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  1. From a Parody Website to Fox News https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/07/world/europe/anatomy-of-fake-news-russian-propaganda.html?emc=edit_mbe_20170608&nl=morning-briefing-europe&nlid=80833938&te=1 Addendum OOOPS Typo in title - maybe I should be working for Fox News ... ... q wrongie righties ...
  2. German cars are amongst the least reliable, and Japanese cars amongst the most dependable, according to an industry survey. German manufacturers took four of the bottom six places in a reliability table based on the experiences of 50,000 UK car owners. By contrast, Japanese manufacturers took four of the top six places. The findings fly in the face of Germany's traditional reputation for engineering excellence. That reputation was used by Audi in its advertising catch-line "Vorsprung durch Technik" - or "progress by technology". Luxury car-maker Bentley, owned by Volkswagen, was judged the least reliable of 37 brands, in the research by What Car? and Warranty Direct. Mercedes, Audi and Porsche were also in the bottom six. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32332210 I've been saying this for years. All buyers of German cars are being conned, they are crap.
  3. Hello My wife had an account with Ambrose Wilson and we got into difficulties with payment on this and other debts. We have been on a DMP with CCCS/StepChange for a year and all our creditors have not bothered us. CCCS offered Ambrose Wilson £5.00 per month and this is what has been paid every month. They have now sent a letter saying the account is in arrears because the agreed payment was £5 every 28 days meaning over a 12 month period only 12 payments were made and not 13 payments, they have charged £12 for the arrears and £12.00 for sending a letter. I contacted CCCS and they said AW know that payments are monthly and should abide by that but they couldn't help with the charges because companies can do that. We are now receiving two letters a week, one from Ambrose Wilson and one from Reliable Collections (I know they are both the same company). They have now added a further £12.00 admin charge so now £36.00 in charges. That is in addition to about £120 in charges before we sorted out the DMP. I intend to send a SAR so we can get details of all the charges and then claim them back but in the meantime I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. The OFT guidelines say that it is unfair pressure if multiple businesses pursue you for the same debt, I know that both AW and RC are the same company but both are sending one letter per week, this looks to me to be harassment. They have threatened to send someone to the house, I can cope with that but since I am out at work all day my wife is worried about what may happen if someone calls. CCCS have not been much help, at the moment I can't see any point in us paying £5.00 per month if AW keep adding £12.00 every time they send a letter. Should we just stop paying the debt until they stop the charges/harassment. Any advice would be appreciated. The debt is just over £1000.00.
  4. Hello I have had an account with Fashion World which I got into difficulty with the balance is around £2600. The account was passed on to reliable, who agreed to accept £20 a month they said that the account would be looked at by their review team, and I would likely get the interest frozen and backdated from when the £20 started. After a couple of months interest was still being added so I sent a CCA request to get statement and interest rates from them. They replied in there letter outlining the agreement and stating that the interest was stopped. I wrote back saying that the interest had not been stopped, they replied saying that they had made a clerical error in saying that the interest had been stopped and that it would not be stopped. My problem here is I am a student now and recovering from long term physical and mental illness. The £20 goes nowhere near covering the interest and the debt is increasing each month. What would you guys suggest I do? someone suggest not paying until they issued a default or sold it on as then there would be no more interest added. Thank you.
  5. Hi I've had a debt with Premierman (Reliable collections) for some years. They have a credit agreement. I have paid the debt for several years at so much per month. January this year I requested a slightly lower monthly payment. This request was ignored. To cut a long story short 7 months later they have ignored a further 8 letters and added over £200 in charges, often adding £20-£40 some months and nothing other months, as they please. Two weeks ago I wrote for a final time, again enclosing all the previous letters and sent it recorded delivery. I offered a full and final settlement of over 60% of the outstanding balance, minus the charges that have been added this year. This offer was rejected (yes they finally contacted me, although via telephone which was recorded on my trueCall). They asked for £70 more than what I actually owe (minus charges) and claimed it was a good settlement figure!! I've had enough now. I am about to send of a SAR request and intend to claim all charges back for the last six years. Now here's where I am stuck. I have tried to read various webpages on reclaiming in court. It seems different ways are said and maybe some out of date, I don't know. Please can somebody help guide me here with these questions:- 1) - Is there a good chance I would be able to win these charges back? (Has many people here won or lost for example) 2) - After the SAR request and working out the full charges with 8% interest (I think) is there an up-to-date step by step guide here or anywhere else that is quite easy to follow, I'm far from the brightest if the truth be known and it frightens the life out me having to go to court but I am angered by this company and want my money back. That's it I think. Thank you for reading.
