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  1. that would be great if it had been mentioned in their defence, however apart from the template MSE stuff the only actual defence to this claim is that it wasn't clear signage so they cant go down the road now of denying being the driver and then it being defended as being the keeper. So they would have to (and by the sounds of it) have a good defence on poor signage. I had to double take but the defence said no clean signage!
  2. Sorry to say that Is an extremely weak version of the MSE template defence document. Point 3 is the only part which appears to have been added in and IMHO a defence like that without alteration wont win. Its a shame the court have not allowed a new defence to be logged. Maybe you can rescue it with a good witness statement. Time will tell.
  3. yes will be interesting to see what judges make of things in the next 18 months or so
  4. Super news , lets hope people can now persuade judges the fake £60 add ons should be struck out
  5. Private parking fines to be capped at £50 WWW.BBC.CO.UK Drivers will also need to be given a grace period for lateness, as part of a crackdown on parking firms. It is brilliant news that the fake add ons to be banned, there has been (by certain people on certain forums) a lot of work behind the scenes on getting to where we are today, ok its not to the end of 2023 but things should start to change before then and depending on how the government document (which is released today on their website) can then be used in court defences (against the fake add ons) which will hopefully encourage judges to either strike out the whole claim or the fake add on. Obviously this is very much depending on the wording etc but i think judges will hopefully see the law is going to change and be more keen to strike out cases. Time will tell!. The work goes on forums like this and various Facebook groups. ! The likes of Hurley And Steve Clark will be fuming !!!
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