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  1. @Andyorch .. Okay i rather wait and send the statement when you add some tweaks in it. And thanks again for your prompt help and advice. I will definitely contact you few days b4 the hearing. Thanks
  2. Hi Andyorch isn't a good idea if i send them via email now instead 7 days prior to hearing also is it worth sending consent order form to hx parking to see if they agree to set the case aside?
  3. Thanks Andyorch can you edit my witness statement to add the points which are more relevant. I will copy and edit the existing witness statement so i can send to the Court. As my hearing is in Sheffield county court so do i have to send the WS to Sheffield county court or ccbc?
  4. I have no idea why court not questioned changing the address etc. But good thing is that i sent the n244 form to decide whether the court set aside the case or not, also i wrote the whole situation. The telephone hearing is allocated for 16th March 2022 to set the case aside, i am preparing witness statement and other hand planning to send consent order to Hx parking to see if they agree to set the case aside.
  5. @Andyorch i only received one court letter only and that was N1SDT form. The parking fine changed the address to their address which is in derby so i have not received anything after N1SDT form
  6. Andyorch again you did not read the whole thread the N1 form date is 5th of march but i received it on 11th march.. i contacted the parking fine ltd as i already paid them £18 but they were asking more money which i refused but they agreed to help with defense and instruct me to file the defence by myself which i did. There is another important point which worth mentioning that i was on MSE forum as well for getting help and i assume the parking fine guy was also reading there because i had no knowledge of AoS so he filed on purpose as he had my N1SDT form picture. The other thing you asking that the judgement made on 9th June so how do i know When i filed defense on 13th march after that i was assuming that i will get the court hearing letter because due to covid i thought that the court maybe busy with other case. I rang the court in August and then found out that they made judgement. Also i paid the fee to get the judgement certificate which shows an address in Derby but i live in Sheffield
  7. Hi Andyorch, i think you missing some points the whole case messed due to Parking fine ltd i received N1SDT form on 11th March then i contacted the parking fine ltd straight away and sent the picture of N1SDT form then they sent me the defence which i filed via email on 13th march 2021 Because i was completely unaware of this kind of case but when i got some advice from here then i tried to AOS on MCOL but it did not let me to login. Most likely parking fine ltd already done the AOS without my knowledge.
  8. Hi Andyorch, no they have not i am just trying my luck just them an email asking if they agree to set the judgement aside. Om other hand i have done my ws please have a look at preview its same as which i wrote in n244 form IN THE COUNTY COURT SHEFFIELD CLAIM NO: HX PARKING LTD (CLAIMANT) VS (DEFENDANT) Date: 18th January 2022 Witness Statement I ... Of...... will state as follows: I am the defendant in this case and I make this WITNESS STATEMENT in support of my application to set aside the judgement which was heard at COUNTY COURT BUSINESS CENTRE on 9th June 2021. I make this WITNESS STATEMENT from information and facts within my own knowledge and which I believe to be true. I am requesting to reinstate my case because a third party changed my address and did AOS without my knowledge and permission. I received parking charge notice in August 2020 then i found a website called Parking Fines ltd, who claimed that they deal with these cases for £18 and they have a very high win rate. I paid to the company, then the company filed appeal which was rejected since then this company advised me that only contact the company when i received N1SDT claim form. In early March 2021 i received N1SDT claim form and then i contacted Parking Fine Ltd for the help, I also sent the picture of my N1SDT Form but they asked me for more money which I refused but they agreed to provide me a written defence. After few days the Parking Fine Ltd company dissolved and their WhatsApp . As I was communicating with them through WhatsApp and they never mentioned that they will change the address or do any unauthorized activity without my permission or my knowledge. I submitted the defence on 13th March 2021 via email since then i did not hear anything from the court. I recently rang COUNTY COURT BUSINESS CENTRE to find out any update on my case and i been told that the address is not the same which i told for security, also they told me that the decision has been made against me because I didn’t reply to the Court. The fact is that I couldn’t reply because i never received any correspondence from court to my address till March 2021, I was receiving all correspondence to my address but after submitting the defence on 13th March 2021 via email, I have not received anything. I am attaching my WhatsApp chat screen shots with this witness statement, also refer you to 13.3 of the CPRs which provide in CPR13.3 for set asides where there is 'good reason'. I hope you will consider my request and reinstate my case so i can contest it again the defence is already been filed on 13th March 2021 which is struck due to this error. Statement of Truth I believe the facts stated within this Witness Statement to be true and Exhibits comprising of 2 pages.
  9. Its for the judgement to be set aside which has been made against me without my knowledge as Parking fine ltd changed my address without my knowledge. The judgement made on 9th Jun 2021
  10. Ok here is the preview please let me know if it looks good or need changing for security i remove my details and address IN THE COUNTY COURT SHEFFIELD CLAIM NO: BETWEEN HX PARKING LTD (CLAIMANT) And (DEFENDANT) CONSENT ORDER Upon the Parties having consented and agreed to the judgement set aside. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT - The judgement dated 9th of June 2021 be set aside. -------------------------------------------------------------- HX Parking LTD 161 Preston Road, Lytham St Annes FY8 5AY
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