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  1. Hi, still not reply from college . please can some one help me how to do small claim procedure ? thank you.
  2. Thank you . i send below mail to them hope this works . "This regarding my courses and training schedules . Unfortunately despite of many times contacting i am still waiting to hear from management about my courses . My concerns are follows 1. I Paid -£6000 for my training and certification which suppose to schedule and finish within year . 2. My class room training not scheduled in this period of one year . 3.When i contacted was told that scheduling of classes depends on number of students available and will be informed . 4.Now my case is under review but i feel i am not res
  3. Hi , i am IT student , i did enroll with one of private institute for IT certifications . i did enroll for year course on agreement but they said it may take longer if they dont have sufficient student batch. NOW they took two year but still half of lectures not scheduled . i keep on contacting them they always reply to wait for admin to contact back . few days back called them they says ur course due date passed so they reviewing case why course not scheduled . But i am tired to contacting them . i paid them
  4. Hi , Thank you for reply . i paid around £1200 together last year . As you suggested to ask them explanation about billing they send below response "The bill we sent you on 22 jan 2014 for £1770 was more than you expected. i am sorry for this high bill . on 27 feb 2014 you registered a complaint with us about it. the bill was higher than normal because we hadnot send you bill since 26 june 2013 so it cover longer time . also on past we hadnot used all the actual meter reading we had received. this means on some of this bills we had sent before , we had under estimated amount of electici
  5. I am in trouble due to EON billing system . I am private tenant and since last two year having services from EON as economy 7 plan .Since i moved in this property i always had estimated bill i paid for one year but bills keep on increasing every time so i report them to take meter reading . But no one from EON arrived for 6 months . After 6 months of followup via mail and phone one representative came for inspection and found that meter is faulty .Therafter took another 7 months to replace this meter ( three times engineer gave appointment and not turned up). Now they replace meter and based
  6. Hi slick, Thank you for your reply . my gym membership is with vale farm sports centre managed by Leisure connection Ltd on behalf of brent council. i can send you scan copy of my agreement . there is no clear cancellation terms and condition for 18 month membership . they have condition for annual(12month) or two year membership. please let me what to do next . thanks .
  7. Hi my self neel, unfortunately i had accidental injury during holiday to my wrist .i provided them medical certificate i requested to gym to cancel my membership but they reply as follows:- "Unfortunately, we have spoken to the centre manager and cannot accept this as termination of your contract. The medical note states only a short term period of 21days for you not to use your wrist. As you are signed on an 18month contract this far outweighs the time length given on your doctor’s note for you to get better.If you are worried about re-injury, I suggest you speak with your doct
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