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  1. thanks for your help FTM, like many others on this site I have struggled in the past and sought compassion from others so do feel awful having to go so far down this path ut as you say have given them lots of chances.
  2. Pure Indulgence Chocolate Fountain Hire  Community -Chocolate Fountain Hire, catering for all events & celebrations. 07775 233574 [email protected] This is taken straight from the ad on Facebook.
  3. As far as I can tell yes , they appear to own their own house and have a car, just feel awful if they have kids sending in bailiffs but can not figure out why they paid half and then stopped unless they think by doing so they can apply to have the judgement set aside.
  4. happy to if it is allowed to name them under the terms of this site
  5. By bacs but money came from my account
  6. Hi my wife purchased a chocolate fountain service for her birthday cost 160.00 pounds individual never turned up nor sent refund. Court cost would be 35.00 is it worth doing has any one sued some one from Facebook before is there any issues in proving the claim etc. Have copies of all messages and proof payment sent.
  7. HI, We successfully sued via Money Claim online an individual who did not supply us with our product or a refund for some garden gates despite having been paid a deposit via bac's. The total claim with cost's etc was nine hundred and fifty pounds. Defendant made no payment despite having CCJ in name until threatened enforcement action then contacted us to see if they could pay it in monthly instalments, which we allowed as not inhuman and realised it may have been covid issues affecting them. Paid no problem for four months totalling half of the outstanding debt then heard nothing more, have asked what is going on as do not really want to send bailiffs to some ones door if they are struggling but still nothing is it time for enforcement or do we think unlikely to see any more funds.
  8. FKofilee - thank you we got a fair deal if I am honest due to my daughters mental health issues it was better than I thought I would get because as was correctly pointed out to me as long as she is out of the toxic environment with a reference that is better than trying to prove bullying etc. At least now we can move on. To everyone, thank you for the comments about the reference think it was just the over protective Dad in me, I do not want any one to think ill of my daughter as her issues were caused by abusers who told her if she told me I would end up in prison not them which is something I will always feel guilty about as she suffered in silence. She knew I would have taught them that some people are capable of hitting back and may well not have stopped at simply giving them a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately as a father of three girls I have found out the hard way I can not protect them from everything but we try to turn the page and move on.
  9. Firstly, thank you to all who took the time to reply, we have followed your advice and come to a settlement with my daughter's employers, however, there is one issue which I would like your thoughts on. To follow is the proposed reference. as a Booking Coordinator from 1 October 2018 until 27 September 2021. It is the Company’s policy to provide references which only set out an individual’s dates of employment. This information should not be taken to imply any comment (either positive or negative) about an individual or their suitability for future employment with a new employer. This reference is intended solely for the use of the addressee and should only be used for the purpose for which it was requested and generally treated in accordance with data protection principles. This reference is given in good faith and to the best of my knowledge is true and accurate. However, neither I, nor the Company, accept any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the addressee or any third party as a consequence of any reliance upon the matters set out in this letter. To me the line above is a polite character assassination by implying my daughter's future employer may suffer losses or damages. Your thoughts please.
  10. Hi, my daughter is of work after many months of bullying leading to a breakdown, the raising of a grievance and investigation in which we refused to accept the minutes in the meeting my employer offered due to their misrepresentation of what was said. Her employer has now offered one months pay in lieu of notice, plus accrued holiday pay, plus ex gratia payment of one thousand pounds, and finally a 'formal' reference letter. I feel this is not enough but unsure as to what a reasonable counter offer should be. She has been there over three years, always got 100% on audits but suffered a lot of bullying due to her mental health issues (diagnosed), single motherhood (apparently making her a thief) and her age. I believe a tribunal may well reward me more but worry if we go down this path her mental health would be affected. Also she receives Universal Credit so should we if this matter is settled request the company calls it redundant due to illness as we do not want her to lose any benefits as she rents her home etc.
  11. Hi, firstly, thank you for replying, Unit is a Mira Electrical Shower First time company came out was in 2014, again in 2015, 2016, 17 with their final visit out of the warranty which ran out in 2019. Each time their engineers came out they told us they had replaced a valve in the unit or the whole unit with the last engineer who did the out of warranty repair replacing the whole unit. Their stance in 2019 was they did not warranty replacement parts which is why they would not come out under their warranty but then said would do it as a goodwill gesture, a replacement unit would be six hundred pounds plus fitting with a five year warranty but given the shenanigans of the last few years do not really want to shell out to replace a unit that had failed me on so many occasions.
  12. Hi, I have an electric shower that has broken down on six separate occasions the manufacturer has repaired i,t sometimes replacing the unit, some times with parts, the warranty expired in 2019 but the manufacturer repaired unit as a good will gesture as I pointed out the numerous issues. It has now broken down again and I would like to get the manufacturer out to repair it but do not see why I should pay given the history, any thoughts?
