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Found 22 results

  1. From a Parody Website to Fox News https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/07/world/europe/anatomy-of-fake-news-russian-propaganda.html?emc=edit_mbe_20170608&nl=morning-briefing-europe&nlid=80833938&te=1 Addendum OOOPS Typo in title - maybe I should be working for Fox News ... ... q wrongie righties ...
  2. German cars are amongst the least reliable, and Japanese cars amongst the most dependable, according to an industry survey. German manufacturers took four of the bottom six places in a reliability table based on the experiences of 50,000 UK car owners. By contrast, Japanese manufacturers took four of the top six places. The findings fly in the face of Germany's traditional reputation for engineering excellence. That reputation was used by Audi in its advertising catch-line "Vorsprung durch Technik" - or "progress by technology". Luxury car-maker Bentley, owned by Volkswagen, wa
  3. Hello My wife had an account with Ambrose Wilson and we got into difficulties with payment on this and other debts. We have been on a DMP with CCCS/StepChange for a year and all our creditors have not bothered us. CCCS offered Ambrose Wilson £5.00 per month and this is what has been paid every month. They have now sent a letter saying the account is in arrears because the agreed payment was £5 every 28 days meaning over a 12 month period only 12 payments were made and not 13 payments, they have charged £12 for the arrears and £12.00 for sending a letter. I contacted CCCS and they said AW
  4. Hello I have had an account with Fashion World which I got into difficulty with the balance is around £2600. The account was passed on to reliable, who agreed to accept £20 a month they said that the account would be looked at by their review team, and I would likely get the interest frozen and backdated from when the £20 started. After a couple of months interest was still being added so I sent a CCA request to get statement and interest rates from them. They replied in there letter outlining the agreement and stating that the interest was stopped. I wrote
  5. Hi I've had a debt with Premierman (Reliable collections) for some years. They have a credit agreement. I have paid the debt for several years at so much per month. January this year I requested a slightly lower monthly payment. This request was ignored. To cut a long story short 7 months later they have ignored a further 8 letters and added over £200 in charges, often adding £20-£40 some months and nothing other months, as they please. Two weeks ago I wrote for a final time, again enclosing all the previous letters and sent it recorded delivery. I
  6. Hi, i hope i am posting this in the correct place. Just after some advice really, i have had an account with fashion world since 2011, i lost my job at the end of April and also my relationship broke down, i am still living in the house and my ex has agreed to keep paying the mortgage til we can arrange to sell the house. I contacted Fashion World by email as i was fed up of sitting in a queue waiting to speak to them, i have since had the phone disconnected and i have advised them i can only be contacted by letter. My friend is kindly allowing me use her internet to look/apply for
  7. Hi, These 2 companies are such a pain in the proverbial. I opened an account with Simply Be in July 03, due to financial difficulties in May/June 06 began reduced payments of £4 per month. My balance at that time was £202.66. Over the years payment agreements have been broke, due to confusing letters and demands from Reliable. in Feb 09, I lost my benefit and wrote to them offering a £1 token payment as that was all we could afford. Never heard from them. Contacted them in June 09 to give new address and because I wouldn't give my new telephone no, th
  8. Hi, Does anyone have an email address for reliable collections? I have a few accounts with them, but dont want to pay a fortune on postage for all of the accounts. Appreciate it.
  9. Hi All I would appreciate some help and advice, as I have been in dispute with Fashion World and Reliable Collections now for almost a year. I had a catalogue account and got into some financial difficulties. At the time, I informed the catalogue company and offered to set up a repayment plan if they provided me with some bank details. At the time I owed £1432, of which there were numerous admin charges, which I tried to reclaim, but they just ignored.At the time, I calculated I owed about £750 with charges and interest removed. x It was soon passed to Reliable collections
  10. hello , sorry to bother you i was wondering if someone could please help me . I had a ambrose wilson account while working and always made my payments on time with never a problem , iv since got sick and am unable to work. Iv tried on many occasion to make payment offers and for a long time they were just sending me not very nice letters and would never accept what i could offer. they have since agreed and i have been paying off monthly by direct debit £10 a month BUT they are charging me over £30 a month on charges so im not actually clearing the debt and am getting
  11. I was just wondering what is the best way to deal with the late payment fees added to this account. My wife's account went into arrears around November last year and she called them to sort out a repayment plan. They told her that due to the size of the debt (which was not all that big actually) there is no way they will take any less than £20. My wife did what she could on the phone but was suffering from depression so didn't chase up the request. So, I called them recently as they had 'lost' my complaint and managed to get a repayment plan for £5.00 a month. This is despite the
  12. Help and advice needed please.... I am hopeing that some of you on here will be able to offer me some good advice , I have been browsing this site for a while now in the hope of being able to get some good advice for my problem with Reliable. Let me give you some background history:- I have had an account with Simply Be for years now in fact it must be over 9 -10 years as the account is still in my maiden name despite several unsuccesful attempts to change it. in January of this year my husbands hours had been reduced at work so i got behind on my payments i c
  13. I have a Santander basic account on which i will need to setup several standing orders to pay amounts between 50 and 250 on a specific date in which my pay goes into this account . My question is how reliable is their faster payments service? There would be penalties set by my creditors if they did'nt receive the transfer on the same day.
