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  1. Just out of interest, I spoke to the FSA who knew the name! Below is what FSA wrote to me after conversation. "My main area of confusion is asyou explained, our member continues to the go to the courts to have the amountreviewed. As you financial situation has remained the same, the £5 a month hasremained. It may be worthwhile raising a complaint with our member why theapplications to court are continuing to be made when direct contact could bemade to assess income and expenditure. I will send a copy of ourcomplaint documents."
  2. I had to go to court (May last year) and this is when the judge told me I had wasted my time writing the "paper" as I was out of time, too late. He told you know who to pursue me with bailiffs. He said he had already started doing that but then nothing more happened until I then recieved a letter to attend court for questioning about my finances with a court clerk in December last year. "He" tried to be in the room and I refused to discuss anything infront of him and he was told to leave. This is when I offered £5 a month and then heard nothing more until recently to attend again infront of a judge again. Does that make sense?
  3. I delivered the "paper" by hand to the court with an envelope enclosed with cash, I think is was £40.
  4. Um, no. I think I did pay something, not £80. Was cash! But nothing about correct form? Think they did send me a letter confirming the payment. Where is it, is the question!
  5. Hi Brigadier! You helped me with this back in December 2011. We pm'd a lot? I'm sure you deal with so many you may not remember. I'll pm the name of the company and individual, one and the same really. Hope you are well!
  6. Thank you Andy! I went on to some website to find out about the judgement. It's there! He bought the debt in October 2006 and got a judgement on 20 April 2011! At that time the debt was £2,112. With the continous back to court to check my finances, it is now £2,743.34 so he has added £631! The original debt was £750. I do have a horrible feeling there is nothing I can do! I read another post that said what happens in the courts is not always what is supposed to be happening. Wish they had said more what they meant!
  7. Just out of interest, a further £150 has been added for taking me back to court. Taken the debt from 2593 to 2743. What is the point!
  8. Hi andyorch and thank you. I have tried to google being satuate barred but I am getting the impression he is totally in his right to keep dragging me back to court every six months, as he doing, and there is nothing I can do about it. The court wont stop him as they get paid. But I have to wonder if it comes into harressment. He has been chasing me for this for 7/8 years! It is just ridiculous!!!!! My husband and I run our own business but the debt is to me, not the business, infact we didnt have the business then, or the property. I dont draw a salary as such and we certainly dont make a fortune. Infact, with the recession, we have just managed to stay afloat. But he seems to think I am minted! He is very wrong!
  9. This is so interesting! He bought the debt in2005/6 and has been chasing it since then? If you are right..... but why do the court keep accepting him dragging me back to court? Are they muppets too? Sorry to say that! But everytime he takes me back for questioning, he adds money to the debt?
  10. Yes I did challenge the charges but I dont think the judge even looked as I was late doing it. It seems rediculous to just keep pulling me back into court every 6 months! I havent made any payments. I heard nothing after the offer made. There was another occasion, probably at the beginning of last year where another offer was made and heard nothing.
  11. I have found a web page from the Dept of Justice that gives a specific form to use but I'm not sure either! Anyone know? Heres the link https://www.justice.gov.uk/information-access-rights/foi-requests/make-an-foi-request-online Might be of use?
  12. Not sure I have posted this in the right place but I have a question I hope someone can answer!! An old debt originally for around £750. Sold to a small company who have added interest and escallated it to around £2750 with bogus call out charges, find charges. Court said pay, I've said cant as do not have the money. This time last year court appearance infront of judge who told the creditor to set the bailiffs on me. Heard nothing more. late last year had to go for questioning about my finances for this debt. Showed letter that confirmed behind in mortage, electric bills and she (court lady) suggested offering £5 a month which I did on the form. Heard nothing. Now letter to go back to court infront of judge. I'm not really sure quite what the creditor is trying to prove. I am thinking to SAR the court? Just to find out exactly what has been recorded/ This guy has been chasing me for years and it really feels like harressment. I feel that there is nothing I can do!!!! Any suggestions please. Many thanks
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