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  1. Hi Ceira Been following your work on MSE so I'm a member here and glad to see you here!! Iv had my redress applied but like you I'm disgruntled- just who do they think they are- No consultation no choices etc etc etc. Would my next stage be a complaint? Are you trying to get the money back rather than a re/structure of your mortgage? Cheers C
  2. It's not a DD it shows on the statement as a recurring visa transaction. He went into the branch and they said he would have to contact AOL which we did last year. Hubby not very proactive so iv decided to try and deal with it. The unusual thing is that he has new cards every two years so how are they managing to take it as its not a direct debit.
  3. Hi Folks I really hope someone can help me. My husband was in a previous relationship that the OH abused his bank account and got him into debt. One of the things she did was use his bank details for an AOL broadband account. The account was in her name but with his account details. This was in 2006. Despite phoning them several times and speaking to his bank they are STILL taking appx £30 every month. We need to get this stopped and would like to claim in back as its fraud. Any help of where to start would be gratefully appreciated. C x
  4. These clowns have been unable to supply me with a signed CCA. This was last year. They said they were suspending collections activity. Now they have started sending letters and statements again. Is there a follow up letter I can send? Thanks C:wink:
  5. Baillifs can't come unless a court order has been passed-they are talking rubbish.
  6. As yet nothing has happened- I haven't paid for nearlly a year. I have had letters etc and texts but nothing. Mine is a third charge on the mortgage. We are probably going to move into a rented house in a while as mine is a flat. I cannot advise what to do but to be honest- doesn't matter how much you pay them the balance never reduces.
  7. ...... So because I'm still dealing with Scott and Co am I right in assertion that this really isn't a charge for payment through the courts. I have now had two Charge for payments which I think is odd. I'm almost sure that it's not a real charge as it asks me to continue to deal with them. Can anyone who has dealt with Scott and Co clarify this? I really don't want to be giving them all my personal information as this of course will lead to dilligence-I want to pay what iv offered. UOTE=IdaInFife;3935368]http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2009/395/schedule/made you can check against the above to see what amount a bank arrestment would be each month
  8. The more you defeat these idiots the less worried you become about the claims they make and threats they send you in letters - its good to get control back and stop worring about stuff. C
  9. Just a quick update here- the collections activity on this account has been suspended as they are unable to provide the original CCA- RESULT!!! Ceebee:whoo:
  10. Hi Folks So far I have been successful with getting a PPI claim out of Santander and I have had a suspension of activity on an Ambrose Wilson account. My newest issue is an old council tax debt appx £2400. I have written and made an offer to SCott and Co to pay this off at £100 per month for 24 months which i think is reasonable. In response they have sent me a letter saying that they need to assess this further and will I complete an income and expenditure form. Which would be allk well and good however they are asking for all my bank details, my NI number etc etc of which of course I will not be giving them. How can i respond to this letter and get them to acept what I have offered? Everyone here has been very helpful in the past so Im back looking for advice. The other thing is this they have issued 2 charges for payment for the one debt which makes me think that they arent really charges as I understand this is a common practice with these bandits- issuing a charge for payment when there isnt actually one. Please advise. Kind Regards Ceebee:!:
  11. They aren't coming to your house don't worry. Iv had this from reliable and they haven't been near. Monumental BS to make you scared and get money off you. Iv just sent back my p*** O** letter
  12. Hi folks- sorry to hi- jack- iv just had a duff cCa sent back to me from Ambrose Wilson which would never be enforceable. Can someone point me in the direction of the template letter to respond to this to get the case closed? Thanks C
  13. I'm interested to whatever the outcome with Welcome was to this? I have secured with Welcome- not paid for 8 months and they don't seem tone doing anything serious about it apart from annoying me. They have already had £8000 back in three years of payments and decided that I wasn't giving them anymore as the balance hadn't reduced but gone up. Interested to hear what happened here?
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