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  1. Hi all I have debts with Littlewoods, Next and hubby has one with Very (along with other debts such as credit cards and a store card but these are the 'catalogue' debts). We are struggling to pay any of our debt and need to make some payment arrangements. I have noted that there is a CCA request which is often used by people to see if the debt is enforceable, I am not sure when these ONLINE accounts were set up but believe it was 2007/08. Can anyone advise if we are able to take any steps in regards to CCA... Also, would you advise to CCA them anyway and see
  2. Hi All, Looking for some advice and guidance please. I had two accounts littlewoods and very, both had payment protection on them. I run the accounts fine for years and then got into a bad patch financially and couldn't afford to pay them, it didn't help that I was being paid monthly and the statements were 4 weekly. Shop Direct sold the debt to Lowell, I now have a CCJ for the one account. But they piled on a load of charges and interest before they sold the debt to Lowell, and what was a £2k debt between two accounts is now a £3.7k debt. Any advice with this?
  3. I made a PPI claim online for an old Littlewoods account. I have a few questions. The account was opened in 2010 and sold to a DCA in about 2012/13. I paid very little directly to Littlewoods and very little again to the DCA. On and off etc. I'm not even totally sure I had PPI and the claim was made more in hope than expectation, but does it matter how old the account is and whether or not it remains unpaid? How long should I expect to wait until I hear something? I didn't even get an email receipt of the claim when I made it about a week ago. If anyone has made a claim li
  4. Hi, It’s currently 4:30am and haven’t been able to sleep tonight worrying about this situation I find myself in so apologies in advance for bad spelling/not making sense. I opened a littlewoods account around 2/3 years ago now when I’d lost everything and was immature and stupid I ended up maxing out the account to a total of £600...100s of letters/phone calls of being ignored I’ve finally been hit with a county court claim. Came on the 4th but had the date of 1/06/18 on it. I briefly read through it and started to panic on how real this could be getting. I haven’t filled a
  5. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a small problem I have a littlewoods catalogue that i have had for a few years, Me and my wife only use it when they have a sale on or send us discount vouchers, We usually pay it off fully before the payment date The latest balance was £25 and i meant to pay it in time but forgot I suddenly remembered it today and logged in to find it should have been paid Friday, I have cleared it today with a card payment online and now it shows 0 balance Though it is the 13th today it actually shows payment made on the 12th which will be 1
  6. Hello, I’m very sorry I don’t think this post is in the accurate place, I couldn’t find where I needed to post. I have an issue with Littlewoods and Very. I have been with them for about 6 years, I owe £6000 to Littlewoods and £500 to very. I have always maintained payments up until 10 days ago when I have missed my first littlewoods payment due to have some financial difficulty. I received a few text messages from them saying they haven’t received my payment, which was fine. That was until today, I have now unplugged my home phone because I was in double figures on the calls I
  7. Online retail giant Shop Direct is to close three distribution centres putting almost 2,000 jobs at risk. The company – which owns Littlewoods and Very.co.uk – is to close sites in Shaw, Little Hulton and Raven, all in Greater Manchester, from mid-2020 onwards. It said it plans to build a new warehouse in the East Midlands employing 500 people, but that redundancies were likely. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/2000-jobs-risk-littlewoods-owner-shop-direct-shuts-three-warehouses-135202471.html
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to request an Statement of Account from Littlewoods, what should my letter say? See story below... I've opened an account with them a few years back (I cant remember the year) and started with a credit limit of £750, they have gradually increased that limit until it got to £7500 and I couldn't keep up with the monthly payments anymore. They've now pased the account onto Lowells for the outstanding balance of £5900 to be collected. I looked on my credit report to find out when the account with Littlewoods was opened, but it somehow disappeared from th
  9. Hi all. I am in desperate need of some help I'm afraid. I just received a county court claim from Lowells in regards to a debt I had with Littlewoods. The debt goes back a few years, I stupidly bought from Littlewoods when I was out of work and desperate for clothing. I tried my best to pay off as much as I could but then Lowells got involved and started demanding way more than I even borrowed from Littlewoods. Earlier this year I emailed them a demand to show me proof of the debt, they took over a month to do so and all they sent me was a standard Littlewoods credit
  10. Hi I've got 4 catalogues with late charges but thought i would start very claim first, I've sent my sar letter its came back with all sar information for all catalogue 4 accounts. So my questions are, Do i do one claim letter for very, littlewoods, choice, kays. What address do i send letter too. Also should i put interset rate at 24.9% thanks amy29
  11. Hi am having problems with littlewoods. They haven't credited my whole order. Am cornered as one the items not refunded was faulty. It arrived used and dident look like the picture. I wrote this down on the delivery note. The other dress I think they're just forgotten to refunding. I've read some very bad reviews online about how it's the customers fault if they receive a dodgy item so to speak. I've had this once before with a jumper. It was sent used I kept it as was less hassle. But looking online, it seems the customer is at fault! Regardless if you keep quiet or speak out!
