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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Huggys Boss here I have received a call from my work this morning to say that they have been receiving calls from a guy call Mo asking for me. He left a contact number and ref number and told them he was from Fredriksons!!!! I have rang them this morning and blasted them. They told me they were entitled to contact my employer, are they correct????? I asked them how they got my employers number (I have only been in the job 5 weeks and have certainly not given them the contact details for work) he told me they did not have the number on file, only an old telephone number from my previous address. When I asked him why I had not had any letters he said they had been sent to my updated address - they have managed to update my address from my current address to my previous address bloody idiots. I am not disputing the debt, it is a vodafone account which I left early and I know I owe them the money but if I am honest I forgot about it because I have had no letters. My questions are - are they allowed to contact my employer especially when I know for a fact I have never given them or voda the number? and how the hell do they know where I am working? should I be reporting this to anyone? Huggy thinks that they are not allowed to contact employers anymore because of the embarrassment it may cause. I have only been in the job 5 weeks and still in my probationary period, I hope my boss is understanding.
  2. Hi, would love some advice please, A couple of weeks ago I had a letter from them for HMRC tax credit overpayment, it amounts to over 4k. I contacted HMRC to late and they had already passed to Fredicksons and HMRC refused to help me. I phoned FI and I went through an income/outgoings thing ( I am now on income support and unable to spare anything really) The guy was fairly helpful and he said it will be put on hold, and I think he said they will possibly pass back to HMRC. a few days later I had another call from then and they were really rude to me and claimed nobody had put it on hold and there was no record of doing ingoings/outgoings. I said again I have no money to pay this. THey have now called a 3rd time AND sent a letter today received saying I have never contacted them and they want to speak to me etc. I am really stressed out by this now, I had no idea that I even had so much debt with HMRC, some payments are from back in 2008! The past year I even had a rebate that they had underpaid me, so Im really confused. HMRC are being really unhelpful and passing me round and refusing to help. Im currently now a single mother, and Ive just recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease, while bringing up a little toddler, and this stress is making me feel physically sick. In the first call I also asked for everything to be put in writing not phone calls, thats been clearly ignored to. Im now scared to answer my phone, they have been ringing me of mobile numbers. I have nothing to my name in the bank, my rented house is fully furninshed and Im scared someone will turn up at my door. The way they have spoken to me on the phone is the absolute pits, who do they think they are? If it makes any difference to what I need to do I moved from England to the scottish isles over a year ago. Please could someone advise me what to do now? Thankyou in advance x
  3. I've got myself into a bit of a mess and would like some advice please. A number of years ago I started a DMP with stepchange (before they were stepchange, I can't remember what the name was. Cccs?) due to my own failings after paying it for a few years I'd changed bank accounts, and completely overlooked it. As my other contact details had all changed they couldn't get into contact with me, and I thought I was still paying it. Stupidly, I then acrued another two debts after a disastrous relationship, one being with capital one. I realised I wasn't paying into my DMP, and restarted it, adding the new debts to it. I have continued paying it, sent new letters to all creditors. Capital one passed the debt to Fredricksons who sent me daily letters saying I must phone them or log into their site. I tried registering on it but it just told me to phone them! I posted them a letter saying I am on a DMP as capital one were aware, so I've now got a letter from Bryan carter saying they are acting on behalf of Fredricksons, my capital one debt is going to increase by a third iftheytake me to court etc. What do I do? I have been offered a small sum of money to try and do a f&f, but it's not the amount they want and as it's a reasonably recent debt I'm assuming they'd decline. I wouldn't be able to attend court if it got that far as I work full time and I would be unable to have time off, so I'm keen not to let it get to that. Who owns my debt now, and what is best for me to do? I'm assuming continue as stepchange advise and just keep sending them DMP letters but I really don't want bailiffs or court. I know it's my own fault, I completely accept that, and I've changed everything in my life so that I won't even consider borrowing again.
