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Found 27 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a Peugeot 207 from a reputable dealer (or so I thought) for just under £3000 just over six weeks ago. This car is on finance. The car broke down, the clutch has gone completely, just after six weeks and I have driven less than 200 miles in the car. The dealer are blaming me for the fault and are refusing to put this right. I have quoted the consumer law 2015 at them stating that they have to prove the car didn't have the fault when I purchased it. They are still refusing to deal with the situation and that I have to pay for repair. Now I am desperate to get the car back on the road as I use it to commute and to pick up my kids from my estranged spouse. Should I pay for repair and try to claim it back? Should I just cancel the finance? Any advice on this welcome. Thanks Oh and to name and shame the dealer this is "Crescent Cars" in Baldock Hertfordshire.
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone could advise me here on my next step as I am disgusted by the service I have received from Samsung. I bought a Samsung 8+ from carphone warehouse around 4 month ago for over £800 all of a sudden the volume button jammed, I did not drop it or anything, it just stopped working all of a sudden. I took the phone into my local repair centre who said it would be £40 to fix, but as it is still under warranty to contact Samsung and get it repaired for nothing. This is where the problems started. Firstly they send a courier round to pick the phone up and it does not go to Samsung, it goes to a company they use called Anovo which is based in Norwich. I then get a email a week later saying the repair is not covered under warranty and so it will be £63 to repair, press accept or decline, if you decline the phone will be sent back to you within 48 hours un-repaired. They also sent numerous emails out with mine to others as I got them all, saying the same thing to other customers and the same price to fix. I got a little suspicious with this and googled their name and I have never seen such disgusting reviews for a company in my life. The accusations are constant, saying it's not a problem thats covered under warranty and then people refusing to pay, taking it elsewhere and finding out it is a phone problem, so a blatant attempt at [problem]ming people. Some saying they invented repairs like smashed screens in transit, people refusing to pay and the phone coming back with no crack at all. Phones not been returned at all and Samsung or the company refusing to answer them. Repairs paid for and then returned and the work not being done, phones coming back in a worst state than they were sent, the list is endless with 90% of people giving them 1 star. Google anovo phone repairs and you will see. I obviously refused to pay and asked for my phone to be sent back, this was a week ago and after the promise of 48 hours I got in touch with Samsung through message on Facebook, they have stated my phone is still at the centre !! I then went back to the reviews and a lot of people stated they were waiting weeks or it never came back at all. The reviews also stated they do not answer their phone, I tested this theory out and its true, I have rung numerous times with no answer, Samsung say they can't do anything, even though they told me to use them. Although its only a week, after reading the reviews I have a real fear this phone will be there for weeks/months or I may not get it back at all and if I do it will be worse than when I sent it. I cannot go without a phone for weeks on end, I should not have to. This phone is under warranty and they refuse to fix it, they are keeping hold of the phone for no reason as its still there a week after me demanding they send it back, they refuse to answer the phone, Samsung wont do anything, if it was under contract id cancel my payment, but I bought it outright. Is there anything I can do at this stage? Also what would be the course of action if this phone does take weeks or does not come back at all? Thank you for any advice on this, I am done trying to get help from Samsung and can't get in touch with the repair centre. Paul
  3. The main chaos was all about the cowboy builder to ask the facilitating payment fraud just after the garden wall he demolished in his plan. Make long story short ( go to the paragraph 14 ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claim Case registered in March 2014. * However, Halifax assigned its panel*claims management company (LAS) 7 July 2014 handle my case. * on 7*July 2014 The loss assessors provided by LAS confirmed the two hours*appointment commencing at*4pm,*10 July 2014. * LAS emailed me with offer*£65.01*(they actively*already deducted the excess fee). This amount is very unreasonable, and I had rejected it and made request to fix the damaged. Later on, they made second offer £523.97,*I rejected it again*because I just want the damaged got fixed. * I complained to Halifax about the surveyor*non-professional behaviours because I was been advised this is essential two hours slot appointment, but*he came late nearly*1 hours, and work less than 30 minutes then leave the job without some damaged check such as leaking in shed. * On 12 August 2014, I had contacted Halifax to have follow up my complaint, and requested of another company to have re-assessment, and