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  1. Well, BPO have chosen to ignore my 'show evidence or bugger off' letter - that I sent special delivery and provided a postal return address within (not my home, obviously) - and have just sent me a "notification of possible doorstep collection" email, instead of written confirmation of anything. Is there a standard format for a trading standards complaint letter?
  2. Thank you! I followed your advice and sent the combo SB letter, special delivery. got there yesterday, but apparently BPO haven't read it, as I've just received an email containing the immortal phrase "you leave us with no alternative than to recommend to our client that legal proceedings or a field visit to your home may be the only options that remain for the recovery of the sum outstanding." Well, it's a debt I don't acknowledge, and it's definitely statute barred, given that my last dealings with Sky were in January 2007. I concluded my letter by saying that anything other than confirmation that a) no further contact would be made on this account and b) that the matter was now closed would result in a complaint to trading standards. Should I go ahead and lodge one now?
  3. Hello, Many years ago, I had a SKY subscription (not at my own home - an ex's) - one that I'd cancelled in December 2006. I've not been to that address since sometime early in 2007 I had an email from BPO last night demanding payment (you have a week, etc etc). Until earlier today, was under the impression that I'd cancelled without issue - I did so by phone, and was told that was that. On ringing SKY this morning, it turns out that the service was reinstated in January 2007 (without my consent) - but this would've been done after the DD was cancelled - and was stopped again due to lack of payment It's only taken just under six years.. So.. how do I challenge this? I'm obviously keen not to pay for a service that I didn't ask for. SKY Customer Services have a record of my request for cancellation (as well as an apparent request for reinstatement - whoever it came from, it wouldn't have been from me, although I do wonder whether my ex might have pulled a fast one). I haven't kept any email correspondence from that long ago to confirm either development on my end; as I didn't live at the address in question, I don't have any copies of written correspondence - and neither do Sky, it seems. Sky customer service are apparently unable to write me a letter confirming my account history - despite talking me through it on the phone - which seems a little odd. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Just posting here to thank Lee, as the marker's been duly removed. Now, to see if I can actually borrow any money...
  5. Hello dx100uk (and thanks, citizenB - duly emailed!) I had never been late paying, because of the DD setup. I cancelled the DD, as I had a credit balance and wasn't using the thing anyway (and had meant to cancel the account, but never got round to it - lesson learned there). As to why the marker hasn't been removed, I'd like to know that, too! Auto reply number: #11384550
  6. Hello, I was after a loan recently. I still am, as it happens. I'm generally in the habit of paying off my debts (no matter how slowly). doing some due diligence before applying, I checked my Equifax account - nothing out of the ordinary. I paid for a credit scoring - which had me down as 'good'. I was puzzled when my bank (Barclays) turned me down, telling me that there probably was something whiffy about my credit history. I duly signed up with the other credit scoring bods - Experian - who showed me that there was a defaulted Vodafone account in my history (albeit one for which I owed nothing). A little background. I signed up, in 2005, for a 3G wireless internet dongle-type thing. It was PAYG, and paid by direct debit a month in arrears, so all was fine. I eventually (what, about a year and a bit later?) forgot about it and chucked it in a drawer. Imagine my surprise in October 2011 to find that the account had apparently seen some use, and that the debt had been passed on to a debt collection agency. One angry me and a couple of hours trying to sort it out with Vodafone later, the account was closed and the balance wiped (i.e. I didn't have to pay for usage that clearly wasn't my own). All was well, or so I thought, as Equifax had marked it as 'settled'. So, as it stands, I have a default showing in Experian's take of my credit history, and so I'm having trouble getting a loan that I really need. How do I get Vodafone to correct this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wanted to say that this is a great site, and I'm looking forward to being a member. I'll be posting my first request for advice somewhere else in the forum, of course, but it seemed remiss not to say hi first
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