  13. My brokers claims inspected the vehicle, Hastings have contacted me will follow up with them
  14. Thank you will take that advise Insurance company Holava via Coversure
  15. Firstly, thank you for coming back to me. Luckily, the other party has admitted it to their insurers so that problem is resolved, could not really argue rear end shunt. My excess is 750 as it is a commercial vehicle, not sure about the quotation, do you think I should ask for a copy. I need two new rear doors plus floor panel and back step so reckon damage is around the five k mark. My insurance is comprehensive. I know that my insurers went bust in 2019 but started again, my broker told me that this year when I went to renew so moved companies but when I spoke to the FCA at the time of my renewal as there was an outstanding issue re no claims bonus they said as long as the broker was dealing with matters everything was ok. I just can not believe nearly six weeks after the accident that I received the call advising that I go through the other party, if I have to then fine but worry about my rights in reference to the repair they do, as they will do it as cheap as possible.
  16. Hi, I had an accident on the 21st Dec 2020, other party admitted fault, so fine, insurers inspected my vehicle, sent quotes off, thought that was it just waiting for my vehicle to be collected. I received a call from my insurers this weekend advising me to go through the other parties insurers. Is this normal? I have heard rumours they may be going bump but wonder if I go through the other insurance company if it impacts on my rights, does it mean I have to start the whole process again? Tried FCA but Covid means they are not giving advice just fire fighting.
  17. Thank you bank fodder for the help, will keep posting when I get more info
  18. Ok will do the subject access requests, hopefully something will come off them. The dealer had me over a barrel, when I bought the van was told that if it was off the road would be provided with a courtesy vehicle, then, this was removed due to the fact I am a courier, with the excuse, dealer could not insure me. No van means no work, hire van would have cost five to six hundred pounds per month, which added to the cost of paying for my van, extra insurance simply not viable, using my clients vehicle meant me working for less than minimum wage so no option other then to draw a line, get back to work, if nothing else but to limit my. losses. Having taken legal assistance, thought at least could sue but due to Anjuna issues even that may have been taken from me due to the delay. The warranty was Mercedes warranty as van brand new. Going to research ad-blue issue now.
  19. Hi Bank fodder To answer your questions - So I gather that you seem to be accepting that the leakage problem was caused by some Impact with uneven roads and you made insurance claim about this. Is this correct? I am not accepting it was damage but can not prove it was not, that is what I was told by the dealer, this is why I involved my insurers, they would have access to an engineer who could tell me wether it was even possible. It must be remembered when I was told this I had already handed van and keys back so only had the dealers word. The issue is went to dealer twice and both times mechanic inspected vehicle and told me it was simply an overflow pipe drip but then magically when I requested warranty repair refused based on damage from road to ad-blue pump. This meant I had no vehicle, so no work, so only option was to pay repair cost, argue after, and get back to work. What was the name of the insurer? Anjuna, broker was Coversure. When did you start the claim? I have a sense that this claim has been going on for over a year and nothing has happened. Spoke to Coversure for advice, they told me speak to claims line with insurers, contacted them 09th October 2019, then sent emails for about four months, explaining situation, and asking wether I had cover on my legal protection in order to pursue this. I then chased it again every couple of weeks via email, Covid meant working six days a week until October 2020, raised a complaint with the FOS. I then found out when I was renewing my insurance this year that Anjuna had gone broke, which explained why I had heard nothing but left me the 2k out of pocket with no idea of a way forward. What was the insurer? Was this simply a legal assistance insurance – or was it an insurance against this kind of damage? I had fully comp insurance including accidental damage but do not know if Anjuna covered it, saying that really felt dealer and Mercedes were trying to wriggle out of liability, they knew vehicle was for a multi drop courier, so would expect it to have a hard life, therefore, would expect the ad-blue pump to at least be protected from damage. A stone chip to the windscreen fair enough but damage from the road to the engine block or a significant part like this less easy to swallow.
  20. Engine did not seize but went into limp mode issue was as a self employed courier working in my van all day the risk that things would slowly get worse became to much did not want to be out delivering and van pack in. That would have meant me losing money through not getting paid for whatever I had done and having to pay to cover what ever work I had left to do.
  21. On my initial post, this was before ad-blue issues, got tied up in them, arguing with dealer and Mercedes. In hindsight should have issued proceedings but was worried about losing work, money in my hand to meet insurance and vehicle costs. Only I work supporting my wife and children, just a pay cheque away from losing everything.
  22. My new van is fine. I just want my money back for the repair. I have waited so long because of two things, one, my insurers were dealing with it and then two as a courier, I have worked throughout lockdown, meaning never had a chance to deal with things properly, my insurance is due for renewal and it has brought matters to a head, so have taken two days off. I agree should have dealt with matters sooner but I trusted my insurers to deal with it, no one told me they had gone bust until today.
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