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  1. Hi, Ashamed and embarrassed to even be writing this but I made a big mistake / choice a few days ago. I was in Primark and was looking for Xmas gifts. I had one large item and 5 smaller items. As far as what I was thinking I really have no idea. I had several bags in my hands at the time and between queuing and paying 2 of the smaller items ended up in one of the bags I was carrying. I didn't think anything of it as I was leaving the store as I genuinely just paid what they asked for, picked up my items and left. I was then called back by security who checked my bag and found the 2 small items (£1 each). I was then called back into the store and they took my details (on a form) and took a photocopy of my driving licence. No police were called (can they be called retrospectively), no mention of a letter / charge / fine, nothing given to me by them at all. I was however banned from the store for a year and unsure whether this means my local store or all? I have read through pretty much all threads and seen all the guidance to ignore any letters, I just wonder whether I will get any really. I would really appreciate some guidance and advice specific to the above if you don't mind. Needless to say I will be a lot more careful and forthcoming in future. I feel terrible about the entire thing. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks
  2. Today I was caught accidentally stealing from primark. I tried on a coat which not uncommon for primark didn’t have the price tag attached, didn’t realise at the time that where I tried it on didn’t have a mirror and so I walked to the changing room where I tried on a couple of other things which I didn’t end up wanting. Coat not concealed, over my own bag or arm as not to drop it went to pay for other things. Replied to a message on my phone and forgot I had it over my arm, genuinely just exhausted from work and the gym and had a scatter brain moment, I was approached on my way out and got taken to the security office where I actually offered to pay for the coat as I had intended to in the first place and explained the situation said it was too late, I’d receive a fine if I did not want police involved. Security have my name and address. What kind of fine can I expect? I offered to pay for the coat which they refused and they didn’t lose any of the stores goods? Can they fine me at all?
  3. Hi can some people give me advice please I’m really scared today I went into primark and tag changed a pair of boots and my daughter out 2 things in the pram now as I walked out security stopped me and took me to a room where the manager came in he didn’t show me I’d, no cameras in the room, no recordings were taken, no copies of the incident report, no police was involved they took my provisional license and photocopied it and said that I would receive a fine I’m a single mum of 2 and worried I won’t be able to afford the fine what can I do???
  4. So this is my situation... I was 21 and was visiting London for vacation back in few years ago (2015) ,I shoplifted in a Primark store, and I'm from Hong Kong. It was an item valued at around 12 pounds...And I did paid for other items at the cashier. I was followed and got caught by a security guard after leaving the store, and went back with the security to a room at the back of the store. They took the item back and I was scared and crying...AND was asked to sign a form(name, address, email), I was worried so I wrote down the wrong address and email which they cannot contact me and my parents wouldn't know it. They also photocopied my passport. Police was not called, and the security escorted me to leave the store via the exit at the back and told me that I cant go back to the store in the future. So there are some questions I've been worrying these days. 1. As I saw other posts on the forum, RLP will send letters for "fines", but in my situation, it is not possible for them to contact me because I left the wrong contact info. But will they still do this if I did left my correct address since I live in HK? 2. Will I have a criminal record because of this incident even the police was not involved? (Will they pass the case to the UK police since they can't get the fines from me) 3. I'll need to travel around because of my new job(including UK), will the immigration officers have the record and stop me/arrest me at the UK airport immigration if I'm going back to UK in the near future? Thank you so much! I've been so worrying about this, and I know wouldn't do this silly thing again in my life!
