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  1. Hi all, After more great advice on top of what I have already received from here. First issue: I sent a bog standard prove it letter to BPO Collections this month (using template from either here or National debt line). Apparently they now own a debt from Motormile Finance/Lantern. I think I took a payday loan out in 2011/12 with CFO, who went bust, debts purchased by Motormile, who changed names to Lantern, who have assigned this to BPO. It becomes very confusing to keep track of name changes and who owns who. The letter I received back sta
  2. Hi, I have come had a recovery letter sent from BPO Collections trying to recover 0.88p from a 2 year old Plusnet internet account? Other than being slightly stunned that a DCA would purchase a debt of 0.88p - I wanted some advise on the best way to proceed as I dont want to give BPO my card details ets and Plusnet are refused to deal with me or take any payment for this ridiculous amount. Cheers
  3. have been getting letters from lowells for an alleged debt to 3 mobile. ..for about 400 quid. ..which is strange as paid by direct debit never late never ever missed a payment. ...have ignored lowells and they have now passed to bpo!! i do love a tryer.. ...now there is obviously no cca to ask for.. ..am wondering why lowelifes have passed this on???
  4. Bank of Scotland loan taken out Jan 2009 for £8,000 have loan agreement that shows with interest, amount repayable will be £13,126 repayable at £136.73 per month. By September 2009 I had suffered financial problems to which various fees were applied to the account, Default notice was issued and received in the post May 2010. Date on my Experian report shows 6 months later than issued? Iqor took the debt over in July 2010 and it has been with them ever since, to date I have repaid £5,340 and as of April 2014 the balance payable reads £9,846 I have letter stati
  5. Need Help please Received a letter today from a company called BPO collections acting on the behalf off cash choice uk limited . MCO Capital sold my account to cash choice. I have never received any letter from MCO or cash choice about this debt . I got a payday loan for £400 from MCO IN 2011 but I got into trouble and asked for a payment plan which they refuse and I never heard from again. In the letter a received today the original loan was £400 and now the current outstanding amount is £1155 in the letter as a gesture of goodwill cash choice have given Bpo p
  6. New to this forum and got a bit of a long winded story so please bear with me as any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. In 2012 I had £400 loan through the speed credit website and like most had issues paying it back. This in turn made me seek help through Step Change (CCCS at the time) who helped me set up a debt management plan to pay off all of my various debts to other payday lenders,credit cards and bank overdraft. The loan from speed credit has caused me many issues over the past few years and even though I was in a debt management plan the
  7. Dear all. I am new to this forum,I have already posted a comment about Speed Credit/Toothfairy,or whatever they want to call themselves.But as yet,it has not come up in the forum. Are Barclays aware that they are dealing with a loan shark company,when they accept money into the following account. Acc.no....93462382 Sort no...20-50-94 Or maybe the host of PO BOX1933,Radstock,BA3 4YF are also not aware of the dealings of Toothfairy Finance. I wonder if Barclays charge Toothfairy for each transaction.If so,maybe if a few people,the more the merrier,were to deposit 1p into the
  8. Hi, today I received a single letter with 2 headed papers in one stating I owe £200.36 to contact the other to make payments. I don't know what it is for I've checked my credit report and there's nothing regarding any of these names. It states the original company name is Redcats Finance Ltd. Could anybody help with some advise? Thanks!!
  9. So here's an interesting one. I worked in a small business (not as a director) . I organised for them broadband, at the business address, supplied by the nice "be unlimited" people. I never signed anything (let alone any kind of credit agreement), and the bills (direct debit) will have been paid out of the company's bank account. Some time later, company gets bought. New company takes over everything. Meanwhile "Be Direct" gets bought out by (ack, spit) Sky. What I suspect happens late last year is the new owners, somewhat incompetently, close the old business accoun
  10. So after 5 yr of this alleged debt being put into dispute I received a letter from BPO asking that I pay £140 of the £900 and they will wipe my slate clean. well I had better quickly pay eh!....Not.