  6. Hi, i hope i am posting this in the correct place. Just after some advice really, i have had an account with fashion world since 2011, i lost my job at the end of April and also my relationship broke down, i am still living in the house and my ex has agreed to keep paying the mortgage til we can arrange to sell the house. I contacted Fashion World by email as i was fed up of sitting in a queue waiting to speak to them, i have since had the phone disconnected and i have advised them i can only be contacted by letter. My friend is kindly allowing me use her internet to look/apply for jobs etc and also to come on here for advice. When i emailed them my balance was £1,839.01 on the 19th April, i clearly stated my situation and i also requested that they stop all interest and charges as this wouldn't help anyone. I had a courtesy message saying they would get someone to contact me within 3 days, i heard nothing. I then sent the same message again they finally responded on the 19th June saying they could not stop interest or charges and that they agreed to me paying them £21 month every 28 days for 6 months then the account would be reviewed. I haven't as yet paid them a penny as i can't believe the charges are more than my monthly payment, surely if they want this debt sorted they should allow me to at least try and start clearing the debt!? My latest letter was a default notice dated 31st July and i have til 19th August to respond with full payment! My balance is now £2143.39 so they have added £304.38 in interest and charges. I am not really in a position to pay £21 but my mum has said she'll help due to the situation, thankfully i don't have much debt other than this, but until i find another job even £21 is going to be hard going on job seekers, i still need to eat!!!!!! Can anyone advise what is my best course of action, i have seen a few other posts on here and some have mentioned reclaiming the charges etc and also if they won't assist with stopping the charges that i should tell them i am only going to pay £1 month for the life of the balance, how is that going to be acceptable, i am so worried about it being taken to court, but if i am paying token amounts surely they cannot do this? Any help or advice is very appreciated.
  7. Hi, These 2 companies are such a pain in the proverbial. I opened an account with Simply Be in July 03, due to financial difficulties in May/June 06 began reduced payments of £4 per month. My balance at that time was £202.66. Over the years payment agreements have been broke, due to confusing letters and demands from Reliable. in Feb 09, I lost my benefit and wrote to them offering a £1 token payment as that was all we could afford. Never heard from them. Contacted them in June 09 to give new address and because I wouldn't give my new telephone no, the Agent threatened to go into my bank account to obtain it. I went ballistic and demanded to speak with a manager, which I did, who apologised for the Agent's behaviour, during this call, I arranged the £1 payment with him. Unfortunately I did not record the call. Since then they say I did not make that agreement and have continuously harassed me with telephone calls, up to 8 in a day, threatening bankruptcy, doorstep callers, bailiffs etc. I have asked them numerous times to take me to Court and they said it would not be worth their while! I have also sent them the harassment letter regarding calls twice but they have ignored it. I now don't answer the phone. I sent an SAR Oct 12 and after going through everything, they have admitted that they do not hold a copy of a signed agreement but can provide a "True Copy" of the credit agreement and t/c's from the opening of the account if I send a £1 payment!! I have requested a True Copy of the CCA , not a reconstituted one and I am waiting to receive that. They have never defaulted the account, saying it would only do this after 6 missed payments and then send it to a DCA, but the account has been back and forth between SB and Reliable for years. I wrote asking for explanations on various aspects of my account. I told them I did not accept the charges and interest that they had added to my account, which is now £730.41. I have paid them back what I owe, plus £7. I have told them I do not accept responsibility for the balance on my account and I have stopped the £1 payment. I requested again that they take it to Court. Now this morning I received this letter: Notice of Assignment Assignor: Simply Be Assignee: Fredrickson International Ltd Moorcroft Debt Recovery Robinson Way & Co Ltd 1st Credit Limited Buchanan Clarke Wells Group We hereby give you notice that one of the above companies may be acquiring from Simply Be all its rights, title and interest in and to each of:- a. the debt of £730.41 under the account agreement XXXXX, made between Simply Be and yourself b. all other rights, title and interest in and to or relating to the outstanding debt It is essential that all future payments, correspondence or queries regarding this account be directed to the above company, as and when the title is transferred. This assignment will come into effect within the next 2 weeks. To prevent further or immediate action being taken to recover the full outstanding balance you must: a. Pay the debt in full by using a credit/debit card Or alternatively b. Contact our recovery company on xxxxxxx ensuring you quote account no, to agree a suitable payment programme and make a first payment For and on behalf of Simply Be 1. Can they assign this debt, when I am disputing it? 2. I'm not sure about this, but could I reclaim the penalty charges and interest, although I haven't paid them? 3. Can they enforce payment of these penalty charges/interest without a true copy of a CCA? Any input would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, Does anyone have an email address for reliable collections? I have a few accounts with them, but dont want to pay a fortune on postage for all of the accounts. Appreciate it.
