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  1. Hi guys, I need your help and advice, i just had PiP face to face assessment three days ago i am suffering from depression anxiety flash backs panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder. I also diagnosed ASD AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. The Assessment lasted 1 hour 40 minutes after that very next day same lady rang me who saw me face to face asking more questions about going out and about which i answered all, but now i received text message asking me to attend another face to face assessment. I rang dwp and they said that i have to attend and they do not know why i been called again, anyways i rang the lady who saw me face to face but she was not available so her colleague told me that the lady who saw me face to face needs more answers so she wanted to see me again. I do not know what they are up to but i am really stressed and feeling anxious this very weird situation. Thank you
  2. Hi Guys, Need some help i was on DLA mobility low rate which was due to review December 2019. My GP referred to community health support worker who advised me to apply for PIP as i have high chances getting care and mobility higher rate than low rate mobility due to my mental and physical illness. I was little bit hesitant as i heard a lot of horror stories about PIP rejection rate. Anyways my health support worker rang DWP and arranged a home visit to fill the PIP form. A lady from DWP came to my house on 13th August 2018 and filled all the paper work and contacted DWP to apply for PIP over the phone. The DWP lady also advised that i might receive another PIP form which she advised me to ignore. After 10 days i received new form which i ignored but after 3 weeks i received another letter telling me that they still not received the form. I rang DWP and told that the from already filled by DWP lady after searching on their computer the lady over the phone told me that they got the form but it still not scanned to put on their systems, the lady over the phone also advised that it should be on the system by two weeks and i should contact after two weeks to confirm. After that i was bit relaxed and i totally forgot to ring them back, now i received their letter saying that they rejected my claim is i failed to provide further information. One more thing i never received any further letter from DWP apart from the form which they sent to fill in. The date on the letter is 10th of october and i received the letter on 18th october and i am abroad seeing my parents and coming back 12th of november. The dead line will be finishing 10th of october, i do not know what to do now its not my fault they messed up with my form they also said in the letter that my DLA will be stopped from 23rd october. Thank
  3. Thank you BA for such a great help and guys yet not find out how this crime was executed still curious to know seems like investigation still going on as i have not heard anything from the police yet.
  4. You are right guys first question how DVLA issued the new licence in March without any checks i never contacted DVLA regarding address change or lost licence as i had my own licence with me that time. Its very odd someone pretending to be me contacted DVLA reported address change and passed all security checks, the good thing is that VW removed my name from their list and all other organisations including banks removed my name from their list even DVLA investigated and sent me letter acknowledging that i am victim of fraud. I contacted Bristol city council they told me to ring Northampton county court who issued warrant, still confused going in circles.
  5. Hi guys when i say 3 parking fines i meant 3 parking fines for the same vehicle but the offences committed at the same place but different days. I have no idea who is the culprit as investigation still going on DVLA told me the address which the criminal used to get new licence where i never lived so i assume that marston or Bristol city council sent any correspondence previously to that address but now notice of enforcement sent to my address. I am still on the phone with Bristol city council waiting in the queue.
  6. Hi guys i have not contacted the council yet just to clarify three letters from marston are for three different parking charges, because culprit used different address i never received any warning letter before i just received three letters same date same day for three different offences. Now back to the main issue DVLA reported the matter to the west Yorkshire police in June i did not report the matter by myself when VW people came to my house to recover the car in September they advised me to report the matter to police as well i reported the matter to action fraud team. I will ring the Bristol city council in the morning will see what they say. Just to add parking fines occurred back in May 2017 and DVLA found out in June
  7. Hi guys, I need some urgent advice, i just received three letters from Marston company asking me to pay three parking fines or they going to send a bailiff to take over all my belongings by 31st Jan 18. My driving details have been stolen in early march 2017 i been informed by DVLA in June, that someone used my details to get the new licence but after providing some security details they issued me new licence. When i asked if they found out who is the culprit then they told me that matter is with west Yorkshire police and i dont have to do anything. After that in september 2017 people from vw company came to my house to recover the car but after clarifying every thing, they advised me that i should report to the police as you are the victim of identity fraud because someone got the vw car on finance and used my details and did not pay the installment. I reported the police straight away and police gave me the fraud incident number, the criminals also used my details and got the loan around £60k as well but all companies who been [problem]med removed my name from their list after finding out that i am the victim of identity fraud. Now Marston company want around £550 parking fines and not accepting the police incident number or dvla letter. The Marston company wants police report, when i asked police about the report they said they do not issue the reports to individuals but they made a new report specifically for Marston group asked me to give the reference number to Marston then they can contact police and police will provide the police report to them. Now the problem is that Marston not accepting this they insist that i have to proivde the police report as they do not contact to third party. I do not know what to do i am victim of identity fraud Marston just want their money they are making threats that i should resolve the matter by 31st or they will come to my house to take all belongings. I never received any letter from Marston before as the culprit used different address where i never lived, now i received notices of enforcement to my address and i have no idea where shall i go from here
  8. Update: I received letter from JC i been put into support group without f2f. Thanks all for your advice.
  9. Hi guys, I need some advice i got my car broke down two days ago and by mistake i contacted my previous breakdown company instead of current one. The guy over the phone asked for policy number which i told him that i dont have with me right now, then the guy got my car reg details and my details and arranged recovery without telling me any cost or about my policy. Today i received an invoice from them asking me £98 to pay as my policy was expired in July. I got my call recorded and it clearly tells that it was their fault not to inform me that my policy has expired and there will be a cost for the call out. I rang their debt department and lady told me that she is going to listen that call and will get back to me. Any advice what shall i do next if they still refuse to accept their fault. Thanks
  10. Update: I sent the esa50 with medical evidences on 29th Aug, and they received the form on 6th Sep. Today i received the letter from DWP dated 7th Sep saying that we have looked at your claim again and how much i will get from 20th June 2017, i was happy that i remain in support group without medical but when i rang DWP then i been told that its nothing to do with reassessment as it just general housekeeping letter.
  11. Hi yes i have copy of previous form, yes i had f2f assessment in 2013 but i did not ask for the report, that time i was only on one anti depressant now i am on three different anti depressants and beta blockers. In 2013 i was not diagnosed Asperger's syndrome in 2014 i diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have A a lot of letters from Autism people which i can send as a proof. My only worry is that the person i saw last time in CAB is so busy and also my GP too and i only have less than 28 days left so all i need one supporting letter from GP and cab appointment on time
  12. Hi i am in ESA Support Group for 4 Years. Two months ago i changed address and moved out from my partner and now i received ESA50. I am terrified i have severe depression sleeping disorders social anxiety panic attacks and post traumatic stress due to serious assault on me in the past. Now i also diagnosed with Autism Asperger Syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder. I am taking Propnolol 40mg, Citalopram 20mg, Amitriptyline 10mg, Vitamin D caps and Gaviscon. I am now really depressed and going through a lot of stress, i only have 28 days to fill the form in and send it back. Last time cab people helped me to fill the form in but now its been long time since i saw them and hard to get hold of the person who helped me fill the form in last time. I am totally lost and cant thing right what to do, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I need some help, i am on ESA support group and also receiving low rate mobility DLA. Recently i moved out from my partner and now living with my Aunt, when i was with my partner it was joint claim and my partner was a carer. Now my question is that i know i have to inform DWP about change of circumstances, can anybody tell me that how much will i get as a single claimant and will i still be eligible for carer allowance. Thanks
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