  11. Hi, first-time poster. Firstly I was caught shoplifting at Tesco, unsure why I did it and I’m embarrassed. They have the goods and I was issued a £90 fine from the police at the time to which I have paid. Ive received about 6 letters from Jackie and RLP each time asking for money, filled with nonsensical legal jargon to which I have ignored. This has now been passed onto BPO who are apparently a debt agency (letter attached) who are requesting payment within 7 days. Ive read about people not sending a letter and people sending one to get these off
  12. Hi I recently had a small debt with Virgin Mobile which was passed to BPO Collections in Glasgow. I have recently paid this off in full and I got a letter from them stating that the Account was closed. However on the 1st of this month they took £15 off my Debit Card despite the Account being settled. I have rung them several times and despite there apologies and numerous promises to refund it I have still not had it refunded. Don't really know what to do next as I am sick of chasing them but I do want my money back. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  13. Shoplifted in August 2014; goods equal to the value of less than £15 (socks and underwear - desperate times!). Interviewed, photo taken, cried profusely, apologised, goods returned and advised that I would receive a letter from RLP. Yesterday (19.12.14) I received my first letter about the incident (letter dated 15.12.14) from BPO Collections. Exact format I have seen posted in previous threads. Re: Primark Trace and Collect Outstanding liability: £130 BPO Reference: ....... We are instructed to recover the outstanding liability against you, which we understand is not dis
  14. I stole about £230 worth of stock from boots and was caught , taken to room in store , ID -pic taken etc and cctv burnt to disk, and then police called, ultimately leading to me being cautioned after saying I accept that it was me ( never been in trouble with the police before ) After about a week i received a letter from the dreaded RLP and were asking for £196.00 . What Im trying to deliberate is whether to just ignore it and see what happens or to pay . If it were a smaller amount of items stolen by me I would probably leave it but as it was a larger a
  15. My partner and I have both received a letter from BPO today (24/09/2014) claiming we owe £272.25 and £278.93 respectively to a company called Motormile Finance. Neither of us have any clue what it is about and do not owe anyone any money. Are these con artists trying to get money out of the unwary or mislead and trying their arm with us. I find it strange we should both receive demands on the same day for very similar amounts. Help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi all! Sending this on behalf of my partner - She took out a payday loan with QQ she thinks back in a time of crippling debt. She owed a few things out at the time and basically ran away from them when it all became overwhelming. She borrowed £200 in July 2009 and never paid a penny towards it, fast forward 5 years and a letter from BPO Collections has landed on our doorstep this morning, acting on behalf of Motormile Finance and threatening visitors to our door. So first question is - can she request a CCA? Because this was online is it different to a normal loan where you si
  17. Hi My husband has started to receive letters from debt collection agencies one of them being BPO. He doesn't know what this is for so I presume first step is the CCA ? Thanks Skop
  18. Hi. This morning I received a letter fr5om bpo collections stating they have been instructed by MMF to collect an out standing debt and all the usual spiel. However I had never heard of MMF or bpo until this morning even though the letter says both had previously made contact with me. Also, from what I gather from reading threads here, MMF is a collection agency that collects pay day loans? If this is true, I have never had a payday loan in my life. I refuse point blank to get one, and even if I tried to get a payday loan I doubt I'd get one due to my very poor credit rating an
  19. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice, regarding a letter I was forwarded out of the blue from BPO Collections. The letter states: "BPO Collections have been instructed by Hoist to collect this outstanding debt. Despite requests for payment the ammount is still outstanding. The outstanding balance of £1066.70 is due in full however we understand that in the current financial climate every penny counts and we would like to help you pay off your account 1. If you pay within 7 days of receipt of this letter we will accept 50% of the outstanding balance, therefore you only need
  20. Hi all, I've already had a search around the pages here and have seen plenty about this collection agency, but just wanted to confirm that the best course of action is to totally ignore them? I closed my account with Sky back in September 2013 and as far as I am aware had no outstanding payments due. BPO have started calling on my mobile semi-regularly (once or twice a week) and have sent a couple of emails (although these went straight into my junk folder). Thus far I haven't answered the phone nor responded to the emails - if I should be doing anything to the contrary, it woul
  21. Hi, I received a letter a few weeks ago from 'Hoist' (never heard of them) telling me they'd passed a debt of £2500 to BPO to collect. That was the first letter I've ever had from Hoist. I think the debt refers to some old student debt from the early 2000s but can't be sure as it doesn't state what it is on the letter. If it is that I think I received a CCJ for this debt at a very old address, which was processed after I'd moved. The CCJ doesn't currently show on my credit file. I received a notification that my credit file had been accessed by BPO and today rec
  22. Hi, I have today received a letter from bpo collections. saying I owe £1322.64, this is out of the blue and I defiantly don't owe any money to any one ( except student loans from 1996 but paying off monthly to pennine, small amounts but only work part-time). I can be certain I don't owe anything because I went bankrupt in January 2010 so since then I have had a clean credit file. The only thing I can think of is that an old dept. been sold that was in my bankruptcy. This is the first time I'm posting so need so advice Thank you
  23. Hello, Many years ago, I had a SKY subscription (not at my own home - an ex's) - one that I'd cancelled in December 2006. I've not been to that address since sometime early in 2007 I had an email from BPO last night demanding payment (you have a week, etc etc). Until earlier today, was under the impression that I'd cancelled without issue - I did so by phone, and was told that was that. On ringing SKY this morning, it turns out that the service was reinstated in January 2007 (without my consent) - but this would've been done after the DD was cancelled
  24. hi i just recived that letter from RLP can you help me : do i neet to pay,is it going to be in my criminal recort
  25. Hopefully someone can help me. In Jan 2009 Cabot financial wrote to me with regards to a debt from 2001 with HFC bank. I wrote to them by registered mail stating that the debt was statute barred and never heard back from them. In June 2009 Wescott Credit services wrote about the same debt, asking for payment. I informed them that Cabot had already been told in writing that this was statute barred in the january of that year. Funnily enough they never got back to me on this. In June 2010 It was Mackenzie Hall's turn. They were also told by registered pos
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