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Found 14 results

  1. A teacher who drove into an airport worker following a row over a new £3 drop-off charge has been spared jail after a judge said he agreed the levy was an "absolute disgrace". Graham Benbow, 55, flew into a rage at Manchester Airport when he was told he would have to pay a fee for dropping off a passenger at a departure terminal. An airport official tried to stop Benbow from driving his Mazda through an open barrier but ended up on the car's bonnet before he was carried along a road for several hundred yards, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court heard. Benbow, a psychology teacher at Altrincham Grammar School, went over a roundabout before he stopped for police. The unnamed worker was uninjured in the incident but said he "genuinely believed he could die from falling off the bonnet." https://uk.news.yahoo.com/judge-calls-airport-apos-drop-172437507.html
  2. Morning All, I'm not sure if anyone can help but I thought I'd give it a shot. My girlfriend lives in a place called Whitton which is covered by Richmond Council and she was hoping to get a dropped kerb put outside of her property. The road has a number of outlined (with white paint) parking spaces along the road, however a number of people have paved over their front gardens and managed to get a dropped kerb for their driveway and there is not a parking space outside of their property - presumably it's been removed. When she bought her now home, the previous owners had paved over the garden and created a large driveway, both in length and width (approx 5.8m wide) however there is no dropped kerb, so they did not seem to get permission for one before doing the new driveway. She has applied for a dropped kerb but it was rejected because her driveway does not reach the requirement of being 7.2m wide and therefore the sightlines are not wide enough. Her neighbours (with a driveway and an approved dropped kerb) have the same width driveway as hers and managed to get a dropped kerb however we have no idea when these were approved by the council, at least over 2 years ago. The council seemed to outline that they were no longer doing dropped kerbs in her particular area of which we queried why she was allowed to apply in the first place when they saw the address! Does anyone know of any loophole, precedence etc that we could put forward as a reason for us to be allowed to have a dropped kerb? The initial response in terms of an appeal against the council would be that as her driveway is not wide enough it does not fit the requirements outlined by the council - however as the neighbours have the exact same width driveway, how can it be one rule of one and not for another? Any help would be appreciated with this. Thanks
  3. Broadband providers drop cancellation fees for Armed Forces personnel READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/broadband-providers-drop-cancellation-fees-for-armed-forces-personnel
  4. Several banks & financial organisations have recently dropped their interest rate to savers, some by substantial amounts. Can anyone please advise if such changes LEGALLY require the banks to issue fore warnings of such changes to customers ??
  5. As a taxi driver, I sometimes go to BHX 5 times a day in summer, so im no stranger to the chaos there. This August I was dropping off a family of 8 AND picking up a family of 7 at same time. Both families had many young kids As i entered the drop off carpark, I noticed my clients waiting on the left by the disabled park bays. There are 12 or so bays and 10 were vacant. The park has become very busy and dangerous this season due to more flights and its always a worry that someone will get run over, specially as its a free for all with cars going in all directions The car park is opperated by NCP. i pulled into a bay and whilst unloading cases etc, a copper who had been leaning against a fence came to me and asked if I had a disabled badge I told him we cant have them He asked why i was parked in a disabled bay I explained about the mayhem and the danger to the kids and I have a duty of care etc He said those people are nothing to me, and I have no responsibilty to them He continued to be arrogant and rude, asking why I thought I had a right to do as I pleased and park anywhere etc He demande to see my driving licence and then said he WASNT going to write me a parking ticket, but WOULD be reporting it to NCP who own the park On the way home I thought about it and then googled the POLICE and CRIME COMMISIONER for West Mids Police I asked the Lady how I submit a Freedom of Information request She asked why. I told her I want to know how much public money is spent policing PRIVATE car parks She wanted to know why, so I told her the story. She was MOST keen to assist me. I said I would wait and see if I got a ticket, which I didnt. Police have NO right or jurisdiction in a car park like that. I normally dont park in disabled spaces, but under those circumstances I felt it was safest option. 2 weeks later, whilst dropping off a Lady with a plaster cast on one leg, a NCP opperative became abusive because I was using a disabled bay without a blue badge, even though passenger was on crutches and had booked passenger assistance/wheelchair He took my car details and said he would issue a ticket, but i never got one. Seems like they all love being Hitler
  6. Hi, My partner has had an agreement with IDEM services for a repayment plan of 95 pounds. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons in January. She has been without work for 2 years and now she must accept early retirement as she is no longer capable of working. We wrote to idem and her other creditors asking to reduce the figures to a token 5 pounds of which all but idem agreed. I will fill out and income/expenditure form for her to send, as now I am the only earner in the house and so am responsible for all expenses. is there anything I can do in order to get them to drop their figures or see sense, ultimately she will never realise the conculsion fo these debts as she is no longer in a position to earn money outside of her pension.
  7. Bank of Scotland loan taken out Jan 2009 for £8,000 have loan agreement that shows with interest, amount repayable will be £13,126 repayable at £136.73 per month. By September 2009 I had suffered financial problems to which various fees were applied to the account, Default notice was issued and received in the post May 2010. Date on my Experian report shows 6 months later than issued? Iqor took the debt over in July 2010 and it has been with them ever since, to date I have repaid £5,340 and as of April 2014 the balance payable reads £9,846 I have letter stating interest/charges were stopped from April 2009 however on the yearly statements interest is clearly shown on statements and out weighs the payments I make each month. Loan was for £8k if I have repaid £5,340 then balance should be around the 3k mark. the rest is interest that is added at start of loan and broken down each month so I was informed when I enquired back in 2011. Thoughts and questions please and advice.....