  9. Hi All I would appreciate some help and advice, as I have been in dispute with Fashion World and Reliable Collections now for almost a year. I had a catalogue account and got into some financial difficulties. At the time, I informed the catalogue company and offered to set up a repayment plan if they provided me with some bank details. At the time I owed £1432, of which there were numerous admin charges, which I tried to reclaim, but they just ignored.At the time, I calculated I owed about £750 with charges and interest removed. x It was soon passed to Reliable collections and they have continued to add charges and interest. The outstanding balance now stands at £2600. Is there an ombudsman or financial body that I can report Reliable collections to, and also get the interest stopped.
  10. hello , sorry to bother you i was wondering if someone could please help me . I had a ambrose wilson account while working and always made my payments on time with never a problem , iv since got sick and am unable to work. Iv tried on many occasion to make payment offers and for a long time they were just sending me not very nice letters and would never accept what i could offer. they have since agreed and i have been paying off monthly by direct debit £10 a month BUT they are charging me over £30 a month on charges so im not actually clearing the debt and am getting deeper it is worrying me out of my mind and im at my wits end i want to clear the debt but its never ending with the charges constantly whacked on i would be so very greatful if someone could give me some advice about how i get the charges stopped so i can actually clear this debt Thankyou
  11. I was just wondering what is the best way to deal with the late payment fees added to this account. My wife's account went into arrears around November last year and she called them to sort out a repayment plan. They told her that due to the size of the debt (which was not all that big actually) there is no way they will take any less than £20. My wife did what she could on the phone but was suffering from depression so didn't chase up the request. So, I called them recently as they had 'lost' my complaint and managed to get a repayment plan for £5.00 a month. This is despite the account being around twice as large now due to the addition of these fees at £24.00 per month (2 x £12.00 per month). I told them that we're not paying this and they told me as it was in Simply Be's T&C's then they are legal. My problem here is that when my wife called them in November. Instead of agreeing to a plan they lied to her by saying that due to the amount on the account they could not take less than £20.00. Despite this claim in November they've recently accepted £5.00 on a debt that is now around twice the original debt. Had they not deceived my wife and accepted the offer as they have now then these fees would not be on the account as we would have been paying them. So, can anybody recommend the best course of action to get these fees acknowledged by Simply Be as unfair? Thanks - Lee.