I had clearly request to fix the damaged by insurance and disagreed LAS suggestion to use the claim case to make a money. I also make encounter offer another £500 back to Halifax to have damaged fixed. (voice recording: Call162644.wav) * I had requested to send me the official letter if they unable to fix, then I can escalate this to ombudsman. I contacted them. However, they had no response and even no setup the complaint. * On 20 Nov 2014, I had contacted Halifax home insurance and insisted insurer to fix it, and disagree their intention to close the case. ** Insurer had closed my case, I complaint they should not close the case without my consent and should not ignored my request to keep it open until getting fix the damaged. * Finally, Halifax appointed the beta-coveXX to do the survey becasue they know they are in wrong position. I had received the email from*Beta-coveXX's Inspection and Claim reported in 25 Jan 2016, and contacted with Beta-coveXX(Mandy) about the details of*repair tasks, and she sent me the three documents which are*authorization Mandate,*Conditions of Work and*Approval Letter Nick on*27 Jan 2016. In 25 Feb 2016, I had returned three documents with signature and*with bank*cheque (22Feb2016-slip.jpg) by post to*Beta-coveXX after all parties*( Halifax/ Beta-coveXX and I) had clarified the work details. I found the cheque bank in at 26 March 2016.* * During the period from January 2016 to February 2016 , I would like emphasis that I decided to give up some tasks such as shed roof felt and its leaking*rather than reach an*impasse that Halifax only*accepted the full wall cover, and the rest of building tasks they had "successfully" avoid responsibility. * In Mid March 2016,*I was given the*Beta-coveXX staff (Pxx) mobile number to find out*when the work schedule commencing. Original work was*scheduled in early May 2016, however Pxx contacted me in late*April 2016*about the brick type issue*which*he cannot source it (this first type was proposed in 21 April 2016 with proposal date), and he requested to have second type of brick option which I had confirmed in 28 April 2016. Therefore, the schedule were finally*postpone to 25*July 2016 ( 5 days work). I had chasing*up him about the work schedule since Mid March 2016. In afternoon of 25 July 2016, after Beta-coveXX staff completed the few hours wall brick demolish, and Pxx asked £160+vat for brick release from sheffield if I want them to continue tomorrow work. I complaint this to halifax and claim team staff had struggled for an hour and finally agreed to pay it. * In 26 July 2016, I found no brick delivery, and no man to resume the work. In 28 July 2016, I contacted Beta-coveXX, they tried to be disappeared. Finally, Halifax transfer my call to talk to them and find out they had not placed the order before 26 July 2016, now told me the delivery will only take few days. Finally, I was been told this is available 9 August 2016, wasting 14 days.* * I had complaint the poor qualities of service provided Beta-coveXX, and cheating behaviour. I also requested*Halifax appoint another company to carry out the job.*Also reported the no wall causing the two*trespassing cases*issue, and requested to have temporarily wall built and cctv. However, Complaint Manager Mxx Wxxx decided to give me £100 but I*made encounter-offer to Halifax £200 (double of their compensation), and at least re-insist the temporarily wall and or cctv. However Mxx Wxxx insisted close my case and ignore my request to keep the case open until the damaged get fix. The same request I had made to Stuart, however he rejected it. * Complaint Manager ( Sxx Rxx) confirmed he*took*the decision from Personal Claim Consultant report to provide the his final decision letter. * Personal Claim Consultant( Dxx Txx) confirmed he took*the survey report from Regent Group to create his report*.* * Regent Group (Rxxx) confirmed he do “NO TEST”. He rejected to accept the £523 pounds to take over the rebuild work, and said non-sense offer. * My original complaint setup is 26 July 2016, which handled by Mxx Wxxx and she insisted to ignore my request to keep the case open and deliberate to close the case. When I complaint this again, Sxx Rxx setup as NEW case for same complaint to take advantage of 8 weeks rule setup and not accept my request to re-open the original case. During Sxx Rxx time off, I was advised to they can do the investigation more than 8 weeks, and I am not allow to put this case further (Ombudsman) until they finished the case. Finally, they took 12 weeks to issue the report to me. In fact, Mxx Wxxx, Sxx Rxx and Dxx Txx they had taken their holiday plan and leave my case aside. * The extra entities and process such as*Personal*Claim*Consultant and Regent Group, which is redundant, and interference the case.* The location of wall is now open, but*I was been*advised*by claim team staff*I have to*accompany*with Personal Consultant and Survey company*(appointed*Regent Group), otherwise dismissed my case. This caused me wasted two half days off. * In 17*Nov 2016,*Jxx from Claim department actively*proposed me to have cash*settlement by using my own*constructor, provided me the website by email**as well*as guide to find the contractors to*fulfil*their*cash settlement request (Voice Recording*from 16:34).