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  1. Thanks Andy for your reply. I suspect that it may be something to do with the lease, if I was to default on the CCJ and was forced to sell my house then I am guessing the finance company may see it as an obstacle to a quick sale. Still I do think it is grossly unfair but not much I can do about it
  2. Hello I hope this is the right place to post this, if not could someone point me in the right direction. I recently tried to get solar panels installed free of charge. The company said that there was a government grant schemed to allow free installation and then they get the grant back from the feed in tariff, however I was refused a grant because of my poor credit record and a CCJ. The CCJ has a charging order attached. The solar company said instead that I could have them installed under a 25 year rent a roof scheme instead, however now the finacne company that got a CCJ and charging order against me have objected so the company say they can't install the panels under this scheme either. This to me seems ludicrous and I wondered if anyone else had had the same issues. To me if I am looking to save money by geting about £600 of free electric every year that can only be good for the finance company because it increase my income and lets me pay off my debts quicker, so if anyone had any experience of this could they give me any advice, many thanks.
  3. Hello My wife had an account with Ambrose Wilson and we got into difficulties with payment on this and other debts. We have been on a DMP with CCCS/StepChange for a year and all our creditors have not bothered us. CCCS offered Ambrose Wilson £5.00 per month and this is what has been paid every month. They have now sent a letter saying the account is in arrears because the agreed payment was £5 every 28 days meaning over a 12 month period only 12 payments were made and not 13 payments, they have charged £12 for the arrears and £12.00 for sending a letter. I contacted CCCS and they said AW know that payments are monthly and should abide by that but they couldn't help with the charges because companies can do that. We are now receiving two letters a week, one from Ambrose Wilson and one from Reliable Collections (I know they are both the same company). They have now added a further £12.00 admin charge so now £36.00 in charges. That is in addition to about £120 in charges before we sorted out the DMP. I intend to send a SAR so we can get details of all the charges and then claim them back but in the meantime I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. The OFT guidelines say that it is unfair pressure if multiple businesses pursue you for the same debt, I know that both AW and RC are the same company but both are sending one letter per week, this looks to me to be harassment. They have threatened to send someone to the house, I can cope with that but since I am out at work all day my wife is worried about what may happen if someone calls. CCCS have not been much help, at the moment I can't see any point in us paying £5.00 per month if AW keep adding £12.00 every time they send a letter. Should we just stop paying the debt until they stop the charges/harassment. Any advice would be appreciated. The debt is just over £1000.00.
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