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Found 18 results

  1. Please can I have some advice please? My daughter, unfortunately has had some laminate flooring fitted yesterday by Pay weekly carpets. The carpets was supposed to be identical to the laminate upstairs. My daughter was at work and I went to the house to let them in. That morning they had tried to cancel saying the wrong laminate had been delivered and would she have another colour, she refused and they suddenly had the 'right' laminate. The laminate is nothing like the quality that she ordered and is 7mm instead of 8 mm. She has paid part of the cost so far. The comp
  2. hi made and agreement over the phone in april 2017 to Greenwich council to pay council tax weekly as that is how I am paid.... today I recd a court summons with a £95 court costs added for no reason... phoned them and basically they said had to pay it.....only have £150.00 to pay which is 6 weeks worth of weeky payments so well within the limit to pay for the year... have requested a freedom of information request from them for all the phone calls and letters from april 2017.. the letters were sent with a weekly breakdown of my payments but I have lost them hence the reque
  3. My rent is payable weekly (tenancy agreement states rent is to be paid weekly to landlord's bank account) which I do. I have been told that the landlord should still provide a rent book as it is paid weekly - is that correct? Thank you.
  4. Hi Under the new laws I see that fines are still allocated as a percentage of your weekly income. I was just wondering if anyone knows how this is defined for a student? The only money received is through loans and grants with no part time work. Regards Lewis
  5. Hi I recently got measured up by a rep from Pay Weekly Carpets. It was a good idea at the time but now after receiving a tax rebate and my brother in law hearing about the price I was quoted, he advises me can point me towards much more affordable sources of the flooring I want fitting and he'll put it down for me. The credit agreement I signed says the £40 deposit is non-refundable. I accept that I probably won't get anywhere with that. What does concern me is that the document has the standard heading of; Hire Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. But
  6. I'm due to visit Glasgow in a few weeks time. As someone who lives in England, I'm not entitled to use my bus pass up there, which means having to buy bus tickets for travel. Anyway, I'm flying up. I've done some Googling and have a few questions: - Traveline have pointed me in the direction of First who have a selection of daily, weekly and monthly tickets. Do the weekly tickets start on Monday? Or can I arrive on the Thursday (as is the plan) and buy a weekly ticket? - Can I use my weekly ticket on the 500 service which takes me from the airport to the city centre (ish) ?
  7. Hi everybody I'm new to CAG as of today,and i just wondered if anybody could give me some advice - or just tell me it's hormones that are making me irrational! I'm reaching my 20th week of pregnancy and I am in receipt of JSA. I usually attend fortnightly sign on appointments and I do all my job searches,check local paper,internet search,ask family and friends etc, to the letter. I have no problem with that, it is my duty to do so as this is the deal, I look for work and the DWP help me out by not letting me starve. I'm homeless and I'm having such diff
  8. Out this morning doing the weekly food shopping. Walked past the newspapers and children's comics. Picked up some fresh fruit & veg, then onwards to a selection of tinned goods. Ambling along to the checkouts, I happened to wander down the breakfast cereals aisle and a label piqued my curiosity.... Adult Cereals.... As a child, I remember the little plastic toys that used to be found in a box of Frosties.... So do these Adult Cereals contain a plastic toy, and if so, what sort ?
  9. I would like to know if anyone here is on weekly sign on and if the JCP can force me to do it, as first i have heard of it and am sure my horrible advisor is just doing to see me break and to sanction me. I have always been signing every 2 weeks, back signed on a joint claim after partners xmas job ended. I was put down for fornightly signing on when given my book and for some reason, i go to my first signing on and she has changed to weekly, despite the fact the partner is still signing every 2 weeks, How can that even work? I have read that it is for people that are not doing enough to fin
  10. Hey all, Just wanted some advice on my situation detailed below! At the station this morning, my friend was needed to get a 7 day ticket to Reading. She was going to get a photocard this morning, but due to the long queues and late running, I offered my photocard (which I now understand is not right!). when she had to pay, her debit card was not working and so I paid for it and she just transferred the balance to my account. On her way back from Reading, a ticket inspector said that she should not have used my photocard and that she should pay with her
  11. I guess they think it's clever to demand an unrealistic payment plan as they will be able to collect their visit fee. They expect a council tax debtor to pay the whole lot in 11 weekly installments. Are these installment plans open to an offer? is it worth taking it up with the council?
  12. I'm watching an old episode of Superscrimpers, and a family are having an 'intervention' and challenge due to their excessive food bill. A couple with 3 children, they spend £382 a week in total on food - £240 a week in supermarkets, and the rest on takeouts and a meal out every week. I was stunned as I had been thinking our food bill was big - I have to eat very cleanly (of a limited diet), so we cook from scratch every day, and I have to eat plenty of quality meat, - as a couple our spend is between £80 to £100 a week (no takeouts, been a long while since we had a meal out), which
  13. "The company, which offers short-term loans to households and businesses, said revenues rose by 67% in the period to £309.3m and it lent £1.2bn - 68% more than in 2011 - in total to more than one million people. The number of borrowers defaulting on their loans rose in 2012, to 7.4% from 6.4% the year before. The payday industry is currently facing a Competition Commission inquiry amid concerns over how it operates." :- http://uk.news.yahoo.com/wonga-confirms-weekly-profit-more-1m-092822996--finance.html#OpU2r4O
  14. I was signing on every 2 weeks with advisor phonecalls also every 2 weeks. I went to sign on today and she said i was going to have to sign on weekly So not happy. I am on contributions based JSA which they are only going to pay me until October regardless of me finding a job or not. Feels like they are doing their best to wind people up!
  15. I am currently on JSA and my advisor appointments are done by the phone. I have a few issues with my advisor as she doesn't call regularly (ie: 2 week intervals) or at set times. And she keeps accusing me of making my phone unavailable - definitely not - i have no reason to avoid her. I also spent the last call on the phone for 40 minutes. Is that normal? it feels excessive - if i was in the job centre would i be kept talking for 40 minutes in this manner? Can I cut the call shorter next time? She is calling at some point in the next 2 days and i want a little more control of it.
  16. We are paying a charge of £3054.06 at £100 per week agreed. Charges of bailiff are £25 per £100 - also charged us walking possession fee, enforcements under fee 5 disbursements under fee 12 etc totalling bill of £1255.40. This is a business rent debt that went to court and landlord agreed above terms. No possessions were taken, no letter sent to indicate court proceedings, no seizures; nothing. Can bailiffs charge on these terms and this amount? Thank you!!!
  17. Hi Yesterday I was using my brothers weekly pass and i got caught my the ticket officer. He took my details and said that i would recieve a letter from northern rail. I have asked everyone and they said that northern rail is going to prosecute me for fraud. whats going to happen, i am extremely worried
  18. I have to pay back an overpayment which is my fault. I was told that they can take a third of my Incapacity Benefit so that is about £35 per week (approx £150 per month). This is quite a big chunk and the overpayments dept said that they will start collecting shortly. He agreed to send me a form giving outgoings. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get them to agree to a more realistic figure. My bank account does show all my standing orders for bills etc. Thanks
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