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  1. Hi, My wife and I recently returned from our 25th Anniversary trip to the UK via BA. We encountered various issues with our trip and have complained but thus far have only received standard email fobbing me off. Please read my complaint and make any suggestions as to the best way to escalate matters. All the flights were operated under BA's One World Branding but they state I must address the issue with the Cathay flight directly to them, which I think is wrong but will stand corrected if anyone on here agrees with BA. This was meant to be a trip of a lifetime and I refuse to let the arrogance of BA ruin what was a special trip celebrating a milestone in anyone's marriage so do nto want them to get away with fobbing me off. We were originally travelling with my wife's brother and his wife, but my sister in law could not travel as she was diagnosed with liver cancer ten days before we were due to go and sadly she died in December thus delaying any further action on this matter. This whole trip was booked via the Flight Centre, My wife and I flew out of Heathrow on flight BA11 to Singapore on the 20th October 2017. Our point of origin for this flight was Manchester, and although we encountered a delayed departure the handling agents assured us over the phone that everything would be fine, and this would cause no issues. Unfortunately, our luggage did not arrive in Singapore, until the following morning. Thus resulting in a wasted hour at Changi airport waiting for our baggage because although the handling agents knew that our baggage was not on board, it did not occur to them to inform either my wife or me upon our arrival there was an issue with our luggage. This problem was then compounded by the fact that having assured me that our luggage would arrive that evening and be forwarded to our hotel that night, the agents in Singapore decided to apply a delaying tactic (I suspect due to the fact that our luggage arrived after the close of regular working hours) and called my hotel to arrange a time for me to take delivery. Under the Package Travel regulations rules 21 & 31 I am entitled to hold my agents, the Flight Centre, liable for the losses incurred & the impact this failure had on our enjoyment of what was a special trip for my wife and me. I am also entitled to hold yourselves responsible for the losses incurred by this loss of our luggage under the terms of the Montreal Convention 1999. These losses are as follows; Specific Damages – New clean clothing for my wife and I – one hundred pounds; this covers the cost of a new shirt, shorts, underwear etc. You will appreciate that having been in our clothes for nearly twenty-four hours, we desperately needed clean clothes, especially when you consider we had slept in the clothes we were wearing on our flight. I can provide copies of receipts and other evidence of the value. Pecuniary Damages – Loss of enjoyment – As I have no way of breaking down my holiday other than the cost of the entire trip, divided by the number of days we were away, this means the price of one day's travel & accommodation for my wife & I was four hundred and twenty-seven pounds per day. I think therefore that the fairest & most reasonable way to value our loss of enjoyment would be to split this cost fifty/fifty and consequently the sum claimed for loss of enjoyment is two hundred and thirteen pounds and fifty pence. Thus the total losses claimed for this leg of our journey are three hundred and thirteen pounds and fifty pence. There are also some further issues, which need to be addressed concerning the Cathay Pacific flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong (CX156) on the 04th November 2017, which I believe was booked by the Flight Centre, under your one world service, as Premium Economy, but was far from it. We could not even get the staff on board the flight to provide milk for the tea they served, as they merely chose to ignore the call buttons whenever pressed and seemed more interested in helping their Asian clientele then responding to polite requests from Europeans such as my wife and I. Again, although unsure of the total cost, I have priced a similar flight for Saturday 18th November 2017 online, and the price differential between the economy service we received and the Premium service expected is five hundred and ninety-seven Australian dollars or in GBP terms at today's exchange rate three hundred & forty-eight pounds. Therefore, in the interests of fairness, I suggest that a reasonable figure again to cover this loss of enjoyment would be based on a fifty/fifty split, and I would request that a sum of one hundred and seventy-four pounds is reimbursed as compensatory damages. Finally, the most critical issue contained in this entire letter, which concerns the return flight, BA028, on the 07th November 2017. As no doubt you will have on record, this flight proved to be extremely traumatic for my wife and saw her have a complete breakdown on landing in the UK. As she spent the entire trip scared of the actions of the passenger directly in front of her seat, in seat 25A, who moved from seat 25B. This passenger we suspect was on drugs, and as a big man deliberately broke the chair to gain more leg room, and following this spent roughly thirty minutes thrashing about trying to break the seat, gave a smug smile when asked to consider my wife and continued to behave like an inconsiderate moron. We reported this to the steward, a chap called Paul, who was kindness personified, and he promised to keep an eye on matters. As you may appreciate, this mans conduct was fast becoming so aggravating that I was tempted to take things into my own hands and explain vigorously, why he should respect the dignity of his fellow travellers and in particular my wife. Unfortunately, this mans behaviour continued, and despite my wife advising Paul his conduct had not changed