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  1. Hi Guys, I need help dealing with Brachers LLP regarding a Corporate Amex Debt. With regards to debt on a corporate card, long story short - I work as a travelling consultant during the week, I was based on a client for 6 months paying my expenses within the rules on my corporate amex card... after my 2nd month, my manager refused to sign off on my travel expenses, i took the matter with HR who said the manager was the budget owner for that project and it was her choice. In order to keep my job, i still showed up on client site and
  2. Had it been paid with my CC could have probably raised a dispute, but because it was paid by debit card, wont be able to challenge it.
  3. Thanks again BankFodder, once again your input is truly insightful! I completely agree with you on the Ombudsman front, and find that their system is flawed to some degree. Whilst i have had some great success with the Ombudsman services in the past (against BT...4 times and Vodafone most recently) I believe in this case its a bit confusing. I thought under the Consumer Act 2015 that refunds for digital orders (or orders made online) had to be returned to the customer within 14 days of the agreed cancellation? One of the reasons i started emailing was so that i could have a paper trail (o
  4. This is brilliant! I recently won a case against Vodafone Fibre broadband with the Ombudsman services. Whilst overall the service was actually really good. My broadband went down for almost a month and no one was doing anything about it, it was clear the communication between Vodafone and BT Open started to get a bit hasty and i suffered being in the middle. Follwoing the resotration of my services, my fibre was intermittent and never hit the promised speeds of 76mbs again, was more like the 40mbs cap. I called, emailed and posted recorded delivery mail many times to sort the issue but i
  5. Hi Guys, On February 22nd I placed an order with Origin Broadband and paid £27.99 up front as they had a really competitive deal....However that night i decided to read reviews (my bad for doing it in that order, usually i read reviews first!)...Anyway i discovered so many many bad reviews about the company that it made BT look as though it was the king of Customer Service. So naturally i decided to cancel the following morning when the lines opened. So i called up (February 23rd) and after waiting 43 minutes in the queue, i was able to cancel my order and would told my refund woul
  6. HI Brassnecked, I sure did send them an I&E, even showed them what assets i owned (which is practically none). However they continue to be as stubborn as a soggy cardboard box and refuse to budge with this loan repayment. I do have a solicitors appointment today to give me some advice on the situation. Because the loan is unregulated it is a Civil matter. What is annoying though i do not have money to fight it, i have to wait and see what their solicitors do before i can ask for legal aid.
  7. No worries, was not sure if it was correct, thanks for doing that.
  8. Hi All, Need some help, sorry if this is not in the right section. In September 2015, i started on the Graduate scheme with EY (Ernst & Young) as an IT Risk Consultant. As part of your starting package you are offered a £7,000 interest free personal loan, which is provided for by EY. This loan as far as i can tell is unregulated, i.e not covered by the consumer credit act. I took the loan which i used to consolidate every last penny of debt i had as it was interest free and i thought it was a clever. However as a new graduate i found out i had to sit and p
  9. Ok that's fair... What exactly is a CCA and what does requesting do/establish?
  10. Hi Dx, As previously mentioned in my earlier post, i tired to go with a free DMP, however i went with Stepchange who made my situation worst, subsequently i received an apology from them a few months later. So in the end i went with a fee paying DMP as they were able to quickly get this on the way for me, which i found out was not the best option. As far as the list go every one those mentioned are on my credit file. However BT is not and Sigma Red is not. Defaults and dates are: Smart-Pig.co.uk: 5 December 2013 Peachy.co.uk: 12 August 2013 Provident: 2 May 2014 Lowel
  11. Hi DX, Thanks for your response to my thread. However i was wondering if you could give me a bit more info and detailed help i have read the forum up and down on different individuals and how they dealt with settling their debts however finding it difficult to relate to my debts and settling them. i am getting a loan from a family member to consolidate every penny of debt i have. I will detail everything below as best as i can for you to look at. However the majority of my debts are registered on the DAS register in Scotland in association with my DMP wit
  12. Hi Guys, A year and a half ago i entered a DMP with Wilson Andrew for my debts of £7,000, however after paying 2 months worth of payments to them i came to realise they were really taking me for ride, pocketing £150 out of the £300 p/m i was going to be paying them, which i though was a joke, so i stopped paying them, a year and a half later i am still benefiting from being in a DMP, without actually paying a penny. However i am now in the position where i can pay my creditors off, and would rather do this directly with them rather than with Wilson Andre
  13. Well just to put this thread to bed with the final case of story. After first posting to thread, my case hit the media on in the Daily Mail and BBC Radio 4 Money Box show. I took my case to the FOS who in the end successfully got my refund, originally it was £112, however asking for a breakdown from Experian, they 'got the figures wrong' and instead sent me a crisp Barclays cheque for the amount of £150.00 (£8 more than i was due after interest ) However to my disappointment, the FOS refused to adjudicate the case, in other words make a rullin
  14. Hi Guys, A while ago i posted a thread asking about reclaiming my insurance premiums from Experian which can be found here. Well a few months later and the FOS has agreed that i was to be reimbursed my premiums (which form part of the £14.99 you pay to Credit Expert every month) + 8% interest. You can see more of the story here. Everyone who has had the Credit Expert package is entitled to ask for a refund, so i would suggest you get claiming as it works out about £6.47 + 8% for every month you have been a member of the Credit Expert services. If you would like any advice
  15. Thats funny how you are on the cheaper package but yet still have the insurance element still included... I was £14.99 as standard and when i called to cancel it was £9.99 without the insurance...But when you look deep into their site, insurance is £6.40, which still does not add up! Honestly dont get Experian they seem to be running a funny business.
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