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  1. 23sopwith

    Car tax refund

    I was recently given an upgrading of mobility to enhanced estrangement to pay.I was not aware of had indeed been informed that over the last 3 years I should have only paid 50 % of normal rft any chance of a refund of the overpaid duty Cheers
  2. Uc sorted teams of papers from council stating nothing Had 2 payments from dwp by my reckoning back payment for higher rate of mobility. No relation to my normal payday. Should I have received a letter or something notifying me that payments have been made into my account and explaining what they are for. Reason for this question being the decision letter turned up on my doorstep hours after the post had been I don't want to fall fowl of if theft Thanks
  3. We are still on legacy benefits will we be changed to uc
  4. 3 years ago changed from Fla to pop steps awarded lower rate of mobility took me off mid rate of personal care. 3 years have now passed had review been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced personal care. My wife is self employed and we received a working tax credit housing benefit and council tax relief. We know we have to report our recent change in PIP to HMRC but will this also trigger a change to universal Credit. Your advice most welcome
  5. Got a credit report from clear score a partner of the above.They say I have a financial association with my late wife who died 9 years ago. They have refused to remove it saying that they were supplied data by a company. C C one tried it on and so did provi went to c.f. Both dismissed but they still won't remove fa what do I do next
  6. Sent witness statement to Lowell and court yesterday received notice of discontinuation court not heard anything from them they couldn't be up to one of their tricks
  7. they can't prove case and want me to say on yes you wonderful people and not take it before a district judge
  8. Got past claim form stage months ago never seen Lowell apply for Tonkin before please point me in right direction No hearing date been set yet but court has asked for witness statement by 28/11 and copy to Lowell Again I ask is Tonkin order a ploy for Lowell not to have case heard as they have no proof
  9. Got to stage where case allocated small claims transferred to local court need to put in full defence 28/11 lo and behold letter from Lowell contains Tomlin order proposal letter also admitted they couldn't provide docs 're cca request. Is Tonkin a cop out for them proving case
  10. Still at defence submitted Lowell letter dated 10/09 DQ not dated Claim letter and particulars identical to bloodline 67 Docs received after VAC request almost identical apart from amount owed they couldn't be using a template letter. I still find it hard to believe how a dormant company can trade and then ask a DCA to recover alleged debt
  11. The directions 're not from court the court have not seen any directions from Lowell .
  12. Mrs has received almost identical claim to this including date of purchase of debt. received PAP from Lowell solicitors cca them immediately receipts kept. No answer within time frames then got docs after request from them to contact of identical to the thread starter, 30 plus days. Nothing then claim form entered abridged defence via mcol. Have received form for directions from Lowell solicitors do I need to do same.
  13. Of you look at the claim form from Lowell it states that they were assigned debt from studio cards a non trading company and who file accounts as a dormant company and were at time of filing
  14. Studio cards are classed as a non trading company and file dormant company accounts how can studio make a claim
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