and Paul's assurances that the ‘boss’ was aware of the situation, no one thought to suggest we moved seats, (my wife would have moved into the bulkhead economy seating if necessary as it was empty). In hindsight, my wife should have woken me from my slumbers and had me make a request to move, but she was by this point too scared to complain once again in case it resulted in a confrontation with this individual and was concerned about the distress such an encounter would cause to the other women and children on board our flight, especially to the baby who was sat directly behind my wife and his mother who was travelling with her child alone. At the end of the flight, we requested a conversation with the ‘boss’ as Paul described her, and she was extremely apologetic. However, she then asked my wife why we had not complained because we could have moved, which was quickly corrected by Paul, who advised we had twice, but no action taken. Although reluctant to hold your company and the flight attendants responsible for the actions of a moron, especially given the fact that your flight staff were in all honesty, charming and wonderful representatives of your company, I feel that some offer of compensation is appropriate given the failure to offer to move my wife and I. I suggest that a reasonable offer of compensation, based on your evaluation of the distress caused, once you have had the chance to read the report lodged by your flight staff would be fair. Furthermore, a written assurance that this man had been warned about his conduct and is now facing a ban from travelling with BA, as Paul and the ‘boss’ assured us would be their follow up a recommendation to your company. I am sure when you have read your own staff’s report of the matter, you will be able to appreciate just how this whole incident was extremely distressing for my wife, so much so that I feared she might have another stroke, she was so upset and why although reluctant to hold BA responsible for the actions of an idiot I feel that a gesture on your companies part to reflect the distress caused to my wife would be appropriate.
  2. Just an update, wrote to BG CEO and outlined the appaling service I received they acknowledged this and reduced the alleged debt by over three hundred pounds, so thanks for the advice as it worked, as stated in earlier posts, reminded them a judge would most likely side with me given the level of evidence supporting my case. On a side note, the DCA despite telling me they would take no action tried to demand over five hundred pounds from me, so as per other posts, my advice to others do not let them scare you into paying.
  3. Dx company was limited but lease was in my name as landlord would no do it any other way
  4. Bank fodder would the fact it is a business debt change your advice, it is in my own name as the premises where leased in my name. PS thank you both for replying so quickly
  5. Hi, In 2016, having gone six months without a bill and having complained online to BG I signed up with Eon to replace my existing electricity supplier for my business. This was following a phone call from a rep from BG asking me to sign up with them & confirming that I did not, in fact, have a contract with them. Lo and behold my supplier, British Gas, then wrote to me to state I could not leave as there was an outstanding bill, a tactic which Eon told me they often employ. I queried this and told them all the steps I had taken to resolve the matter but got nowhere, I even paid up until the date Eon was supposed to take over whilst the dispute was ongoing. Having got nowhere, I contacted the Ombudsman, whose investigation took so long that by the end of it I had actually handed in my notice on the premises, end date 12 March 2017 The ombudsman agreed the service had been appalling and awarded me a token payment of thirty pounds to be taken off the bill but stated that despite the fact that I wanted to move to Eon who would have billed me on a cheap tariff that British Gas was entitled to bill me on their variable tariff until this was completed despite the fact this whole issue was their fault. They also advised that I send British Gas an email with final meter reading and that they would also send a copy of the picture I sent to them just to ensure British Gas closed the account correctly. In July 2017, I received a bill from BGB for my final electricity bill at my home address of 403.68 which included a 45 charge for non-payment, even though this was the first bill I had ever received following my leaving the premises in March 2017, again two hours of phone calls to BGB and an apology. Then new bill 31 July 2017 with 45.00 removed only to receive phone call / email demand that this bill is paid 01st August 2017, so once more complaint to British Gas Business very same day stating appalling service and the bill would not be paid until my complaint had been addressed. In September 2017, having heard nothing from BGB apart from an acknowledgement of my complaint received a letter from Moorcroft demanding payments, contacted their offices explained the above and sent copies of correspondence and then nothing apart from once call where I stated do not want to talk about the matter but put everything in writing as sick of wasting time on calls and matter not being resolved . Moorcroft said they would write to me, but guess what, the letter was an email requesting I call them to discuss this matter, I emailed back saying this is not a letter, write to me at my new business or home address and we can take it from there. Heard nothing until today, when a new company appears LCS, explained all of the above and they have asked for copies of the correspondence and stated that Moorcroft passed it to them. Do any of you have suggestions as to what steps I should take now, do I go back to the ombudsman, take it u with BGB senior staff or wait on LCS. All advice would be gratefully received.
