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  1. I sent the above letter to BW Legal which also had a copy of the CCA request i sent to Lowells included with it. I got a reply today So far so good i think, although no reply from Lowell!
  2. Wow completely forgot about that thread, thanks! I'm going to SAR welcome when I get paid at the end of the week, would WF still have details on me, its been more than 6 years and someone told me the Data Protection Act means they have to get rid of my information. No I left it alone, figured id try go for the SB and it wasnt clear whether going for PPI would reset the clock. I'll see how the CCA request gets on first, if they do find it and I have to pay this back then I'll look into getting the PPI from the first and second agreements (and t
  3. I sent my CCA request to Lowells on Saturday and today my dad had two missed calls and message from "Advantis" saying to call them URGENTLY .... are they anything to do with Lowells? Also I signed my CCA, should i be worried about them scanning it? I used a signature that i never use, I have the original contracts that I signed and i made sure NOT to use that signature - so if they do scan it i'll know.
  4. Thanks for coming back to me! So ignore for now, what about debt collectors coming to the door?
  5. Hi all! Sending this on behalf of my partner - She took out a payday loan with QQ she thinks back in a time of crippling debt. She owed a few things out at the time and basically ran away from them when it all became overwhelming. She borrowed £200 in July 2009 and never paid a penny towards it, fast forward 5 years and a letter from BPO Collections has landed on our doorstep this morning, acting on behalf of Motormile Finance and threatening visitors to our door. So first question is - can she request a CCA? Because this was online is it different to a normal loan where you si
  6. It says on the second agreement "amount used to settle existing loan agreement" I thought at the time it was a rewrite but it seems it was a completely new "joint account" agreement. The last agreement also states "amount used to settle existing loan agreement" which is strange as I thought at the time the just needed mine (and my x-partners) signatures to split the monthly repayments - youll see in the final agreement they've also removed medicare , lifecare and PPI. All three have "acceptance fees" are they even legal? Im sure I read WF have got into trouble for that? Nov 2009
  7. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS thanks for coming back to me! I first borrowed in July 04, then borrowed again in Nov 04 (it then became a joint debt split between me and an x girlfriend). Then when we split in 05 the agreement was amended in May 05 to "split" the monthly repayments between us. I kept up my end of the bargain, she didnt so despite me paying my half, my credit score was destroyed. Anyway I eventually got sick of them not chasing her and happy for me to pay the whole thing - so when i moved house i never told them my new address that was Nov 2009. Now 5 years later Lowells have found me a
  8. I thought a forum dedicated to WF would've had a lot to say about my post - I imagine lots of people on here wouldve requested CCAs from them, thought itd be interesting to see the success rate or the likeliness that they could provide them.
  9. Welcome Finance went bust in 2009 and sold on lots of their accounts (including mine), Lowell's have recently contacted me after me avoiding the debt for almost 5 years - I've been advised to send a CCA request, but that got me thinking, surely there have been lots of people come through here regarding old WF debts that have been sold on to Lowells or other DCAs. I wondered have any of you had experience in asking for CCAs specifically with old WF debts - are they really hard for them to find due to the company going bust? has anyone else on here b
  10. Thanks for all your help ! So its either court to settle PPI (how much will that cost though?!) and risk my statute barring OR Dont do anything and let the 6 years thing keep going ... but when did the 6 yrs thing start was it when the account went into default in 2007 or when i last spoke to someone ?? If it did get away with statute barring would it leave a permanent stain on my credit file? OR Bite the bullet and try to make a settlement fee with them ? What do you reckon my chances are of ringing up mentioning the PPI from 2004 and asking them to knock it off the
  11. PPI aside ... for one minute, if you look at my 2nd credit agreement dated Nov 2004, you will see that that the total amount borrowed £4012 plus interest is £6616.08. Then in May 2005 the third credit agreement you can see that the PPI has gone and my total amount borrowed is £3252 with interest is £5240.96. My point is on my recent credit report it states - Default Balance: £4,314 Current Balance: £6,393 I cant be entirely sure but i dont think ive paid enough to get the balance down to £4,300, im quite certain last time i spoke to someone at Lewis in Oct 2009 they said i o
  12. Okay here is my first agreement from July 2004 borrowed £1500 july04copy.pdf My 2nd agreement from Nov 2004 where we asked to borrow an extra £1000 on top of the £1500 Nov04copy.pdf Then almost a year after our first loan they generously knocked off some money and amended the agreement in May 2005 (note the lack of PPI in this one??) May05copy.pdf
  13. Im at work at the moment, im gunna look for it tonight ... thx for getting back to me!
  14. Well i jus spoke to some guy over at Financial Services Compensation Scheme who are dealing with PPI claims on behalf of Welcome Finance, he said although he can see that in 2004 the two loans had PPI on them but the amended loan in 2005 does NOT. Therefore because the 2 other loans in 2004 where before Jan 05 he cant help me and that i have to contact Welcome .. . what can i say to them ? If i still have proof about the PPI in 2004 can i do anything about it ? Will they be more likely to settle the debt if i threaten them with PPI action ??
  15. Back in summer 2004 i took a loan out for £1500 a few months after that i borrowed a further £1000 with my x girlfriend as a joint loan. We split in 2005 an i was devastated to find that with interest i owed them £6,000+ back! Since then although i paid my half of the debt for a couple of yrs she never paid a penny my credit got destroyed and still is. I never spoke or paid a penny to them for a few yrs now (out of protest that they've always harassed me for the debt an never her). So i havent spoken to or dealt with them since 2009 even then that was a debt co
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