  12. Help and advice needed please.... I am hopeing that some of you on here will be able to offer me some good advice , I have been browsing this site for a while now in the hope of being able to get some good advice for my problem with Reliable. Let me give you some background history:- I have had an account with Simply Be for years now in fact it must be over 9 -10 years as the account is still in my maiden name despite several unsuccesful attempts to change it. in January of this year my husbands hours had been reduced at work so i got behind on my payments i called simply be staright away and explained the situation and asked if there was a tempory arrangement we could come to. at the time they were fairly helpful but i recieved letters from Reliable collections Urgent Notice detailing the outstanding debt £1366.33 with usual initial advice and saying team here to help ect ect. I at that point made arrangement over phone to pay off overdue amount at £69 ever 4 weeks for 6 months this was duely paid and this agreement not broken as they have since suggested in their letters. on 18th July i wrote to Reliable following many unsuccesful attempts to contact them by phone i detailed my current situation explaining that my husband by this time had been made redundant and was only working temporary i also offered an amount of £10 per month temporary until the situation improved i enclosed a financial statement detailing our income and expenditure and the fact that we have had to put arrangements in place with other creditors whom have been agreed. since this time i have had nothing but rude letters and brickwalls put up, i am sure i dont need to detail all the letters but from reading on here they seem the usual ones , despite letters saying we are here to help !!!! HAHAHAHA i have recieved no help from them only 'pay up or we will take further action type letters'. many phone calls etc which i dont answer. I have been regularly every 4 weeks paying the £10 to simply be and have not defaulted atall i am concerned because despite asking that in view of the situation they agree to freeze the interest and charges (£12 administration charges, per letter etc) they have not done so and therefore the debt is increasing!!!. Despite haveing paid in total since the first contact in January £454.00 the most recent letter from reliable states there is a balance outstanding of £1387.67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry at this because i have made every effort to come to some arrangement with these' idiots' and i know the debt is mine and im not saying i dont want to pay it in fact have always said i am mindful to reslove this but i need some understanding and help in this current financial situation i find myself in . LAST LETTER I RECIEVED WAS THE 'YOUR CONDUCT IN THIS MATTER IS UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED' how dare they!!!! I have done everything to try and come to an agreement i have not ignored them although since this last letter i have apart from paying my £10. Sorry its long winded if you have any advice i would be so grateful. Dixie
  13. I have a Santander basic account on which i will need to setup several standing orders to pay amounts between 50 and 250 on a specific date in which my pay goes into this account . My question is how reliable is their faster payments service? There would be penalties set by my creditors if they did'nt receive the transfer on the same day.
  14. Hi, New on here so im hoping someone can help. Had a look around but unsure what the best way forward is re the above company. My aunty has had someone financial problems for a few years now and recently has asked my help. She has been on a few different debt management plans with a few different companies, but after having a look around - i said it is best to do it herself. Everything has been fine with most her debts and even with Reliable collections - accepting payment plans / no calls etc. However after looking into how much she owes - i managed to get a break down of her Reliable Collections account which were old catalogues. She had two. I was disgusted to find out that she has paid back nearly 8 times the original debt. Roughly like this. Account opened - March 2005 - or thats when the records are from Bal £155 and £85 Payments £777 and £750 Charges £730 and £680 interest £580 and £510 Bal Now £770 and £600. She has pretty much paid every month since 2005 of varying amounts. Tried to manage it her self in the early stages and then regular paymetns from a couple of DM companies. So the question is - Should she stop paying (hopefully answer is YES). Should she write to them and demand a refund or something along them lines (hopefully YES again) and if so how should she word the letter i.e going to report you to so and so etc. Or as a debt collection agency - are they within there rights to do all this (hopefully NO). Any advice or template letters appreciated. Regards G
  15. Hi, New on here so im hoping someone can help. Had a look around but unsure what the best way forward is re the above company. My aunty has had someone financial problems for a few years now and recently has asked my help. She has been on a few different debt management plans with a few different companies, but after having a look around - i said it is best to do it herself. Everything has been fine with most her debts and even with Reliable collections - accepting payment plans / no calls etc. However after looking into how much she owes - i managed to get a break down of her Reliable Collections account which were old catalogues. She had two. I was disgusted to find out that she has paid back nearly 8 times the original debt. Roughly like this. Account opened - March 2005 - or thats when the records are from Bal £155 and £85 Payments £777 and £750 Charges £730 and £680 Interest £580 and £510 Bal Now £770 and £600. She has pretty much paid every month since 2005 of varying amounts. Tried to manage it her self in the early stages and then regular paymetns from a couple of DM companies. So the question is - Should she stop paying (hopefully answer is YES). Should she write to them and demand a refund or something along them lines (hopefully YES again) and if so how should she word the letter i.e going to report you to so and so etc. Or as a debt collection agency - are they within there rights to do all this (hopefully NO). Any advice or template letters appreciated. Regards G
  16. Hello I am having a problem with Reliable Collections. I have been paying them for a long time. In May this year (2012) they wrote to increase my payments. They told me how much I could afford. I wrote back and told them that what I can afford is different to what they say I can afford. I offered them £9 per month, from £7.15 per month. Payment was also due so on May 15th I paid the £9 I had offered. Since May 15th was nearly the last day to pay on that months installment I paid the £9 immediately. When I checked my account online shortly after paying I noticed there was still £9 owing. I emailed them 3 times to say I had paid. I talked to them on the telephone (not nice people) and was told that the account had been reset a couple of days AFTER I had made my payment so that months payment became invalid and I would need to make another £9 payment. I said my budget only allows 1 payment per statement month, they said that wasn't their problem. I wrote to complain but received no response to my complaint. I did receieve a reminder letter and a £12 charge. I wrote again, no response from them about my complaint. They added another £12 charge (within 3 days of the other charge). They want me to pay £18, now it's £27 (May, June, July). I paid the agreed amount in May, they said it is invalid. I paid £1 June and they will get another £1 in July and until the greedy swines sort this out. £24 so far in charges, and prob be another £24 this month (July). Would I be able to claim these charges back for definite? Are they breaking any rules I mean? If I can get the charges back can someone link me to what I need to do please. I have tried looking but forums really confuse me, sorry (oh and sorry if this post is in wrong place) Thank you so much.