  4. Hi I am helping an old lady with her debts, and have been for 5 months or so the story so far.. I sent off a CCA request 04/01/2014 I duly received the attached documents, Prior to this I took control of her debts and needed a DPA release letter, This was duly signed not her usual signature but with two added security features to the signature, so it could be connected to the DPA release letter. Now to explain the layout of the attachments As you read these the first one is document 1 and is signed by the rep from Ambrose Wilson only and no name or address on it, the last 4 digits of the account number top right hand corner as a reference this is printed on shiny paper and looks like the original document. In document 2 this is inkjet paper, with the same exact signature from the company, dated 24/10/2012 but this one has her address, customer number address and the exact signature from my DPA release including the 2 security markers I placed on it , the signature of the customer was created on the 04/01/2014. I printed off the company signature onto a clear sheet and it matched perfectly as did her signature from the DPA release, I meant it was EXACT (hers) the DCA dealing with this account was Fredrickson. Who have had 4x CCA requests all but one denied and all now returned to the OC, no refund of the CCA fee has been received, also the CCA request is over 10 working days late for the remaining three, please look here for any missing details, Thx dx100uk for the extra info. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414812-Fredricksons-obo-JD-Williams Perhaps admin can tidy and make as one post for ease of reading please.
  5. Hi guys I am helping a dear old lady to try and get her finances back in order. The lady has a massive amount of debt but in reality it's just many accounts with various DCA's. To date I have done all the basic's like requesting NOA's which are now trickling through, I will deal with just one DCA per thread in this case Frederickson's Int' She has 4 accounts with them and have sent off the normal letters and have received back all of the NOA's and their version of statements which include Admin fees. Fred's bought this debt last year and the OC did not send out the NOA or any other letter, just the usual threat o grams I'll only post up one at a time to start so here goes. Account balance is £108.67 with 7 late fees of £12-00 each and will be sending off the letter to reclaim. so in reality the actual debt minus the late/admin fees is just £24.67 Now Frederickson's are being awkward in as much as they refuse to deal with me properly, ( I have a DPA release signed and sent to them) which is not like her normal signature. I have looked in the library for a template letter for Fredrickson's to write of the debt for commercial reasons as this lady has zero money left after paying her Priority debts off, She has serious life threatening illnesses that is now being compounded by the amount of contact these DCA:s are making She has 17 debts totalling £3,500 many with fees most of them catalogue debts but she has from credit cards what would be the best thing for her to do in the long run? Letters sent so far all accounts REQ NOA Prove the debt CCA's all debts next will be the DSAR's all accounts Door step letter Telephone letter Have I missed anything out? Also a note to ADMIN will it be correct to post up each debt separately in the relevant forums? Thx most debts are catalogue 3 credit cards and 1 bank account MM
  6. Hi, please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong area, I had a credit card with MoreThan in June 2004, in June 2006. out of nowhere Morethan stopped supplying my credit card, and the account changed names to Lloyds, and I was sent 2 credit cards in the post, 1 a mastercard and 1 a visa I think. I never signed a credit agreement with Lloyds, when they sent me the cards. Due to long term sick at work and losing my job, I got into a lot of financial problems, and defaulted on this credit card in December 2008. My last payment to them was May 2008. After the initial letters whilst depressed, I never heard anything for a long time, over the past few years, the debt has popped up with numerous DCA's sending me letters, but about 4 months ago, I had a strange letter from Llowels saying they now owned the debt, and have been sending me monthly statements. I am now receiving daily texts, and daily calls on my mobile and home phone from them (my house is currently being sold), so I am not living at the address, so the calls there are not a problem, today I have received a letter from their legal department threatening court action. I have today checked my credit file, and my Lloyds default has been settled, and at the same time, I now have an account with Llowels on my credit account for this. so it looks like 2 bad accounts as well. My questions are, firstly, any advice of how I should proceed. 2) Can they do this on my credit account, My worry is I am moving in with my bf, who is very credit conscious, he knows of my problems from my past, but wants to deal with it for me, but I am scared that contacting them, will mean I am admitting I owe the money and I will never get them off my back. Thank you
  7. I have a very old debt with black horse for a car loan (started 4/11/2003) shortly after I had money Problems and BH suggested taking car back and selling it to clear most of the debt. I have not spoken or witten to them since 2005, yet this year I recieved a letter from lowells saying they owned the debt and put a default notice on my CR on19/8/2010. I have ignored them and have now recieved a letter before action from Fredricksons dated 23/01/2014. I have not spoken or acknowledged this debt for at least8+ years, can anyone advise what I should do or not do please. (Q. SB maybe)