  12. I have received a Default Notice from littlewoods and very stating that if I don't pay the full amount by such a date then further action may be taken against me, possible court action etc? 6 months ago i had to stop work due to a disability and have been paying £20 per month on each account ( i have two) which is the most i can afford at this point and i am now in arrears on both accounts, one has £600 arrears the other £900arreas . I simply don't have the money to pay them both and thus have only been able to pay £20 per month on each one. Now i am panicking and don't kno
  13. In mY 2016 i bought a PC from littlewoods, 156wks. i asked them today that i wish to pay my balance in FULL and enquired about interest refund, I was told NO refunds because the item was taken out on interest bearing terms? I asked them where on their T&Cs it says that items on interest bearing terms will not be interest refunded if paid back early, they said it doesnt, so explain to me WHY i am not entitled to a refund then??(2 years interest taken off balance)
  14. Hi, Today my partner received a letter from Lowell's Finance telling her she owed a very large amount of money on a Littlewoods account. She has had a Littlewoods account in the past but it was paid up and closed about two years ago. So now we are left in a weird position, this money has accrued and we haven't had any post about it before now, from Lowell's or Littlewoods. We can't remember any log-in information, and when we try to recover the forgotten password with my partners email, it tells us there is no account existing with that email address. We don't know if it's some
  15. Hi, I am seeking advice on here about a faulty laptop that Littlewoods do not want to know about. I sent an email to Nick Mcbrien. "Hello, I am contacting you today as I have failed to resolve an issue with a laptop I purchased on 05/06/2016. The laptop I purchased was opened by me three weeks ago and was setup according to the manufacture instructions and I am not happy with it as it kept crashing and running very slow and now keeps rebooting and will no longer start up, keeps on loading and then rebooting. I have looked and tried s
  16. Hi Guys, I'd be interested for your thoughts and advice on this. I was recently contacted by Lowell with regards to a very old Littlewoods account. I CCA'd them, and they were able to provide a signed CCA from 2007. Here is the interesting/confusing bit- Outstanding Balance - £183 Last Payment - 10.05.2010 Default Date - 11.04.2011 It seems it had taken Littlewoods 11 months to default the account (there was no contact between myself or them in that time frame). Would I have a leg to stand on by going down the statute barred route from the last pa
  17. Hi guys, In need of some advice and guidance regarding a credit agreement with littlewooods. In March this year our Television broke and so I sought a replacement. As it happened Littlewoods had some offers on their range of TVs and combined with a new customer discount tis made for a good deal on the TV I was looking for. Combined with their 12 month pay later 0% this seemed a great way to get the TV quick and set the money aside to pay for it at Christmas when I had a bonus due. Upon ordering the TV the representative on the phone struggled to get the order through, first t
  18. Hello, I hope I can get some advice please. I seen an offer on Littlewoods website for 20% cash back on all laptops , I said to order and select buy now pay later at check out and that 20% credit would be applied to acc, I did not have to enter any codes at all. Recd laptop but no credit to acc after 3weeks I called them today and was told that i ordered on 4th june and offer ended end may! This offer was on the website and i followed instructions for the offer. Can you tell me where I stand as seems they are not going to honour the offer. I have no proof as didnt
  19. Hello. I'm very new to this site so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong part of the forum! I've been a Littlewoods customer since 2007 and my account has always been in good standing. However, recently I have had some unforseen financial difficulties and I have been unable to meet my minimum payment so have £100 in arrears. My minimum payment is £220 every 28 days. I emailed the collection team straight away to let them know that I was having difficulties. I would have telephoned but I have a disability which makes communicating via telephone very difficult. I
  20. I'm trying to sort out my other half's debts one relates to a littlewoods account from a couple of years ago, Last January i offered them a token payment of £1 per month and heard nothing more, Had a few 'notice of sums in arrears' letters and thats it, Been paying the £1 per month ever since... Today the other half gets a DEFAULT NOTICE from littlewoods served under section 87(1) of the consumer act 1974 through the post and requires the outstanding balance of £1152.21 be paid by the 18th April and no further action will be taken if its not it sa
  21. I bought a pair of boots from Littlewoods in December and use a £30 discount code. They did not fit and were immediately returned. They're now charging me for the value of the discount code even though I didn't keep the item. The customer service told me I'm required to pay for the 'broken discount code' (whatever that means as I didn't break any code!!) Perhaps she meant breaking a contract but I assume one is entitled to return online good without penalty. So can anyone enlighten me regarding this issue as I can't understand what is going on and how I'll paying £30 for trying a pair of shoes
  22. Hi there, Any advice welcome! In may 2015 I ordered a 3 seat leather sofa from littlewoods which was delivered on the 2nd june 2015. Towards the end on november we noticed the middle of the sofa was bowing and actually touching the floor so contacted littlewoods who arranged for an 'engineer' to visit and assess. The assessor came on the 18th december and summarised that the sofa was inadequately supported in the centre and his idea of fixing the problem was to put a plstic black leg in the middle of the sofa bearing in mind that th other feet on the sofa are dark brown wood! He asked me
  23. Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice on the following. I checked my credit report for the first time in a while today, and notice that Lowell has added a default, dated 04/01/2011, for a small debt which is 'mail order'. Looking at the account start date of 2001, this is clearly a Littlewoods account which I stopped paying back in about 2006/7 when I got into significant financial difficulty and it ceased to be a priority debt. I've not paid or acknowledged the debt in this time, and it's almost certainly a) mostly made up of charges and b) statute barred
  24. Hello I am currently in a dispute with Littlewoods catalogue regarding a Silentnight Miracoil mattress I bought from them as part of a divan set. I ordered it on 30th December 2014 and received it in the middle of January. We noticed it was quite noisy to start with but assumed this was just because it was new and would settle down. Weeks passed and come September I decided enough was enough and contacted Littlewoods to complain. They said they would send a technician out to assess the mattress. He visited on 25th September and, I have just found out this morning, apparently found no faul
  25. Hello, I am new to this and looking for help, in Oct/Nov 2013 I ordered 2 items out of my Littlewoods on behalf of someone else, one of the items was delivered to her address and the other to her moms - both signed for. We had no written agreements but verbally agreed she would pay the items off over 12 months so that no interest would be occurred. This lady only made 2 payments and then said she couldn't afford to pay anything and would pay Littlewoods direct, I advised this wasn't an option they wouldn't allow this. We went on like this up
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