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  1. Thanks Andy for your reply. I suspect that it may be something to do with the lease, if I was to default on the CCJ and was forced to sell my house then I am guessing the finance company may see it as an obstacle to a quick sale. Still I do think it is grossly unfair but not much I can do about it
  2. Hello I hope this is the right place to post this, if not could someone point me in the right direction. I recently tried to get solar panels installed free of charge. The company said that there was a government grant schemed to allow free installation and then they get the grant back from the feed in tariff, however I was refused a grant because of my poor credit record and a CCJ. The CCJ has a charging order attached. The solar company said instead that I could have them installed under a 25 year rent a roof scheme instead, however now the finacne company that got a CCJ and
  3. Hello My wife had an account with Ambrose Wilson and we got into difficulties with payment on this and other debts. We have been on a DMP with CCCS/StepChange for a year and all our creditors have not bothered us. CCCS offered Ambrose Wilson £5.00 per month and this is what has been paid every month. They have now sent a letter saying the account is in arrears because the agreed payment was £5 every 28 days meaning over a 12 month period only 12 payments were made and not 13 payments, they have charged £12 for the arrears and £12.00 for sending a letter. I contacted CCCS and they said AW
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