printout lists of transactions, not full statements. As I paid the £10 fee, which they never cashed, I requested the statements but they want £4 per statement, so I have requested them again as they are a main part of the SAR. I have been looking through the list of transactions and found various charges that have been added to the accounts. I am baffled by transactions listed as Special Cash Interest and Cash Advance fees. I asked for an explanation of this, MBNA replied: " Cash advance; obtaining cash or cash substitute by use of your card including through an ATM, over the counter, purchase of foreign currency or travellers cheques, gambling and electronic transfers (other than a balance transfer or a money transfer". I have never obtained cash by any means using a credit card and have no idea why I have been charged these fees. Would full details of these transactions be on the statements I have requested? There are also Finance charges listed, apparently this is MBNA's historical term for interest charged to an account, and is also the term used when interest is not broken down into Special Cash interest or Posted Retail interest. Any ideas as to why there are 2 charges posted on the account on the same day? I know I can reclaim late fee/admin charges, can I reclaim any of the list below: Special Cash interest Card protection fee Cash advance fees Overlimit default sum Electronic balance transfer fee Should I wait for the statements to arrive or work off the computer printout lists and send the reclaim now? I would appreciate any advice as how to proceed with this. Thank you.
  22. hi guys - just need to run this past folk who are more knowledgeable I am thinking of starting a PPI claim against A&L, just need to know if it's worth it? I have a copy of my original credit credit agreement from when I took out the loan in 1998 which outlines payments, duaration, interest, PPI payments etc. Everything was fine until I was made redundant in 2001, after which time it was passed to a DCA. Subsequently dealt with DCA and paid off arrears, but during this time I was sent a letter by A&L in which they state they were cancelling the protection due to the arrears on the account questions: is it worth starting a claim from that far back? Do I need to SAR them seeing as I have a copy of the credit agreement? does the fact they cancelled the PPI themselves have an impact on the claim? thanks in advance
  23. My solicitor asked me to try, i may be lucky to ask the public: is anyone got motor insurance with Royal and Sun Alliance and was able to get motor insurance with a CU80 motoring offence around May 2011 ?? Much appreciated for your reply.
  24. could anyone tell me the correct address to send a ppi claim to allience & leicester i.ve been told theres a different address to send your claim to other then their head office.if anybody has an address would be grateful for the info:?:
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