  6. Hi, Some advice to pass on to my daughter, please. She and her partner separated in April 2016 and although they have a daughter together it has been like trying to get blood from a stone to get him to pay maintenance so the bank of mum and dad stepped in and now the CSA are involved. Saying all of this she has now had her renewal pack and HMRC state that because he got a job after they broke up in July 2016 that his income must be taken into account and that she owes them 600 plus pounds. Even when I explained that they were not together at any time between April 2016 and now and that in fact she had notfied them of this change of circumstances and had an ongoing single claim, the HMRC advisor was adamant this was fair and correct yet I do not see how it can be. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so what would you advise me to do on her behalf.
  7. I think so, then to compund that they have given her a credit card at 24% and then one at 27% but on the checks they sent with SAR's request they did not bothet to credit check even when the debts were owed to them, they even have the temirty to state the loan was to pay off TSB debts
  8. Hi, finally have the infomration from Lloyds, the loan they are chasing my daughter for is at an extortionate 20.00 % per annum she borrowed 9600 over 4 years on a salary of 14k, I am thinking of attcacking Lloyds on the grounds thar rate to salary clearly was unaffordable and they just gave her the loan to drag her further into debt, does any one have any suggestions if this is the irght path or attack them in a different way, balance outstanding is 4800, so could offer partial payment and get it closed off.
  9. The abuse was dealt with by the police, they asked me to not get involved and my daughter asked me not to listen to her evidence, but he got away with it, he was twenty the kids involved and there were five of them abused were five and six so how on earth he got off is beyond me. She works for a cheque cashing agency and has done all the FCA checks and simply will not consider bankruptcy, believe me I wish she would as it would be so simple, plus I feel as does my wife that she needs to give up work and simply start fixing herself but she refuses and is too fragile for me to insist, if we say no will not help she threatens to kill herself, already offered us our grandaughter, we are doing everything we can to fix this and let her still have a life, I think she sees her job as somewhere she is in control, her ex made her feel worthless and out of control the abuser did the same and if I push too hard I am trying to take control of her life so work even though she gains very little from it feels like a safe space. At the end of the day, my wife and I love her and our grand-daughter and just want her to be happy so if I have to jump through a few hoops then so be it thank for your help and support with this.
  10. Thank you Bankfodder for replying so quickly, I have considered bankruptcy as a solution but she would lose her job and she says this is the only thing that keeps her sane, so ruled it out, if I can look at the debt and negotiate settlements / reductions thus take the pressure off her then hopefully all she will need to concentrate is getting healthy mentally and her daughter. I will let you know when I hae spoken to Stepchange.
  11. BankFodder - thnak you for your comments and my apologies that I have not replied or acknowledged you until now, did not get a notification anyone else had replied so my apologies, in answer to your questions, a) my daughter is finally coming around but was abused by a neighbour as a child and was kept silent because he told her I would go to jail if I attacked him, which to be honest, I would glady have done time for, if I had known I would have killed him, thats why she is so secretive with me because this latest sh1t is not much higher on the **** bag chain but she is damaged goods and he knew it, I have to very very careful otherwise she spooks and withdraws and gets in more of a mess, just phoned to say that the ex never picked up their daughter this weeken, nor paid maintance and could we bail her out which we will do but such a mess. b) Stepchange said they would reduce other payments because of Lloyds but they have not spoken to them c) I will speak to my daughter and ask her to authorise me to speak to Stepchange in order for me to to find out more Two questions of my own what is CONC ? Secondly, she has recieved a letter from a debt collectors who are managing her debt on behalf of Tesco's credit cards offering a 50% off early settlement which is still nearly 900.00 GBP, as always bank of mum and dad are thinking of paying it to relive some pressure on her but do you think we could offer even less ? Just seen your earlier notice about CONC so no need to explain my apologies, have left this matter until SAR was replied to, but the reality is as you have stated need to know everything and get it sorted. Does anyone know the address I should use to send a SAR request for Barclays
  12. Thank you funnily enough just written SAR request for Lloyds as I have had to use one before and the forum pointed me to templates, got to say this forum is a cracking place to research these matters, thank you agin for the advice, I have sat back long enough now hopefully can push through get all the other information then between the forum and myself start claiming back charges etc to of set her debt. Thanks to every one who has replied already or will in the future
  13. Thanks for that Andy, j ust so you know with the Eon issue she did not want me involved so had to back off, she is an emotional wreck as I said being treated by doctors, never know what I do is right or wrong but this time she has asked for my help so hoping this is the kink in the armour for me to find out the whole truth and start getting her back on track and not making excuses for her useless ex.
  14. they are in her name she was the one working but like a mug paid his bills his rent arrears etc then went on the joint tenancy and been told she is liable for this debt as well, as I say the picture is becoming clearer and clearer but still hidden behind the cloud of she does not want us to know just how stupid she has been
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