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  1. Hi the rlp dept originally came from boots to which is where i was caught shoplifting just to clarify.
  2. Hi following numerous letters from RLP, I believe my case was passed on to BPO and received txt messages and now this letter. I would be extremely grateful for your knowledge and experience in this sector . What I'm trying to find out is whether they will actually go foreword and impose a ccj as I'm a recent graduate and obviously would not want this showing on job screenings etc. (History - caught shoplifting in boots for amount £150+ in early part of year and cautioned by police on the same day-never been in trouble before etc ) Heres the letter that i received for your viewing pleasure.
  3. To be precise 65 days ago I ordered a custom paper cost almost £250 to be written for work and received it , the material was completely off topic and of a very poor quality. I used paypal to pay for the item but the funds came from my barclays account. I am now past the 45 day dispute from paypal( annoyingly) but was wondering whether I would be entitled to a refund by barclays (I have a personnel account).On my statement the transaction will appear as a paypal payment on barclays so am just wondering what the best action for me is. Any thoughts please would be greatly appreciated
  4. Premise- Caught shoplifting in store about £150 items, detained by store , taken by police and cautioned. Received one letter from RLP asking for between £180-£200 (exact figure hidden to protect my identity) Have now received my second letter but am just confirming with you all what the best course of action is ( Have never been in trouble with the police before, and have just graduated uni with business degree ) Your advice would be very kind.
  5. Hi thanks for your interest , Iv already got a placement lined up with solicitors but would possibly look to going an lpc course in the future.
  6. Hi thanks for all the replies , following further reading iv read that failure to pay may result in me being put on the "dishonest persons database " it seems like a legitimate format and has quite a few subsequent effects for me being only 21 and graduating ironically with a law degree in the summer , final thoughts ? from someone with formal qualifications if possible just have to be sure as am not doubting the advice as it has been so useful so far .
  7. Thanks for the quick replies , I admitted in store to taking the items and to police , surely legally I am obliged to pay regardless of the low court ruling as from reading other threads dept collectors begin to get involved and Im thinking its not worth the hassle from them all.
  8. I stole about £230 worth of stock from boots and was caught , taken to room in store , ID -pic taken etc and cctv burnt to disk, and then police called, ultimately leading to me being cautioned after saying I accept that it was me ( never been in trouble with the police before ) After about a week i received a letter from the dreaded RLP and were asking for £196.00 . What Im trying to deliberate is whether to just ignore it and see what happens or to pay . If it were a smaller amount of items stolen by me I would probably leave it but as it was a larger amount it may make for an easier case should I end up in court . Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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