  17. Hii just wondered if anyone can help me please, my husband recently had his hours cut at work which meant i couldn't afford my payments, stupidly i just left it and didn't let them know si it has now been passed to reliable collections i spoke to them on the phone and offered to pay them £10 a week off the debt but they wouldn't accept it saying it wasn't enough, if i don't pay what they want they will continue to keep putting charges on my account, what can i do please... Thank you in advance Tracey x
  18. hello guys i need some advice. i have a catologue account which i have had for some time now... this is with simply be... basically i ordered some goods from them.. i returned everyting to them apart from a jumper which was £30.00. i started to pay the monthly amount but when i was receiving my statements i noticed that the returned goods were still on there and they were charging me for these.. i then stopped my payments and wrote to them advising that i had returned them,, i also make a phone call. it took sometime for them to reply.. by this time they were adding charges on of £12.00 for none payment whilst it was being sorted out. to cut a long story short my account is now £954.17 and has been passed to reliable collections. i was payin £10.00 a month as my payment each month were going higher and higher.. charges on top of charges. just out of control.. i wrote to them and emailed them, to which i got no reply. this has been goin on for sometime now.. today was the last straw.. i got a home visit letter from reliable collections and asking for £954.17. i was just fuming. i called them. spoke to a lad on the other end.. explained all the sagar.. he said that my total cost for the purchase i made was £39.00 but cos of the way i have conducted my account i now owe the ridiculous amount of £954.17. i told him no way am i paying this and told him i wanted to spk to someone else. he spoke to his manager and said they would sort something out... he called me an hour later (today) and said they will reduce the amount to £190.00, this was all they could reduce it to due to the way my account has been conducted.. but after paying this my account wuold be closed. i was still disgusted in this but just so i could get shut of it i agreed. he said i had to pay it all now... i told him that i couldnt do this but was split it up over a 3 month period. he said they couldnt do this and that they were only prepared to reduce it if i could pay it now... otherwise it would be back to original amount. after shouting on the phone tellin him that there was no justification in that... to reduce the amount of almost £800.00 but cos i culdnt pay the £190.00 now it would revert back. he said that was the offer and nothin else.. the phonecall ended with me sayin well i cant pay that now and will not be payin the £954.17 either. but wuld still arrange payment of the 190.00 over 3 months. he said "no cant do that sorry" then said goodbye... i am fuming... just dont know where to go next with this. hope you can offer some advice... and sorry for the lengthy explanation. mrsoggy
  19. Hi This is my first post here so I apologise if this has been discussed beforebut I couldn’t find it. I am wondering if someone could help me with the problems I have been havingwith Reliable Collections acting on behalf of Simply Be and Naturally Close. Iwill try and cut this story down to as short as possible but basically about 9years ago I ordered goods from these companies (they are both owned by the samecompany) the quality of the items were shocking to say the least and they weresent back (same address used for both as it appears the warehouse was the same)They disputed the return and requested that I sent in proof of posting etcwhich I did. They then disputed ever having received the proof of posting and Iwas an idiot and didn’t take a copy. I told them I wasn’t going to pay and theypassed it over to Reliable Collections, for the first 4 times it was passedback and forth between the shopping group and Reliable Collections. They simplywould not help me and ignored all of my letters and emails. I then hit uponhard times, I was made redundant, became ill through stress and worry and wentinto debt consolidation. At this point I decided to pay them rather than makemyself more ill by fighting what appeared to be a loosing battle. Reliable Collectionsset up a payment plan for both accounts, I will be honest and say that I missedallot of the payments because I was so loathed to give them money for items Ino longer had. Each time I missed a payment they placed a charge of around £12on the account. This went on and on and last year Reliable Collections uppedtheir game in relation to the Simply Be account, the hounded me with callsnight and day, wrote approximately 4 letters a week, sent text messages, calledfrom withheld and mobile numbers, hounded me at work and sent emails. I wroteto the head office with evidence of their harassment and they immediatelyunderwrote the debt with a long letter of apology and sent an amendment to thecredit reference agency effectively deleting the account from my file. I am nowtrying to have the last £120 underwritten from the Naturally Close account asone of their advisors told me that I have paid over £1000 for goods that were originallyfor less than £90. He advised me not to pay anything else and put the accountinto dispute. I think that they will clear this remaining amount but what iwould like to do is claim back all the charges that I paid which I think willrun to over £2000. I feel very aggrieved by this situation, I really shouldn’thave let it go on so long but I wasn’t really aware of consumer law beforestarting to read sites like these. I would really appreciate any advice abouthow to get some money back off them and if you think it is worth pursuing etc.