  8. Hi, sorry if I've posted in the wrong place, but I checked my credit file on clearscore.com today - that tv advert with the girl shoving her smelly feet into the bloke's face on the laptop with the dog between his legs! Ha! I love that advert. I gave in and logged on - it showed I had a Debt Relief Order back in October 2011. Sure enough. But about 3 of the debts which were included in the DRO were showing as not being defaulted until late 2012. I was discharged from the DRO in October 2012, but these 3 debts will not clear my credit file until at least 2019 due to the way they registered the default. I'm confused. 2 Questions if I may please - 1. Does my DRO drop off my credit file from when it was granted, or when it was fulfilled. 2. Any debts included in my DRO, can a company individually default them AFTER they were originally included in said Debt Relief Order. I'd really appreciate some direction to legislation on this please. thanks.
  9. My living expenses at present are, I pay £18.00 per week for gas and electricity on a budgeting plan,I am a low energy user. I pay £4.00 per week towards council tax. I pay £7.00 per week water rates I pay £8.00 per week for a budgeting loan I pay £6.00 per week towards soap, wash powder, toilet roll, cleaning materials and so on. Total out goings £43.00. I do not have a TV so I do not have to budget for a licence nor do I have any debt as I rely on the budgeting loan to buy my clothes and cover any household expenses repairs/ replacements etc which gives me roughly £150 every 6 months. I receive £73.10 per week JSA so after taking away my priority expenses I am left with £30.10 per week. I am a single healthy male so not worthy of any extra help, I do not have a invisible partner, a child nor a job on the side. My job centre is a 10 mile round trip which I walk to each week, if I use public transport I will not have any money left to eat for that day. If I have to pay 10% towards my rent, which in my case would be £10.00 (£100.00 per week for a single bedroom flat) then I will be left with £20.00 per week a 33% decrease in my income which would leave me with £2.85 per day to spend on food, drink , job hunting , entertainment.
  10. hi, I am trying to buy a UK domain name. This domain name expired in January 27th 2015. I read that when the name expires, the owner of the name is given a grace period to renew it of 90 days, then after 90 days it 'drops' and then becomes available for anyone to purchase it. It seems to have now gone past the 90 days and the previous owner still has not re-registered it. Is this 90 days correct? When is it likely to become available to be purchased by anyone?
  11. Hi, I haven't had to post on here for ages as I feel I am finally making headway. Just a brief background I had a period of homelessness and illness, then struggled to find work when I had a home. Last April I got work and have worked so hard to get on my feet, after mistake after mistake from the CSA and Council I am making headway. Unfortunately another council bombshell hit me on Monday. I have been paying an agreed amount of council tax monthly and have kept up payments so assumed everything is fine. On Monday my day off, I walked in to a summons on the doorstep, the amount was exactly £400 + £55 costs + £50 if it goes to court. I assumed it was a mistake so phoned the enforcement agents on the letter. The first lady was totally unhelpful and just said I had defaulted and that was the only information I could have. I then went back through a year of bank statements to see if I had missed anything but I hadn't. I did however receive a letter in January for an outstanding amount of £12. Now I wrongly assumed it was an extra on a recalculation, this recalculation was made when my Girlfriend moved in and I lost my single person discount. I had informed them and the payments went up. I paid the £12 the next day after the letter. On phoning again armed with this information it seems to have been a calculation error, they didn't put enough on my bill. The long and short is that the Council only send one reminder then it is summons time, they counted the £12 as a reminder. My Girlfriend and I then did a calculation and found with what I paid and this extra £400 I would be paying £161 MORE than the maximum for the band B I am in in my area. So yet another call this time to the council. They finally admit a calculation error and the figure was lowered to £239 which I paid £130 there and then and a promise of £109 on Monday (I get paid weekly) then they will lift the summons. Now one problem is I am still getting stitched as I was single from April to January but am being forced to pay the whole year without the discount. Now I am prepared to let that go as she did spend a lot of time with me and I don't really want to rock the boat on what is legally living together or not (she had her own place however). But are they likely to lift the summons and not charge me the £55 costs with the £50 court fee? They say it will be on Monday but the other enforcement officers said there is no way it could be lifted unless the fee was paid. I am at my wits end. It is so grossly unfair I received no letters and everyone I have spoken to claims a different number of letters were sent. I know I received nothing or it would have been paid.
  12. Hi all, Briefly the situation is the following: My friend goes to Luton airport, stops on the drop off point and goes to help with suitcases on the arriving guests. Once goes back after about 5-6 minutes, the procedure to remove his vehicle is already started. It turns out that there are new signs that forbid to leave your car unattended. So he had to pay a fine of 180 pounds to be able to release the car. So far everything is clear, there is sign not leave your car unattended but he left his car unattended and receive fine. But what bothers me is this, please see attachment. I have no experience with these things, but it seems to me very suspicious and unprofessional.There is no PCN number, (maybe they will provide it later, I do not know ), but also there is no offence code and signature. There is 150 removal fee and there no explanation for what the other 30 pounds is, once disposal fee is strike through. We would be grateful if anyone is able to help of possible reasons for the appeal. Thank you
  13. hi i've checked my credit file and it shows my default will drop off in november 2013. After it drops off does my credit file go straight to good as i have no other bad credit marked on my file everything else is paid on time . How does one default effect my credit so bad?
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