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  1. The loan is marked Shopacheck and is clearly marked as satisfied. This is why I believe it was sold. There is no default. I don't think I made any more than one payment. I will need to get to a scanner to post the letter but it is from Fredricksons, Brand product is CL Finance(Shopacheck), our client LowellFinancial Ltd. 2have not discharged debt to Lowell. prepared to offer 1 final chance before recommending a legal claim. they would accept a full and final offer. I have just noticed the wording says that IF our client has recorded a default, C
  2. I had a loan from these people in Dec2008. I don't remember paying any payments. It wasn't a good time for me. It shows on my CrA files as settled so I assume it was purchased. Fredrickson are now chasing. There is no default showing on file. I live in Scotland. Is this statute barred in December this year? I have not had any assignment notices from Fredricksons. Letter fro Bryan carter says that Freds have recorded a default. Help please!!!
  3. So even if its not actually secured on anything its still a secured loan?
  4. This was a completely separate loan. the other 2 were paid by means of a remortgage. I was also one of the very lucky ones who successfully reclaimed PPI from Welcome before they went under. with this loan I absolutely refused ppi.. I do still get the odd arrears notification but nothing too threatening. So can I consider this debt statute barred after 5years(Scotland)?
  5. I have checked Land registry and there are no second charges recorded. This loan does not appear on Equifax records .It did once appear on Noddle. I queried it and they removed it after no response from Welcome I have had previous accounts with Welcome which were all paid and are recorded as such
  6. Can someone tell me please if a Welcome Secured loan, which has never actually been secured on the property, can be treated as unsecured. I have recently discovered that my secured loan is not recorded on the Registry anywhere. I have not made any payments for around 4 years and apart from a few threats not a great deal of contact
  7. does cfo regularly report to the main cra`s
  8. can i do anything about reclaiming the charges that are applied to my account with Santander. The charges are £5 per day when in unauthorised overdraft(max£50 per month) I think that this is excessive and feels like I am being "fined" every month
  9. How can I find out if Welcome actually have a charge on my property. I have a loan with them which I have been unable to service for some time now and have not had a great deal of contact from them. It appears on only one of my credit reports also
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