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  1. had a letter from Lowell saying that they have passed this to Lowell Solicitors who want to discuss this account but the balance is still showing at £1094.77. Need to tell someone that the balance is wrong surely?
  2. Hey, I am trying to sort out my finances and the car is massive chunk. We took the loan out in Oct 2015 and has been paying £424 p/month of which just over £150 is being used to pay the capital - the rest is interest. When can I ask to return the car and where does the half way point hit ? is it once half the loan value has been paid (half the cars purchase price) or once have the total loan value (inc interest) has been paid? Many Thanks Scott
  3. Hi, I have come had a recovery letter sent from BPO Collections trying to recover 0.88p from a 2 year old Plusnet internet account? Other than being slightly stunned that a DCA would purchase a debt of 0.88p - I wanted some advise on the best way to proceed as I dont want to give BPO my card details ets and Plusnet are refused to deal with me or take any payment for this ridiculous amount. Cheers
  4. Hey, Thanks for the reply, if I contact them to say the balance appears incorrect will they take than as an admission? Scott
  5. Think this will work. Balance is showing at over £1K but the default is less...eh??
  6. approx £2500 however I have just looked at one of the entries is well weird. Let me try and upload a screenshot.
  7. They are not asking me for a penny, they have not updated the status off the accounts on my experian credit file since 2014.
  8. Hey, I am on a quest to clean up my credit file and see that I have a number of defaults that have all been purchased by Lowell. Now these are all from mobile phone services that we took a number of years back when times were harder than now. From reading the different posts, I am guessing paying these defaults would have no effect on my credit rating at all and I am better off leaving them to fall into statute barred status. Is there a best way to move forward? a way of getting Lowell to see since in offering to update my credit report in return for payments? surely they would rather this option that leaving the accounts to fall into SB? Anyone have any ideas, please? Thanks Scott
  9. Hey, Thanks for the reply. Its mobile phone accounts that are all now being managed by Lowell - when I say managed : it looks more like they have purchased the debt from the telecom providers. These defaults are having a major impact on me and preventing any mortgage etc and I need them gone to be honest. I didn't know if actually paying the balance would make any different at all however from info read so far, its not looking very promising. Thanks Scott
  10. Hey, I am on a quest to sort out my credit rating after a few years of neglect and there are a few defaults showing. Now these are for mobile phones which I messed up between jobs and have since left. My issue now is that there are still showing as in default although a few of them area approaching SB. Other than the whole moral reasons for pay these accounts off, is there any immediate benefit for paying these accounts off? Will having the default there but marked as "settled" offer more point on an Experian credit score ? Cheers Scott
  11. I purchased a PC off a private seller via Gumtree on the 7th August 2016, the machine was custom built by the seller and I was advised that the machine was brand new and that parts had a warranty which could be checked online. Yesterday (11th Sept 2016) the PC stopped working other than a suspicious red light which came on when the PC was switched on. Contracted the seller to ask for any warranty details and explained there was a fault however my request was ignored. I went to local PC world today and spoke to their onsite tech team who looked the machine and proceeded to take out all parts out in order to try and identify the possibly problem the machine. After checking everything it because apparent that the problem was with either the power supply unit or the motherboard. All other parts were fine. After checking the power supply it appears it was actually a problem with the motherboard however the machine suddenly caught fire in the store. The "expert" quickly switched the machine off and commented on how the machine was very poorly assembled and cable managements was poor. The seller was contacted again to ask what their advice was and they dismissed my issue completely, they now say that contrary to what they initially said - they didn’t build the machine - someone else did but no indication of who. This seller clearly doesn’t want to know or help me so I am left with no alternative but to seek external help. I would like a refund of this machine as I don’t believe it was fit for purpose - the seller said they have built it but now claim to not have nor does the machine have any form of warranty which again I was led to believe before the sale took place. The total cost was £475 paid via bank transfer directly into the seller’s bank account whilst collecting the machine in his home. is there anything that I can do ?
  12. quick update - I complained to them and have been told to go away - they have confirmed that they don't check the service history on any vehicle they purchase at auction and effectively sell cars "as seen" I have been advised to contract the ombudsmen if I wish to.. Talk about not giving a toss about customers..
  13. just sent a letter to their complaints email address listing all the faults and approx. cost in repairs we have paid out and asking if they would reduce the settlement figure by £1625 to match the valuation offered by a new dealership as a part ex. These figures do also match with the valuation based on other websites. I have asked them to treat me fairly and said that spending over £3000 in repairs in addition to the annual service and standard maintenance costs should carry some weight in reducing the settlement figure. Fingers crossed.
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