*She understood this is difficult to find the contractor in the wintertime, and fully aware it might take 6 months and agreed this can be last to*April 2017 to have solution. * In 21 Nov 2016, *Jxx confirmed only one quotation need*(voice recording from*9:39); She confirmed Halifax cannot provided*a settlement offer even they had*estimate( voice recording from12:55). * In 31 Jan 2017, all in sudden Jxx*can make up a settlement offer and set the offer only 5 days(, then close case at 6 *Feb 2017 if I not responded.*I had responded*to her email sent on 5 Feb 2015*with quotation they requested, which fulfil what she promised in the phone (17 and 21 Nov 2016).However, afterwards Katie( help Jxx) responded she would*close*my case if they had not heard from me next 14 working days.*Next response that is final response from Natasha agreed to follow my decision the case escalate to Financial Ombudsman. The whole case last nearly 3 years.* Ombudsman response, they offered me £19XX + brick delivery is fair. It is usual the Halifax can have better rate from their business parter Beta-coveXX, the total is £39xx is lower than your quotes. Deduct the brick cost which is £18XX, the rest is £19XX...correct. Ombudsman reckoned the delay causing down to me because I had not contacted them for a while. I am going to response to Ombudsman, and request them to have review the document because the investigator have preconceived opinions which caused the ombudsman believe I actively ask for cash settlement, and I had not pay the excess, and delay the case myself. Just before ombudsman write the final decision letter, the investigator still ask me had you paid the excess( your duty)? Can I use the following ground to challenge ombudsman decision? (1)reasonable time to fix? (2)reasonable skill to fix? (3) make up premier brick cost under the business partnership? which is 1.4 times higher than the retails price you can walk-in to pay, and using this cost figure to reduce the amount you can have to fix it yourself. (4)reasonable business behaviour in Halifax to make the different offers for the same wall repairing, in my case, firstly offer me £65, then £523 and now £19xx + brick/block you fix it yourself. (5)reasonable behaviour to force customer to accept the offer otherwise close my case without notification. (6)reasonable to close my case even I had insisted to leave it open everytime they asked? (7)reasonable to sub contract the work to another contractor and this contractor to subcontract again to another one-man band without my consent/ notification? Pxx is not staff of Beta-coveXX, and the man demolished the wall is got the contract from Pxx. What I want it is only Halifax assign the repairing work to another builder to fix it. Much appreciated if you can give me the advice or your point of view. thank you!
  4. We purchased a Vauxhall vivaro swb van on a 64 plate from new on finance from vanarama.co.uk. Since having the van we have had lots of faults with it such as: window seal incorrectly fitted internal lights not fitted correctly faulty air con faulty radio/phone pack (works intermittently) plus many more van was taken back to Vauxhall dealership who fixed all problems under warranty except for the radio/phone pack issue and the air con unit was fixed but only temporarily and is now broken again. We have contacted vanarama and the finance company to reject the vehicle or get it fixed but they have closed the case saying the radio/phone issue is a software problem for which Vauxhall do not have a fix and the dealership won't accept rejection of the van due to its age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help - we are paying for a van that is faulty - we use/or want to use the phone pack as this is a commercial vehicle.
  5. Apple have issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The vast majority of iPhone owners are probably on iOS 9 right now, but you should check and install that version right away The malware in question, which was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, is a serious compromise that’s never been observed against iOS devices before. But you can guard your devices and your personal data against the latest security threat simply by heading to settings and hitting the update button. http://www.theverge.com/2016/8/25/12651206/apple-iphone-security-threat-update-now
  6. Hi, I am new user, I need some help with dreams who are refusing to repair my bed. I purchased a Titanium tv bed from dreams i have complain to the shop that the mattress doesn't fitted the bed and my pillows keep falling down the back of the bed i was told this so i can change the bedding. However, last month the slats broken at the end of the bed and side rail broken contacted dreams they sent out an independent assessor who couldn't even lift the mattress up off the bed my husband had to help him took a couple of pictures and send a letter a week later saying it the fault of customer he said it was heavy downward impact or pressure to cause this damage and said customer said they only lying on the bed but i i also sit on the end of the bed. The mattress to the bed very heavy i cannot pick it and have difficulty puting bedding on the bed. The slats on the bed are thin and not strong enough for the mattress and the mattress move to the bottom of the bed as there a big gap at the to of the bed. The bed is just one year old with 10 years warranty and i paid# 3,317.00 on a loan can you help me as i cannot sleep on my side of the bed.
