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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, Today I have received a letter from Moriarty Law: Our Ref: xxx Acc No: xxxx Amount Due: £185.88 Claim No: xxxxx Original Lender: Talk Talk Limited Dear Mr. X, Following our earlier letters regarding the above outstanding balance we have now issued proceedings in the County Court at Northampton to effect repayment of this debt. You will shortly receive a County Court Claim from Northampton County Court along with an information pack containing details on how to respond. It is still not too late to amicably resolve this matter and therefore please call our offices within 14 days on 02031264544 where our litigation executives will be happy to help and explain the options that are open to you. Yours faithfully, Moriarty Law I believe this "debt" relates to my previous house where I lived with an ex-wife. My ex took out a restraining order against me and so I was effectively kicked out of the house. I contacted Talk Talk who supplied the phone and broadband and told them I was no longer living there and they sent me a change of ownership form. I filled it in, sent it off and thought that was the last of it, and cancelled my direct debit. Until today, when I received the above letter. I have access to my Experian credit report and nothing mentioned on there about it either. After checking my emails, I signed up on 10/11/2012. After checking my bank statements, it seems the last payment I was for £10.11 on 04/07/2013. Will I definitely be getting a claim form or is there a chance they are trying to scare me into paying up?
  2. Hi All I had an American Express debt passed to SRJ and had a payment arrangement in place. A E have now passed that debt to another debt company vilcollections. I am continuing to pay vilcollections but they are saying that no payment arrgt was agreed with them and i must supply an income and expenditure form which is very detailed. They say my payment is a good will payment. What are my obligations? Many Thanks
  3. Afternoon All, I've got my credit file this afternoon and discovered a default by Cash Choice UK. I have a payday loan with them in 2010 and agreed a repayment plan which they took by debit card before stopping. I havent heard anything since, until finding a default for an outstanding amount of £430.00. I'm trying to write to them to try object and get the default removed but cant find the address. Does anyone have the address and have anyone got any advice/tips of anything i can add to my compliant to give it a push?
  4. Hi, I ran a briefcase company for some time now which slowly fell into debt. THe debt reached about £3000 and as a responsible director I stopped trading as I didn't want this to go any further. Having not traded for quite a few months and having been takend to court (the lImited Company), it how has a CCJ. Since then I had a HCEO appear at my residential address? (Which is nothing more than a postal address for the company) with a letter stating that they wanted to gain entry. Luckily enough, she was a nice woman, and we stood outside speaking in the rain and she made it clear that she could not gain entry anyway as it was a residential address. Anyway, I explained to her that I personally was unable to afford liquidation formalities as these will dig the company a few more 1000 into the red so I explained this to her and she was on her way. The next day I contacted herfirm and explained this to them too, they acknowledged this and left it there. Yesterday whilst I was out, I received ANOTHER unstamped letter (hand delivered I assume) stating that I have 48 hours to pay or they will FORCE (in red) entry and retrieve salvageable property. Can they do this? 1) None of the goods in my house belong to the company at all? 2) It's a Limited Liability Company registerd at my accountants, not here at home, this is a POSTAL address 3) There are no assets which belong to the company apart from a rickety old printer I have in the cupboard somewhere and a bit of stationary? This was my reply to them today (via email as requested in the letter): What else can I do? It's coming up christmas and the last thing I need is to go away to my family worrying that some 'above the law' company will break in and clear my house of everything :-/ THanks adridude
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