  5. Hi guys, On the 12th of september I had just had a mis-carriage and been discharged from hospital. I also had a flight that evening at 9pm to a family wedding in spain. I rushed to primark to gather last minute things; whilst grabbing clothes i was struggling to hold all my shopping and couldn't see any shopping bags near me so i places a PJ set and a bra into my actual handbag. Through the stress and rush I went to the cashier and paid for everything in my hand which was (£40+) and did not pay for the two items in my handbag - which is a huge oversight on my half (but i was very stressed and under a time deadline.) I was approached by security staff who told me i had not paid for items in my bag which i instantly gasped at and offered to pay. However, at this point I can not recall if I had technically left the store as I do feel as if the security had approached me just by the exit. I was very cooperative as I was trying to catch my flight - however one of the security officers was making me feel very uncomfortable telling me how pretty i look and asking me loads of personal questions (which i refused to reply to as I did not see the relevance to the issue at hand.) He then began getting rather rude with me and I asked to see the cctv footage to see if i had actually left the store without paying. They refused to show me the cctv and threatened with police. Which on a normal day I would fight but I had a flight to catch and just wanted the day to be over. I have now received the infamous letter from RLP asking for £150.00!! Just wanted to know what steps I could take forward? Do I send an appeal? I actually am moving to NYC and dont want debt collectors coming to my family home whilst away. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Althought it is embarrassing, I was caught stealing in Primark (UK) with a friend. It was a huge mistake, especially for a value of 30 £ and we will never do that again. We felt very ashamed and my friend was shocked because the guards were quite violent (orally) towards her. The police wasn’t contacted but we understood we made something unethical that's why we gave our driving license and our mailing address to the security. We are not UK residents and are currently living in Belgium. Until now, I received two letters and to clarify the situation, I added it in attachment of this post. Should I have to respond to these letters ? I read old threads on this forum with all your advices but to be sure not making another mistake, I prefer to ask your opinion again. Thanks for your time, we will not doing it again for sure, the lesson has been learnt. RLP Letters.pdf
  7. Hello, as embarrassing as this is too say, I’m in the same position as you. the police weren’t contacted and I didn’t sign anything/take photos that said I consent to my details being shared to the police etc and I wasn’t told they’d get involved. I wanted to know if you’ve gotten an invite from them yet? Also I think I’m gonna pay my fine cause I don’t want the hassle of receiving the letters and having a family member see them; have you received lots of letters?
  8. I stole from primark, stupid choice and will never happen again. The goods totalled to £53 and I was told that, because of this, the police had been notified but will not show up today. This leads me to believe I will hear from them - will this happen? Regarding RLP, everyone has said to ignore the letters which is exactly what I'll do. My only concern is the debt collectors - will they show up at my house? Or just letters? The security guard took my passport and photocopied it with my address and mobile number. The local mall security also showed up and took my details. I know I'm banned from this store and now on some sort of list that, if I'm seen, they have to keep an eye on me. Basically, will there be any outcome from the police for this matter? I'm 21, female. I have never done this before and I am extremely embarrassed by it. I don't want my family or other half finding out, so will the letters be it? Thanks
  9. Hi, I made a very stupid choice and shoplifted some stuff from Primark, I was in a rush to meet my friends and decided to just leave, the total price was approx £55. (Worst mistake ever) I'm on a work visa in UK and going to my country to apply for an extension for my visa. During my detention in Primark, the security guy asked me for my ID and I showed him my passport/BRP cause that's the only form of valid ID I have in UK. Therefore, he got to know that I'm not a national and threatened me that he will report this incident to the Home Office and RLP who will claim the fine from me. The security guy was extremely rude and told me that he doesn't want people like me in this country and he will do everything to get me out of here and never enter again. I cried and begged him to not do this and that this will never happen again but he simply dismissed me. I'm very very scared now. I don't have any past criminal record. This was my only stupid mistake. I'm ready to pay any sort of fine but I don't want this to be on my criminal record. Do you think the Home Office will dismiss my visa application cause of this or will this be on my criminal record?