  7. It could take Whirlpool more than three-and-a-half years to service and modify all of its fire-risk vented and condenser tumble dryers, new Which? research can reveal. With owners of fire-risk dryers already being told to get in line and wait up to 10 months for their machines to be serviced, it’s emerged that it could take Whirlpool several years to service the almost four million machines it says are still in UK homes. 5.3 million fire-risk dryers were sold to UK consumers between 2004 and 2015, made up of 127 models from Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline. Parent company Whirlpool hasn't released the names of the 127 machines, and is instead asking customers to check online or call to find out if your dryer poses a fire risk. But even once you find out your machine is at risk, you could be in for a long wait for a repair. What you can do if you own a fire-risk dryer If your dryer has a green dot sticker on the back panel, inside the door or on the door rim, it will be a newly produced machine and not affected. If there’s no green dot sticker, it will need to be modified – call 0800 1510905 or go to safety.hotpoint.eu (for Hotpoint, Creda and Proline) safety.indesit.eu or safety-swan.eu to register for a modification. Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2016/04/three-and-a-half-years-to-fix-fire-risk-tumble-dryers-438193/ - Which?
  8. Anyone who remembers those "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" ads from some years back will surely remember that a key message that Apple wants to get across to potential customers was this: PCs have a malware problem, Macs don't. Of course, that message was partly spin — there had been malware for Apple computers, even before it had existed for PCs. But, as we reported last October, serious security holes have been found in Gatekeeper that could allow malware to completely bypass Gatekeeper's checks. But, as Wardle showed last year at the Virus Bulletin conference in Prague, there exists a way to waltz past Gatekeeper even if you had configured your Mac to use the maximum "App Store-only" security setting. Full article
  9. After every flight, Qantas pilots complete a form called a "Gripe Sheet" which tells the mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form and the pilots then review the Gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that the ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (P) and the solutions recorded by the maintenance engineers (S) Apparently Qantas is the only major airline that has never, ever had an accident. P: Left inside main tyre almost needs replacement S: Almost replaced left inside main tire. P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. P: Something loose in cockpit. S: Something tightened in cockpit. P: Dead bugs on windshield. S: Live bugs on back-order. P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. S: Unable to reproduce problem on ground. P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear. S: Evidence removed. P: DME volume unbelievably loud. S: DME volume set to more believable level. P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick. S: That's what friction locks are for. P: IFF inoperative in OFF mode. S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode. P: Suspected crack in windshield S: Suspect you're right. P: Number 3 engine missing. S: Engine found on right wing after brief search. P: Aircraft handles funny.... (my favourite this one) S: Aircraft warned, straighten up, fly right and .... be serious. P: Target radar hums. S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics. P: Mouse in cockpit. S: Cat installed. And the best one for last.. P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer. S: Took hammer away from midget.
  10. Hi all, I have 2 bank account, one is Halifax other Lloyd's. On my Halifax account I could go overdraft £1250, in 2013 I move to new place and forget to inform Halifax bank about my new address, and at that point I did not use Halifax account at all. I was on overdraft around £500. At the beginning of 2014, Halifax canceled my overdraft, which I realize in March 3 months later, I quickly repay outstanding fee, informed about my new address and start using this bank account more often. Recently I was shopping for mortgage and have been informed that I had 3 late payments on my Halifax account (outstanding £500 - my overdraft has been canceled). This mess up my credit score big time from 966 went down to 677!!! It was my fault I know, but is there any chance to fix that for example by witting a goodwill letter if yes, have anyone did it? Has other advice? Thanks for helping
  11. I have written a complaint on Virgin Media's forum re my recent treatment and service. I originally phoned over my Wi-Fi not working but it's opened a whole can of worms. I don't know whether I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but I would like to think not. Please take a look and let me know whether it's me that being ridiculous or not.
  12. I bought a treadmill from a company called MK Trading via Amazon in October 2013. In February 2014 the belt started slipping all the way to the side and rubbing against the motor. Following the instructions to adjust the belt only worked for a few moments of walking on it and the belt slipped again. I asked the company for a replacement but the refused and it got repaired instead. I tried it once when it returned and seemed to be ok but then I had an operation so it sat in my hallway doing nothing till this week. Again belt slipping so I contacted the company asking for a refund. I am sure I read somewhere but can't find it that if it is not a permanent repair you are entitled to a replacement or refund? Anyway the company refused to refund me and have implied that the treadmill belt is a maintenance thing I should do at home, despite the fact i would have to do it every 30 seconds! I wrote to Amaon who were no help, company now saying they will collect it for inspection and repair it again, only if this second repair does not work will they offer me a replacement. Do I have to accept this offer? I really think another repair is a waste of time as the same thing will happen again. Would be grateful for any advice, thanks in anticipation.
