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  1. it was my debt sold onto crapbot the other dca didnt put it on my credit file but day it was transferred to crapbot they did...then they sent this..
  2. had a letter from a well known agency anyway gist of it is dear..... we're sorry we have made a mistake your account was recently transferred to ....from ...due to an error we started reporting this account on your credit file. we have informed the credit reference agencies to remove this account from your credit file which should be completed with the next 3 weeks...sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you now i know they trashed my credit file because i saw it...so do i have any redress over it or is it because they are now removing it lets all be friends and ignore it? any ideas?
  3. i received an email from bt yesterday telling me my 'deal' for broadband was coming to and end and they had 'special offers especially for me' on looking all the deals were more expensive than the one i had so did a price comparison check and booked broadband with another supplier to change on 8 mar....then had an email from bt saying i had broken the contract by leaving early!!! despite the email saying my deal was ending...anyway it transpires it is ending a month early 8 mar instead of the 8 may...now i dont mind paying for month which seems reasonable but they also want me to pay 55 quid for the router which i never wanted....offered to return said router but no...now does anyone think that this price is disproportionate and i should stand my ground and not pay it or pay it and say never again!!!
  4. just to update thread now the 23rd of feb..have heard nothing from the courts mcol still exactly the same defence filed then nothing...case still stayed nothing from lowlifes
  5. thank andy i did check mcol when it came back up this afternoon, it shows no change on it since i submitted defence way back....i did ask the guy 3 times he was adam ant that it was defo stayed....
  6. happy xmas to all on the site...and thanks again for all the help....
  7. tut tut tut tut!!!!naughty naughty!!!
  8. just spoke to court the stay has not been lifted....
  9. nope havent received my directions questionnaire just theirs... which court do i ring? t The county court business centre, is the one listed in their directions questionnaire
  10. no signature on the agreement corrrect
  11. yeah i posted it on here a few pages back with docs and there were not any apart from that...no default notices, no statements of accounts etc...the only thing they have supplied so far is a copy of an agreement.....i have asked for all the information but nothing else has come back from them
  12. nope no docs supplied only the ones i have posted earlier....perhaps you right perhaps it is a ploy to get me to ring and try to arrange a payment with them.....err no chance....
  13. thanks dx...was wondering...will ignore and see if the questionnaire is forthcoming from the court for me,which is what they state in their letter...quote you will shortly receive a copy of the same directly from the court for completion and return unquote...which theoretically should be the next step yes?
  14. have just received a nice xmas present from lowells solicitors, a directions questionnaire that they have filled in where they have agreed to go to small claims mediation service to which they have ticked yes, track small claims ticked hearing venue blank expert evidence no witnesses 0 hearing any days not suitable no interpretor no now i havent heard from the court in months, the mcol is now down!!!
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