  10. Earlier today I was trying on clothes in Primark when for some reason I decided I would try and steal one of the six items I was going to buy . I was wearing Primark trousers anyway, I thought I could get away with just swapping my old Primark trousers with a new pair I wanted while in the changing rooms. The trousers I wanted only cost 5 pounds, and I am not skint, so I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. as I was leaving the changing rooms and they came to check the number of clothes on hangers was the same number I came in with, they somehow realised that the trousers were my old pair. They brought me into a room at the side and went through everything else, and before they could say anything else I pretended to be shocked and say I must have forgot to change into my old trousers. They brought me to the changing rooms and told me to change back into the old trousers and give them the ones I had on. I stupidly took the labels off of them, so this must have verified I was trying to steal them rather than it being an honest mistake. I had never done this in my life, and didn't enter the changing rooms with this in mind- so I must have done a bad job at it. EDIT: I am 19 years old I admitted to trying to steal them instantly since in the past I've always been told that honesty is the best policy when it comes to getting into trouble. I also apologised and said that it was very stupid of me, and I will never do it again. The staff were having none of it, and ignored my pleas for remorse (rightly so). Then the lady told me to follow her as she brought everything I took into the changing room to the cashier so I could pay for it all. I wasn't even wanting to buy it all but out of embarrassment I bought it all, despite the fact half of it was in the wrong size or duplicates of each other in different sizes. I paid for it on my debit card, said sorry again and left. They also said I was banned from going into their changing rooms again. I am asking is whether they can track me down based on the fact I paid for the items on my card. Other than that they did not take my name, age, DOB, ID, photo etc (to my knowledge/ maybe they can see me coming out the changing rooms on security?). Furthermore, how long will this ban last? If they can not identify me how can they implement the restriction? or was this just to scare me? Obviously I made a bad decision which I have since learnt from. Shoplifting is embarrassing in itself when you can afford what you are trying to steal, but the fact that it was in Primark of all places is even more pathetic of me. So, what do you think? Thanks for any input or comments, I have not seen a thread like this yet.
  11. Hi all, I was caught shoplifting a couple of cheap basics from primark. Technically I hadn’t left the store when they called me in to their little room, I was still in the premises but instead of arguing I was going to pay I just said I was sorry. I saw that the guy wasn’t going to believe anything I say! So I just begged him not to call the police and he didn’t. They took a copy of my ID and gave me the notice of intended civil recovery letter which I keep reading about on the forum to ignore once I get it. But I am afraid to ignore it and willing to pay the fine. I have 3 main questions: 1. If I do pay the fine, is it considered an admittance of guilt? 2. From the store they told me if I don’t receive the letter to follow up and phone that company - should I? Or just leave it and wait? 3. About criminal record and dbs. I work as a teacher so I always need an enhanced DBS certificate. Would it show on it? If so, I would lose my teaching job so it’s very important To prevent this. How? And since the police was never called it means I was notCharged so why would it snow on the enhanced DBS? Please help!
  12. I am a 16 year old who unfortunately made the wrong decision of my life a few days ago and I need everyone's advice . On the 31 of January 2018 I was caught sneaking two items into my bag on Wednesday that has not been paid for I was about to leave I was called the security and they were shouting and being rude told me to fill out a form which I did. I stayed respectful and remorseful the whole process they continued to be rude they called my mother and took my details BUT DID NOT INVOLVE THE POLICE said I will receive a small fine Reading others people stories I know it would be a big fine I don’t want to pay this fine as they searched my bag which they have no right to as they are not actual police and decided not to involve them I offered to pay and they refused. Please HELP ME. They said I should receive a letter within 3-4 weeks of £100 point and if o refuse to pay I will have a criminal record. I regret my wrongful actions but I can’t afford this fine but don’t want a criminal record. PLEASE HELP ME !!
  13. Hi guys sorry to bother you. syesterday i got caught stealing from primark. i was cold needed a jacket thought id nip in and grab one. Didnt work out for the best and i really regret my decision. i was detained for around an hour or so and i was asked about my details etc. i gave them my name, phone number and address. they said that a civil recovery team would get in touch with me over this matter and i will be issued a fine. They threatened me wth bailifs and other court orders as well. the only thing is at no cost can i let my family find out as they will kill me. i am going to set up a royal mail direct so my mail is not sent home. ive seen similar queries but i was wondering if they ever follow through with the threat of bailiffs. the thing is i cannot afford to pay 70 pounds for a 10 pound coat which was not damadged at all. thank you for any help
  14. Hi guys, I am worried and I am looking for help. Me and my cousin were caught stealing in primark for an amount about 50 pounds together. They didn’t call police. They just told us we will receive a letter with an amount to pay. They defined it Fine. If we will not pay it they will send our document to the police land will arrest us for 48 hours. And we will add to criminal records. I am asking for help to understand what to do when we will get the letters. Also they told us that we will get the same letter and the amount t that will show on it it will be splitted in me and him ( for example 300 pounds, we need to pay 150 pounds each. ) Is that true? Or it si 300 each? And also ? Should we pay? I am really worried because lots of my friend told me to pay, but I read lost of posts here where no one has paid and nothing happened. Waiting your answer thank you!
