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  1. daley1

    HMRC Worry

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I am going to wait until the POA comes through then put some time aside to contact HMRC and try to resolve things.
  2. daley1

    HMRC Worry

    Hello My father is currently in a Nursing Home on a permanent basis after a couple of years of bad health. Prior to that he was a Self Employed Accountant. However we have been getting mail from HMRC asking for him to file his tax return, and penalty notices amongst other things. We believe that nothing has been posted for at least 3-4 years? I am awaiting POA to come through but until then I really am at a loss what to do as they wont entertain talking to me. He also has a DC chasing him for £2050 which is also for HMRC. Any help greatfully appreciated.
  3. I agree it just seems incredible that EON have allowed this to get this far. I am also getting calls from LCS in Leeds trying to collect the debt.
  4. Ok did not realise that the time had moved so quickly. the situation has become a whole lot clearer around EON and I am now able to speak with them quite freely after sending them a signed consent form. It transpires that there are 3 seperate accounts. 1 was a gas account-Pre Payment 1 was a Electric Account-Pre Payment 1 was Gas And Electric Standard Payment. These now Total £9634.26p and date back to 2003. As there is only a pension going into his account each month I really dont know what else to do. I even applied to the EON trust fund but that was rejected. A
  5. Sadly the Solicitor feels that my Father is not of sound enough mind to agree to a POA so I dont know when or indeed if it will happen. Overall very worrying.
  6. We have just been going through this years bank statements and have noticed that EON have a Direct Debit setup for £400 pm. I really find it hard to believe that this is correct as it seems so high? Also since the CCJ was granted in February EON has taken 2 direct debits of £400 (£800) therefore how can a court make a judgement for £4500?? This is really not making sense.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I managed to get some contact information from the Court as to who I needed to speak to at eon. As I thought they would not discuss the account, which is fair enough. Their is a Solicitor going to see my Dad next Tuesday to iron out the POA so i should shortly be in a better position to finally try and get to the bottom of everything and start to finally try to sort things out, but I feel it is going to be a very long and dirty path that I need to take? I have to admit that it looks very Dark indeed and is going to take a lot of work to get on top
  8. Hi Andy No it was from Oldham CC And looked very much like a Judgement for £4400 +£100 Costs.
  9. Ok so here are the Main things I have worked out. Mortgage-Interest only £86.9k Barclaycard £1100 Barclaycard £5.6K EON-£4.5K Now gone through County Court received a CCJ Letter the other day. Debt Collector £2.1k DLA-£3650 DLA-£80 Opus-£2.6k MBNA-£3.7k There is also another Debt Collector after £2065 whos client is HMRC. These are the main ones and obviously total a fair sum. I have arranged for a Solicitor to See him to write up a power of attorney so i can start dealing with this mess Once that is in place I hope to be able to contact them all and make sepera
  10. I am putting a spreadsheet together, and will list it in the next day or so.
  11. Sorry for the long story but I need to get some serious advice regarding my Fathers financial situation. About 3 years ago my father got taken into hospital with Kidney Failure, at the time he was 78 and still Working as a self-employed accountant. He ended up being in there for a couple of months and as a result I discovered what a financial mess he was in. He was getting Letters from Credit Card Companies, various Debt Collectors and utility companies. I even discovered that he had an £86k interest only mortgage which is due to be repaid in 2021. Since this my mum, hi
  12. But does the letter acknowledging closure of my account mean they dont have a leg to stand on?
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