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  1. Sent witness statement to Lowell and court yesterday received notice of discontinuation court not heard anything from them they couldn't be up to one of their tricks
  2. they can't prove case and want me to say on yes you wonderful people and not take it before a district judge
  3. Got past claim form stage months ago never seen Lowell apply for Tonkin before please point me in right direction No hearing date been set yet but court has asked for witness statement by 28/11 and copy to Lowell Again I ask is Tonkin order a ploy for Lowell not to have case heard as they have no proof
  4. Got to stage where case allocated small claims transferred to local court need to put in full defence 28/11 lo and behold letter from Lowell contains Tomlin order proposal letter also admitted they couldn't provide docs 're cca request. Is Tonkin a cop out for them proving case
  5. Still at defence submitted Lowell letter dated 10/09 DQ not dated Claim letter and particulars identical to bloodline 67 Docs received after VAC request almost identical apart from amount owed they couldn't be using a template letter. I still find it hard to believe how a dormant company can trade and then ask a DCA to recover alleged debt
  6. The directions 're not from court the court have not seen any directions from Lowell .
  7. Mrs has received almost identical claim to this including date of purchase of debt. received PAP from Lowell solicitors cca them immediately receipts kept. No answer within time frames then got docs after request from them to contact of identical to the thread starter, 30 plus days. Nothing then claim form entered abridged defence via mcol. Have received form for directions from Lowell solicitors do I need to do same.
  8. Of you look at the claim form from Lowell it states that they were assigned debt from studio cards a non trading company and who file accounts as a dormant company and were at time of filing
  9. Studio cards are classed as a non trading company and file dormant company accounts how can studio make a claim
  10. B g debt 600 agreed p payment pan via prepay smart meter that have upped tariff and standing charge is this how they recover debt of so I'm being overcharged reason I say this dead meter morning and night and compare what I'm being charged compared to useage
  11. Ran up 600 debt with by agreed payment plan via smart meter. From what I can see they have upped the tariff and standing charge. Is this how they recoveries smart meter ? If so they are charging approx 25% too much I would appreciate views before I have a go at BG
  12. as I said in original nhsbs wont accept my s/ment of earnings even though its accompanied by cert from hmrc showing my earnings and thus my wtc they want full set off accounts
  13. I put a proof of earnings into hmrc every year for my wtc I am self employed and can tell you exactly what I will earn next year now.
  14. hopefully someone may be able to help re: above applying for exemption via low income scheme nhsbs have told me over phone that they will only accept accounts as proof of self employed earnings. don't have any as I don't earn enough, I receive housing benefir council tax reduction and working tax credits have offered them the last 3 years certificates along side the income form, they say that's not good enough. any one got an idea what I should do now got treatment coming up for level 3 cant afford it.
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