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  1. as I said in original nhsbs wont accept my s/ment of earnings even though its accompanied by cert from hmrc showing my earnings and thus my wtc they want full set off accounts
  2. I put a proof of earnings into hmrc every year for my wtc I am self employed and can tell you exactly what I will earn next year now.
  3. hopefully someone may be able to help re: above applying for exemption via low income scheme nhsbs have told me over phone that they will only accept accounts as proof of self employed earnings. don't have any as I don't earn enough, I receive housing benefir council tax reduction and working tax credits have offered them the last 3 years certificates along side the income form, they say that's not good enough. any one got an idea what I should do now got treatment coming up for level 3 cant afford it.
  4. thanks all for advice have contacted leader of council who in turn has passed my "concerns" onto ceo awaiting phone call today
  5. Step daughter has received enforcement from Jacobs they have told her she must pay £230 per month she cant afford that, she paid £200 which is the amount they said they needed to stop enforcement. Jacobs will not negotiate a lesser amount so she might as well not go to work. Ive read guidance to la but is it likely that a council who issues a liability order after 3 months are liable to care that the level of payment by their contractors is punitive. any advice on how to proceed would be gratefully accepted.
  6. no he didn't say they could award more points or less points, but he said he and the doctor on the panel believed their to be inconsistencies in my replies and that my epilepsy wasn't relevant as the hcp said it didn't effect my life however that is what the appeal is about, I never applied for mobility, I was just given it but my epilepsy which I was awarded dla for didn't matter
  7. hello Nystagmite have contacted welfare rights they are of the opinion that the board can cancel my award of standard rate of mobility, they have put a rider on it ie. if the panel believes I have "misled" the hcp during my assessment which the chairman of the tribunal implied
  8. what I think I really should have said is can the chair and his cohorts on the tribunal say that the decision on the day was wrong and that I shouldn't have been awarded standard rate of mobility hence cancelling the award as ive got nowt for my personal care
  9. had my tribunal regarding above 8 months after decision and stat reconsideration. what a horrible bunch judge wanted to know why I was there I told him that the reason I was appealing was that there was no mention anywhere of my epilepsy or depression even though I had told them so on app.form was asked to prove it so I showed him my indefinite award for dla review whivh had only taken place 3mths before atos appt. he disssmissed it saying that medical reports etc regarding that didn't make any difference and did I think that med reports would help my case, wasn't very happy when I said yes and pointed out to him the names and adds of med practioners involved on my app form whivh dwp hadn't bothered to contact. He then went on to ask me why I wasn't represented and advised me to see a welfare rights officer to represent me. He however adjourn for my doctors report. He did agree with me that there were procedural errors ie. no test to ascertain the extent of my copd I was on middle rate of dla for personal care but was given lower rate of molbility, and that I wasn't entitled to see med reports by dwp doctors on my epilepsy as dla was an old benefit and therefore did not apply. He intimated that mine was a complex matter and there were inconsistencies in what id said and what a doctor on the panel thought. Has he the right to say that I should never have been awarded lower rate of mobility therby wiping me off the figures and saving more money I look forward to cooments
  10. I am not aware of this "debt" at all have never had anything to do with provident have done all of the above ie aos informed court not able to enter full defence until I receice a copy of the agreement have done ness to obtain such ie. cca request. cc summons was on behalf of lowells by lowells solicitors. Lowell solicitors have sent a form to me and they say will send same to court stating that I have requested mediation. are they just playing for time as regard not meeting legal obligations. I believe this "debt" maybe my deceased wifes
  11. have followed guide lines laid out ie. ack of service in time defence to be filed once docs received from lowells formal request sent what I need to know is are lowells just playing for time and not meeting their legal obligations or are they misrepresenting by sending a doc to the court saying that I have agreed to mediation
  12. having same problem with Lowell solicitors and same alleged debtor lowells have just sent me a pre filled and completed form which they say they are submitting to court stating that I agree that the matter should go to mediation have acknowleged service etc and asked foir agreement as per library letter what now
  13. received c/c summons from lowells via n/Hampton indicated that didn't have any knowledge of debt and would defend on line n/Hampton acknowledged . this am a letter from Lowell solicitors Form N 190 already filled in just requiring my sig , they did also state that court would be in touch ive heard it all now or is this the norm. have sec 77 lowels no reply as yet
  14. so why do they they ask you to let them know if your income increases or decreses by £2.5k and that you may get more tax credit. so according to Nic what hmrc have said is correct so whats the point of informing them of the fall in earnings you may as well wait until renewal date for the following year
  15. we are in receipt of wtc however our income has gone down by over £2500 so duely informed hmrc spoke to them yesterday they said as our income had dropped by 2.5k they used that as a "disregard"therefore we weren't entitiled to any extra wtc even though we are still doing the same hours is this correct
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