  15. I did something really stupid today...i switched the tags on some new jeans (£15) for my worn jeans in the changing rooms...primark staff noticed straight away and the security guard told me he would not call the police but I would be banned from Primark and he took a picture of me (which is fine) but he also took down my address and name which he wrote in a book. I was so embarrassed and upset at the time I didn't think to ask why he was doing that. I paid for the new jeans with a member of staff standing over me. I'm stressing as to why he took my address as I did pay in the end and no police were involved nor did he mention anything about a fine etc...if anyone had been in the same position...please advise? I know it was really wrong and stupid to steal.I am just going through a really crap time lately and didn't really think. I will never do it again.
  16. i was caught in shoplifting at primark and they took my id and everything and scared me that they are calling the cops fortunately police did not turn up and they gave me a letter stating that you will have to pay a fine but if you do not receive a letter in 3 days then call on the number given in the letter and tell them what you have done etc. i am scared like hell that how much would they charge me etc? can you please help me
  17. Hi I got caught taking some items from primark (I know, sad)! They took me in to a room and took down my details from my Spanish ID and I gave them my real address to send the fine they told me the RLP will send in a couple of weeks or so. I'm over 18 so they didn't ask for my parents details. They made a copy of my Spanish ID and didn't call the police. The total amount was £35. I swear I learned the lesson but I'm really worried if I'm going to have any criminal record in the UK or it's going to be a problem if at some point I want to apply for a mortgage? Also the security guy told me the fine will be £130 but I read on this website that it's £180. Also read that I don't have to pay, just ignore it. The security guy told me if I don't pay it this would be taken to the court and I would have a real problem. Is that real? They have my real address so it's easy the RLP can ask for it and send the police to my address or something? I'm really worried and i'm overthinking the worst! I would really appreciate if you can give me some advise. Many thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, around a month ago, I was caught swapping over a pair of jeans in the changing rooms. . stupid thing to do I know. The police were called and they gave me a 'caution', I signed a piece of paper to say I will pay the RLP 'fine' even though the police man didn't have a clue what it was, signed to say I'm banned from primark and to apologise. I've looked online and realised it wasn't an formal caution as I would of have to of been taken to the police station for this. (Sorry have no clue about these things) but that wasn't explained to me. Before I left, I changed out of the jeans and gave them back to the security guard but had been wearing them for a couple of hours whilst all this happened. I've read quite a lot of things about RLP on this forum and other websites and read that the letters should be ignored, what I'm wandering in my case is, the jeans probably wouldn't of been put back on sale as they had been worn? And the tags off? I'm not sure if this makes a difference, the jeans were £10 so do I owe them just £10? Haven't yet received a letter but im waiting on it to come! Also i signed a letter by the police starting I would pay it. Sorry if I sound stupid, I really had no idea! Thank you guys!
  19. Last week I was shopping with my baby in primark and I shoplift 6 blouses. Im from Sudamérica. I feel terrible, ashamed, sad. It was something terrible to do. The guy took me to a room. The manager came and she was rude at the beginning but she calm down. She ask me for an ID and obviously the only one is from COLOMBIA with my name an address so she noticed I was a tourist. She asked me for my fly details and hotel name (I didn't have any details of this, can't remember the name of my hotel) she never called the Police. I ask her if they are going to look for me in COLOMBIA and she said no... they never asked for my DOB, name, I didn't signed anything and they didnt give me anything. They just photocopied my colombian ID Im still shaking for this I been praying and looking for erase the pain in my heart. Im still on holidays here. That Day she told me she dont want me in her shop anymore or she will call the Police. Im not going to that shop never again. That day I asked her if I still can go to the other shops and she said yes but they will checking me. Im going next week with my husband to the shopping centre. (NOT GOING TO PRIMARK NEVER) 1. If the security guy see me can he call the police because the incident of the week before? 2. Are they going to look for me in Colombia. 3. Im going to receive anything in COLOMBIA? I stopped living in That place 10 years ago but my Mother still lives there. 4. Are going to send me to court? My husband has been ofered a job in London for next year so? Im going to have an arrested order? Thank you for any help. And Im not going to do this disgusting thing never again.