  14. Hi, New on here so im hoping someone can help. Had a look around but unsure what the best way forward is re the above company. My aunty has had someone financial problems for a few years now and recently has asked my help. She has been on a few different debt management plans with a few different companies, but after having a look around - i said it is best to do it herself. Everything has been fine with most her debts and even with Reliable collections - accepting payment plans / no calls etc. However after looking into how much she owes - i managed to get a break dow
  15. Hi, New on here so im hoping someone can help. Had a look around but unsure what the best way forward is re the above company. My aunty has had someone financial problems for a few years now and recently has asked my help. She has been on a few different debt management plans with a few different companies, but after having a look around - i said it is best to do it herself. Everything has been fine with most her debts and even with Reliable collections - accepting payment plans / no calls etc. However after looking into how much she owes - i managed to get a break dow
  16. Hello I am having a problem with Reliable Collections. I have been paying them for a long time. In May this year (2012) they wrote to increase my payments. They told me how much I could afford. I wrote back and told them that what I can afford is different to what they say I can afford. I offered them £9 per month, from £7.15 per month. Payment was also due so on May 15th I paid the £9 I had offered. Since May 15th was nearly the last day to pay on that months installment I paid the £9 immediately. When I checked my account online shortly after paying I noticed there was s
  17. Hii just wondered if anyone can help me please, my husband recently had his hours cut at work which meant i couldn't afford my payments, stupidly i just left it and didn't let them know si it has now been passed to reliable collections i spoke to them on the phone and offered to pay them £10 a week off the debt but they wouldn't accept it saying it wasn't enough, if i don't pay what they want they will continue to keep putting charges on my account, what can i do please... Thank you in advance Tracey x
  18. hello guys i need some advice. i have a catologue account which i have had for some time now... this is with simply be... basically i ordered some goods from them.. i returned everyting to them apart from a jumper which was £30.00. i started to pay the monthly amount but when i was receiving my statements i noticed that the returned goods were still on there and they were charging me for these.. i then stopped my payments and wrote to them advising that i had returned them,, i also make a phone call. it took sometime for them to reply.. by this time they were adding charges on of £
  19. Hi This is my first post here so I apologise if this has been discussed beforebut I couldn’t find it. I am wondering if someone could help me with the problems I have been havingwith Reliable Collections acting on behalf of Simply Be and Naturally Close. Iwill try and cut this story down to as short as possible but basically about 9years ago I ordered goods from these companies (they are both owned by the samecompany) the quality of the items were shocking to say the least and they weresent back (same address used for both as it appears the warehouse was the same)They disputed the
  20. Hi, I'm here again, seems like a long time and i'm not so in touch with it all now! I do need a bit of help with "simply Be" the name sums them up anyway. In December,2010 I bought a laptop from them then returned it a week later, as I found it much cheaper somewhere else! Weeks later I noticed it was still showing on my statement and they acknowledged this and told me it would be re credited. It was never re credited and large amounts of interest were added to the account. They finally re credited the amount on the 29th December, 2011 after many more annoying phone calls. However they h
  21. Hi - Newbie here so please bear with me. I hope this is the correct forum to post in. I REALLY need some help with these people. I have x2 accounts in question - Simply Be and Marasota. I have been paying £51 per month to Reilable Collections on the Simply Be account but am in a situation now that I need to temporarly reduce the amount I pay monthly to £20 (and thats pushing it) My Partner is in hospital in Bruges and had no insurance. We can claim 80% of the medical costs back under the EHIC, but are still liable for the rest This is the reason fo
  22. So happy to have found this site. I'm hoping you will be able to help me! I'm desperate!!!! I have a problem regarding Simply Be & Fashion World. Basically, they are chasing for monies (around £2,300 now with all their charges, admin fees and interest!) and are sending through statements/letters via Reliable Collections. I have read the various threads on here about asking for a copy of a signed credit agreeement between us and am prepared to do that as I don't recall signing anything at the time of opening the account etc. (which was a few years ago now). However, around a year ago I
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