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  1. Ok thanks I will. Originally had 13 creditors and it's now down at 4. The other 3 debts are pretty low compared to this one so that's why I want to get this sorted. The three of them will be paid of within the next two months so just want to get myself sorted again instead of feeling so down about this problematic company and who actually owns this
  2. Have never received any paper work from any of the companies mentioned in my original post. All contact has been from them sending emails from which the last one was back in 2013. Have never got a default notice either and nothing shows on my credit file about this loan. I'm thinking I might need to phone and cancel payments getting sent towards the balance via step change. Also think I will send a CCA to both cash credit uk and Wilson field and see what happens from there. Will also keep in contact with the ombudsman and see if I can get any help from them regarding the matter. Many thanks again for your help
  3. no I have been at the same address the whole time but it is something that me and my family would be wanting to do once my credit file is good enough for a mortgage
  4. Thank you for your reply. This may sound ridiculous but nothing has appeared on my credit file regarding this debt. I would have been happy enough to pay back the original loan amount plus a small bit of interest but there is no way I would be paying back the full amount. I just don't want something to come back and bite me years down the line would rather try and get it sorted. Thanks again for your advice
  5. New to this forum and got a bit of a long winded story so please bear with me as any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. In 2012 I had £400 loan through the speed credit website and like most had issues paying it back. This in turn made me seek help through Step Change (CCCS at the time) who helped me set up a debt management plan to pay off all of my various debts to other payday lenders,credit cards and bank overdraft. The loan from speed credit has caused me many issues over the past few years and even though I was in a debt management plan the original outstanding balance of £400 quickly accelerated to £2570 at the point of last contact via Marshall Hoare. I have always made payments through step change to this debt. Last debt collection company I had contact with was Digital Financial service. Payments to DFS suddenly stopped and after a few months step change advised me that I had to contact Wilson Field regarding the outstanding balance. Wilson Field informed me that DFS had gone into liquidation and they were to collect all outstanding balances. This was all done over the phone and I have never received any paper work from Wilson Field. Payments have continued to be made via step change again. In March this year I got a letter from a company called BPO stating they had been passed my account from cash choice uk ltd who had bought the debt from the original lender MCO capital. The letter offered me the chance to clear the outstanding balance of £3100 (unsure as to why the amount owed has increased so much!) if I paid a one off payment of the original loan amount £400. According to BPO, cash choice had passed the account onto them in December 2015. I phoned Wilson Field to see if they still had my account in their control as they have still been cashing the monthly cheques sent by step change and to tell them about BPO claim that they owned the debt. According to Wilson field they are still due the payments each month until the balance is cleared but they said they don't hold any details on their systems relating to individual cases. I decided to contact the Financial Ombudsman regarding the matter. Two days ago I got a letter from BPO confirming contact from the Ombudsman and in turn they had returned my account to Cash Choice uk and all further contact should be made to them. I am at a loss as to who actually legally owns this debt. To date I have repaid nearly £650 towards the debt to the various companies who have passed it about between them. I feel I am not getting the help needed via step change so looking on hear to see if anyone is in the same or similar position. Once again any help is greatly appreciated many thanks Paul
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