  20. About a week ago my sister of 24 years of age and my under aged self arrived in London for holiday visiting our cousin,who is currently a university student. Neither of us has any source of income other than their parents and not having a lot of time to save up for this trip made it very hard for us to get by with the money we were given.Yesterday was our 7th day and we thought it would be a good idea to take some presents for back home but without much money it would be hard to acquire them. We finally decided to steal some but of course it was a STUPID idea.We were taken to the room downstairs by a really kind lady.She asked us for our info name,date of birth ,Addres.We contacted our mother with her help and she confirmed everything we told her. She told us a letter would come demanding we pay an unfairly high amount of money which could be 300-400 pound,around 10-15 times the amount of money we attempted to steal.After that she took copies of our ids and we returned home. I was mainly concerned about my mother as she would have to pay the "fine",so I started doing some intensive research and came across this site.Almost in every single case you guys provided amazing support to other members and always advised against paying the money. I know there are a lot of people like me out there but I wanted to know if the fact that I am a resident of a different country would change things.My personal opinion is that it would be even harder for them to do something that would affect me negatively. The security Guard constantly tried to remind me to pay that money and if I wouldn't they could inform the local authorities.I find it really unlikely but I would also love to have some feedback from you about my situation. If you made it to here I thank you very much and please excuse any mistakes i make made in English
  21. Hello. Today I got caught shoplifting from Primark as I was making my way out. The RLP sent me to a small room in which they told me to put everything I stole on the chair next to me (total was about 44€ - I'm from Portugal). I did as I was told and then police came up after 20min. Then we went to the police office, they checked if I had any record of previous thefts, debts, etc (which I didn't). Then they told me I was free to go but I'd probably receive a letter from Primark to go to court. My questions are: what's more likely to happen - not receive a letter at all, receive a letter to go to court and/or pay a fine? Thank you so much for your attention
  22. Hello, I did something bad today and Im very sorry and freaked out about it. I shoplifted from Primark for 24 pounds. They caught me and I filled a paper with name address NIN and job. They said I need to pay a fee or something and I will get a letter. I asked if I am in big trouble like I will get kicked out of uni (i dont want them to find out) or fired from my job because some dude has access to this kind of data and has all mcdonalds (where I work) and when he sees my name he will fire me. The police was not involved but im still afraid because they said that If the police ask them for a list of shoplifters they will give it to them and well i will be in trouble. It was my first attempt and I SWEAR i will never ever try to do something like this again. Can I get out of it without anyone important like my uni or guys at work to find out? I will pay the fee no problem but I just want to dig this incident and get over it so i can be happy again.