  8. Hello Could I ask a question I have recently been getting a few (putting it mildly) texts phone calls etc from fredricksons all these debts are statute barred , well over the 6 years since any contact or payment.. does the same 6 year rule apply to mobile phone contracts , so every day theres phonecall after phonecall surely this is not right I got a letter saying I had made a payment to lowell which didnt happen im not that stupid but either way im just waiting fro the Dimwit? who thinks he's a legal professional " Bryan Carter" to take me to court, it seems the next letter after proving your not going to bend over is they threaten you with this and then try it on in court Is the ACE UP MY SLEEVE the absolute defence that they must prove any payment and that I can just say 6 YEARS your honour he's actually making a mockery of your court by trying it on Is there anyway I can take these guys to court for trying it on with the lies they are purporting? to be honest I would be more than happy to take a drive and sort it out face to baseball bat with the jumped up idiot that's running the show, (i know you guys probably don't condone actions of this type but in all honesty an addition to my record for taking care of this devious little *** wouldn't really bother me and might give others great joy) I'm trying to sort out my life here and am being threatened I definitely know the kid on the other end of the phone wouldn't dare speak to me in the manner they think they can if they were in the same room so more likely its better sorted using the pen than the sword so can anyone help
  9. My housemate has received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors this morning: "We have been instructed by Fredrickson International Limited Limited on behalf of EE Limited to issue court proceedings on 23 September 2013 if payment of this debt is not received by us by that date." The debt is for just over £400. My housemate is a student and therefore living on a very tight budget anyway and was forced to drop out of uni last year owing to financial and related hardships so is retaking the year starting in a couple of weeks. She has been panicked by this letter so I was hoping I could obtain some advice here to reassure her. I have told here not to phone them but was wondering if there is any letter etc that could be obtained? Thanks in advance.
  10. Dealing with a CapOne account for a friend: Debt was passed to Fred's mid 2012... Offered them £1.00 per month for 4 months. Pointed out illness and they returned the account back to Cap One. CapOne asked for proof of illness, so sent in various copies of letters from surgeons, plus a three page prescription list. Various letters back and forth asking for sick notes etc. Told them sick notes dont exist when on ESA. Debt passed back to Fred's under a new ref number lol. Thought Freddy's would have spotted the same name, address, Cap One account number? Anyway, just waiting to see what the Freddy Fools come back with now - I've refered them to previous corrospondace from mid 2012 lol...
  11. Hi Fredrickson are chasing for payment of a rather old Egg loan. My credit file shows more than one default for the same debt. In 2009 I disputed the debt on the basis of unenforceability. The refused to send the SAR and finally sent it about 2 years later. In the interim I was chased by the usual DCA's and sent them all the 'account in dispute' letter. About 18 months ago, Freds sent me their first letter asking for payment. I then sent them the account in dispute letter and prove assignment as I had with the others before them. They responded with a letter full of waffle and I ignored it. There was no proof of assignment and Egg did not pursue this line of argument, that Freds acted on their behalf. I hear nothing from Egg/Moorcroft/Arrow Global/Freds for ages and now with a few months before default drops off file, they send these letters. SAR does not show PPI, but from the figures, something does not add up. All details for first loan and credit card missing from SAR. Do I dispute the mulitple defaults for the one debt? Can a CCJ be applied to a file for same the debt once a Default expires? Do I send Freds another 'Account in dispute letter'? Do I contact Barclays as they now own all Egg debts? Less than 6 months before Default expires. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi I have fallen into arrears with my Capital 1 Card and account has been defaulted etcc.... I have submitted numerous complaints also to Capital One regarding poor customer service and charges etc.... ALL BEEN IGNORED NO RESPONSE yet they have sent letters acknowledging my letter. My account has been passed pillar to post.... first Fredricksons then back to Cap 1 now with Allied International Credit (AIC), yet when you telephone Cap1 they say talk to Debitas. I have attempted to setup repayment arrangements and they get refused. Have sent them harrassment letter which got ignored, I send a 2nd letter informing them I am reporting them and they then replied and immediately removed my telephone numbers. Now when I ring up I cannot complete security as they do not hold any telephone numbers on my record. I rang up Cap1 this evening to request an account statement as my online access has been blocked since xmas, and they passed me onto AIC who said contact Debitas (Cap1 inhouse DCA), Debitas say speak to Cap1 accounts, Cap1 accounts say speak to Debitas or AIC. Any Ideas? all I want is an account statement....they have frozen all charges and interest but I want to get £400 worth of interest and charges removed reason for account statement but not having one since xmas is also poor.
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