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  1. Hi, firstly, thank you for replying, Unit is a Mira Electrical Shower First time company came out was in 2014, again in 2015, 2016, 17 with their final visit out of the warranty which ran out in 2019. Each time their engineers came out they told us they had replaced a valve in the unit or the whole unit with the last engineer who did the out of warranty repair replacing the whole unit. Their stance in 2019 was they did not warranty replacement parts which is why they would not come out under their warranty but then said would do it as a goodwill
  2. Hi, I have an electric shower that has broken down on six separate occasions the manufacturer has repaired i,t sometimes replacing the unit, some times with parts, the warranty expired in 2019 but the manufacturer repaired unit as a good will gesture as I pointed out the numerous issues. It has now broken down again and I would like to get the manufacturer out to repair it but do not see why I should pay given the history, any thoughts?
  3. My brokers claims inspected the vehicle, Hastings have contacted me will follow up with them
  4. Thank you will take that advise Insurance company Holava via Coversure
  5. Firstly, thank you for coming back to me. Luckily, the other party has admitted it to their insurers so that problem is resolved, could not really argue rear end shunt. My excess is 750 as it is a commercial vehicle, not sure about the quotation, do you think I should ask for a copy. I need two new rear doors plus floor panel and back step so reckon damage is around the five k mark. My insurance is comprehensive. I know that my insurers went bust in 2019 but started again, my broker told me that this year when I went to renew so moved companies but when I sp
  6. Hi, I had an accident on the 21st Dec 2020, other party admitted fault, so fine, insurers inspected my vehicle, sent quotes off, thought that was it just waiting for my vehicle to be collected. I received a call from my insurers this weekend advising me to go through the other parties insurers. Is this normal? I have heard rumours they may be going bump but wonder if I go through the other insurance company if it impacts on my rights, does it mean I have to start the whole process again? Tried FCA but Covid means they are not giving advice just fire fighting.
  7. Thank you bank fodder for the help, will keep posting when I get more info
  8. Ok will do the subject access requests, hopefully something will come off them. The dealer had me over a barrel, when I bought the van was told that if it was off the road would be provided with a courtesy vehicle, then, this was removed due to the fact I am a courier, with the excuse, dealer could not insure me. No van means no work, hire van would have cost five to six hundred pounds per month, which added to the cost of paying for my van, extra insurance simply not viable, using my clients vehicle meant me working for less than minimum wage so no option other then to draw a line
  9. Hi Bank fodder To answer your questions - So I gather that you seem to be accepting that the leakage problem was caused by some Impact with uneven roads and you made insurance claim about this. Is this correct? I am not accepting it was damage but can not prove it was not, that is what I was told by the dealer, this is why I involved my insurers, they would have access to an engineer who could tell me wether it was even possible. It must be remembered when I was told this I had already handed van and keys back so only had the dealers word. The issue is wen
  10. Engine did not seize but went into limp mode issue was as a self employed courier working in my van all day the risk that things would slowly get worse became to much did not want to be out delivering and van pack in. That would have meant me losing money through not getting paid for whatever I had done and having to pay to cover what ever work I had left to do.
  11. On my initial post, this was before ad-blue issues, got tied up in them, arguing with dealer and Mercedes. In hindsight should have issued proceedings but was worried about losing work, money in my hand to meet insurance and vehicle costs. Only I work supporting my wife and children, just a pay cheque away from losing everything.
  12. My new van is fine. I just want my money back for the repair. I have waited so long because of two things, one, my insurers were dealing with it and then two as a courier, I have worked throughout lockdown, meaning never had a chance to deal with things properly, my insurance is due for renewal and it has brought matters to a head, so have taken two days off. I agree should have dealt with matters sooner but I trusted my insurers to deal with it, no one told me they had gone bust until today.
  13. Ad-blue is an additive which you put into a tank much like the windscreen fluid, it mixes with the engine to clean the emissions, it makes new diesel vehicles road legal.
  14. 22'nd June 2019, paid a 315.00 GBP deposit to Roanza Truck and Van, Warrington, and placed an order for a Mercedes Sprinter 316 Sprinter van with electric handbrake and the Mercedes JB7 parking pack. The order was confirmed in writing. The arrival date given was 01st September 2019. Delivery date pushed back on three occasions with various excuses. The vehicle finally arrived on 24th September 2019. However, significantly different to order it as it was a 314, not a 316, and lacked front and rear parking sensors. I
  15. Hi, Purchased a new van from Mercedes dealer, ad-blue started leaking, went back to dealer they said carry on fluid leak was from overspill pipe of ad-blue, two days later engine seized. Sent van back to dealer and was forced to pay 2k in repair as they alleged pothole damage, as a self employed courier could not afford to be without my vehicle. I argued that being such an important part should not be damaged by pothole but dealer would not budge, any suggestions as to the way forward.
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