  23. Hello Ive been through many posts already all of them said to ignore the RLP letters I dont have to say the obvious that I am very ashamed of what Ive done so Ill just come quick to the centre of the matter Got caught at Primark this November, with a value of stuff around probably £25 which of course they took away from me... They scanned my passport which is not English and they told me to log on on my student ( I am studdying in London) website from which the woman took my current polish address.. I was instructed to call RLP in a week time to say that I will not be available at the address provided (polish one) and to ask them to send the letter for a different english one... I called them and the man over phone told me that they can send me letter through e-mail.. I would like to post the letter I received here; LETTER BEFORE CLAIM We have been instructed by Primark in relation to the incident at Oxford Street West on 2nd November 2016 where it is alleged you were involved in Theft of Goods. As you are aware you were apprehended as a result of your actions. Your conduct gives our client the right to pursue a civil claim for “damages” against you in the County Court as this caused significant disruption to our client’s business at those premises. Our client has sustained losses as a result of your wrongful actions which include the value of the goods, if not recovered or fit for resale; the cost of the diversion of its staff’s time and associated security and administration costs. The average cost to our client of an incident of this nature is between £300 and £500, before taking into account any goods or cash not recovered. Please read the attached information in conjunction with this letter. Recovering the goods or cash does not mean our client has suffered no loss. Our client is entitled to seek to recover from you the cost of the disruption to its business caused by your wrongful acts. This cost is calculated by reference to, amongst other things, the time spent by staff in observing, apprehending, interviewing you, and undertaking all necessary internal and external procedures thereafter. Given the value of the claim, our client is required to process it expediently, cost effectively and proportionately. A fixed contribution to all of the losses is therefore sought, in sum of £149.50. This does not include any amount for the property or cash as these were fully recovered. This is a civil claim and is separate from any criminal proceedings or police action. If you believe you have a Defence to this claim, or there are other factors you wish to be taken into consideration, please advise us and provide any evidence in support, within the next 21 days. You will appreciate that our client can only take into consideration information if it is provided. Our client relies upon its investigation file and the evidence of its personnel in the investigation to prove its claim.If you require any further information to understand the claim against you, or think that this letter is in any way defective, please let us know within the next 7 days. We are required to refer you to the Practice Direction for Pre-action Conduct which has been published in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. The Court has power to impose sanctions on any party who fails to comply with the Practice Direction. There is an obligation upon each party to set out their case in full, to exchange documents and information, and generally to engage in attempts to settle the dispute without the need for Court proceedings. We are also required to inform you that ignoring this letter may lead to our client starting proceedings which may well increase your liability for legal costs. We would therefore recommend that you take independent legal advice if you are in any way unsure of your position. We have put your case on hold for 21 days for you to consider your following options: · If you believe you have a Defence, to provide the details along with any evidence upon which you rely. · If there are other factors you wish to be taken into consideration, to provide the details. · Settle the claim by paying the amount stated £149.50 (see reverse). · If you wish to settle the claim, but cannot do so within 21 days, contact us to discuss payment options which include instalments and deferred periods, dependent upon the circumstances (see reverse). · Negotiate an alternative settlement by contacting our Collections Department (see reverse). · Advise if you require more time to take legal or other advice and consider your position. We look forward to receiving your response. Please ensure you send correspondence to us, and not to our client directly, as this will cause unnecessary delay. Obviously I am super stressed as the 21 days already passed, beside the one phone call, I did not contact the RLP office, I just want to make sure my case is like everyones else and that I dont have anything to worry about... (hopefully) But if that is otherwise please do you have any formulas of letter I could send them ? Thank You in advance for an answer
  24. in may 2016 I went primary with my friend and her baby. I was carrying her baby around the store and she was shoving items she wanted in the buggy. I PAID for a pair of shoes I wanted and she had everything she wanted so we went to leave but security stopped us and took us into the back room. they didn't find anything on me but took a scan of my drivers license and my number. They didn't call the police, didn't offer my friend a chance to pay for the items and got all items back. I have received numerous letters and 1 phone call from RLP about a fine to pay. It had been months since I heard from them and then today received a call from CCL (County Collections LTD) about the same incident. What can I do? and whats going to happen now?
  25. Dear all, I got caught in Primark shoplifting yesterday. I don't condone my actions obviously and I'm sorry for what I've done. Now my question is what happens next? I was brought to a back office where my bags were searched and I cooperated as much as I could. The guy in the office gave me a piece of paper to fill in my details e.g. name, school, address. I was not told to sign anything. After I filled in my details he insisted I call someone to have my address verified if not he would have to involve the person. My friend managed to verify my address and he told me I was free to go. Before I left however, he told me that I was now banned from Primark, and he gave me a notice from RLP. I was never given anything to sign, and after that I was allowed to leave. My questions are: 1. Am I banned from Primark? He did not tell me for how long, and I did not have to sign anything, nor had to have my photo taken. 2. I've read from the forums that I should not respond to any letters from RLP, other than the first letter whereby I should tell them I admit no liability whatsoever. Can I just ask how long will RLP usually chase me for payments? I will be grateful for any replies, thanks!
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