  20. Hi, I'm here again, seems like a long time and i'm not so in touch with it all now! I do need a bit of help with "simply Be" the name sums them up anyway. In December,2010 I bought a laptop from them then returned it a week later, as I found it much cheaper somewhere else! Weeks later I noticed it was still showing on my statement and they acknowledged this and told me it would be re credited. It was never re credited and large amounts of interest were added to the account. They finally re credited the amount on the 29th December, 2011 after many more annoying phone calls. However they have refused to refund any charges and interest added to the account. If I am to try to reclaim this, do I only claim interest on the purchase price of the item x the number of days?:|and if you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated At the moment the account is in dispute so no further interest is being added.
  21. Hi - Newbie here so please bear with me. I hope this is the correct forum to post in. I REALLY need some help with these people. I have x2 accounts in question - Simply Be and Marasota. I have been paying £51 per month to Reilable Collections on the Simply Be account but am in a situation now that I need to temporarly reduce the amount I pay monthly to £20 (and thats pushing it) My Partner is in hospital in Bruges and had no insurance. We can claim 80% of the medical costs back under the EHIC, but are still liable for the rest This is the reason for the temprary reduction. I have stopped the Direct Debits as the bank cannot change the DDebit amount. I am willing to reinstate them at a reduced rate. The problem is I have had phone call after phone call from R Collections day after day night after night in the past when THEY screwed up the initial direct debit collection dates. and I fear that this will start to happen again now. I am worried that, as they have my bank details, they will empty my account! Also - I recently looked at a statement I had from them and saw that I had been charged £12 :admin: fee twice on the same day!!! I have not had the time to go back through my statements due to trying to sort out repatriation matters but I suspect there will be many more. Can I claim this back??? I have already sent them a letter saying that I considered their constant phonecalls harrassment, but I'm dreading what will happen when they find out I have cancelled the direct debits I offered a lower amount then £50 in the past but they were adamant that this was not enough......................... Please please can someone advise me now?? Gazea
  22. So happy to have found this site. I'm hoping you will be able to help me! I'm desperate!!!! I have a problem regarding Simply Be & Fashion World. Basically, they are chasing for monies (around £2,300 now with all their charges, admin fees and interest!) and are sending through statements/letters via Reliable Collections. I have read the various threads on here about asking for a copy of a signed credit agreeement between us and am prepared to do that as I don't recall signing anything at the time of opening the account etc. (which was a few years ago now). However, around a year ago I wrote to them asking for reduced payments of £12.50 for each account and obviously signed the letters at that time. By writing/signing these letters, will I have definitely made myself liable for this money? Would it disregard whether or not I signed an original credit agreement? I stuck to the reduced payments until around 4 months ago. Basically things came to a head whereby I had debts all around me and finally crumbled under the pressure. I have no assets and no way of paying my debts, so I recently applied and was approved for an IVA. Great news, except this debt wasnt part of the agreement! I was so busy trying to sort the companies I owed a lot more too, I didn't think to include these, particularly as I have in between time moved so wasn't receiving their letters reminding me. I work full time, but don't have the means to pay this debt. I thought I'd sorted myself with the IVA and had just started to relax a little, but now this has cropped up and smacked me in the face so I'm back to not sleeping and worrying! So, have I shot myself in the foot....??? I really would appreciate any guidance you could give me. Thank you xx
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