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  1. My partner and I have both received a letter from BPO today (24/09/2014) claiming we owe £272.25 and £278.93 respectively to a company called Motormile Finance. Neither of us have any clue what it is about and do not owe anyone any money. Are these con artists trying to get money out of the unwary or mislead and trying their arm with us. I find it strange we should both receive demands on the same day for very similar amounts. Help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi 42man Thanks for that, I will give it a try. I was just loathe to contact them in case it started all the other rubbish up again. My hubby and I did take out an emergency payday loan out about 6 months ago for 2 days which was paid back on time as soon as the funds were clear (ill dog needed vet, lol) but that was with wonga anyway. Neither of us have had credit other than that since 2004 as we couldnt get it even if we wanted to. Are EquiDebt & Motormile connected though, just wondering why one debt collection agency would use another to try and chase a debt. Especially if they hadnt even tried themselves.
  3. Hi Not sure this is the correct forum but hopefully someone can help. My hubby (who is severely disabled, I am his carer) got a letter from EquiDebt today threatening a doorstep visit from one of their operatives regarding a debt of £272.25 to a company called Motormile, who we had never heard of. When I looked the company up online this forum came up and in some ways we are now more confused. From what I have read Motormile is another debt collection company (so why are they using EquiDebt??) and they deal with debts owing to a company called QuickQuid, who we have never heard of never mind dealt with and certainly havent been chased by regarding any outstanding debt. The only thing I can think of (and this is why I am reluctant to contact them) is that EquiDebt are fishing for confirmation the my hubby lives here as they have been trying to chase him recently over an old debt from 2004/2005 when he became disabled which I have been ignoring as it is now statute barred. Are these companies connected in anyway and does anyone have any ideas how would be best to deal with this. My hubbies credit reference is bad enough already without the possibility that someone may have taken out a payday loan in his name. Many thanks
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