  13. My house insurance was due and I searched the net and decided to go with Home Protect this time instead of Barclays who were my previous insurer. I took out buildings and home emergency cover with Home Protect insurance...................I paid £230 which included £55 for the home emergency cover which included the costs of fixing the boiler/central heating...................etc and a further £35 for legal cover. A few weeks into the insurance my boiler broke down, so I range home protect emergency cover, they told me they would have to charge me to fix my boiler, as it was stated in the terms and condition that my boiler had to have been serviced and the engineer would want to see this. I told home protect I had never received the terms and conditions in the post and was not aware of this so called "condition" they had told me and the onus was on them to make me aware of this. They refused to come and fix the boiler, so I cancelled my insurance with them, I was refunded just £99 (after having paid £230 for buildings, home emergency and legal cover) I asked why was I being refunded only £99 2 weeks after having taken out the cover, I was told home emergency and legal are non refundable and its stated in the terms and conditions when I took the policy out with them. I feel I was misold the home insurance and home emergency I was not made aware that the boiler had to be serviced beforehand and never received the terms and conditions in the post. very very unhappy, with the service and losing over£130 which they wont refund me, i paid one lump sum so they only gave me back £99 can I take legal action against them? I would advise others to stay away from Home Protect
  14. General heads up on this Under the T&C's it states "You are also entitled to a £70 Compliments card which you can redeem at over 130 high street stores. You will receive the card within 28 days of your supply start date or your tariff switch date." been told by British Gas Social Media Team via email this " Dear John Thanks for your email. I’m sorry you have not received your Gift Card. I have spoken to Edenred which is the company that send out the cards on our behalf. They have advised when your card was applied for by us, there were a few problems with the order which affected a percentage of customers. This has been rectified and they are arranging for the cards to be sent out. Therefore the card will be with you no later than the 21 February 2014. I apologise again for the delay in receiving this, but please be assured the card is on its way out to you. I’ve set the review for your complaint to 21 February 2014, to ensure this has been received. " I switch to this Tariff on the 2nd Jan 2014 when it was advertised have they broken the contract that was agreed on for the supply of the gift card within 28 days. and if any compensation to be sort after possible due the failure to supply goods and services. Regards
  15. Chelsea Building Society is launching the market’s lowest ever three-year fixed rate of 1.99 per cent up to 60 per cent LTV. This latest product marks a record low for three-year rates and demonstrates just how much direct-only rates have fallen in recent months, considering this was a record-low two-year fix as recently as October. Chelsea Building Society product manager Brendan Gilligan says: “Borrowers choose fixed rate mortgages to give them peace of mind and make it easier to budget for their monthly outgoings. The Chelsea has made a strong start to mortgage lending so far this year and we’re really pleased to be able to offer another best buy fixed rate product. “This three year mortgage gives additional choice to homebuyers with a larger deposit, or home owners who want to remortgage and have at least 40 per cent equity in their property.” Chelsea also offers a market leading two-year fixed rate up to 60 per cent LTV at 1.74 per cent which it launched in March. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/chelsea-building-society-launches-199-3-year-fix/1069280.article
  16. We recently had a new conservatory installed and the structure was completed on the 12th December 2012. Since completion we have had a problem with a small but persistent leak. The conservatory has a double patio door with the fixed panel of each door adjoining a dwarf wall with a window above, however on both sides when it rains the concrete beneath the fixed panel in the corner adjacent to the dwarf wall develops a damp patch. The customer services repair guy has now visited on five seperate occasions to fix the fault the most recent one being last Wednesday when he removed all the glazing and announced that the original fitters had drilled holes in the frame and then not used them and these holes were the problem. Unfortunately this hasn't entirely rectified the problem and we are still getting damp patches appearing. We are currently retaining the final 10% of the cost of the conservatory in order to keep the company 'interested' and have no intention of paying them until the problem is resolved. Where do I stand with regard to their inability to fix the problem? I am about to call them again and expect that they will once again send around customer service guy with his never ending supply of silicone sealant. Regards, Jason.
  17. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/regulation/fscp-banks-must-fix-claims-handling-for-ppi-deadline-to-work/1067726.article
  18. Chelsea Building Society is launching a market leading two-year fixed rate of 1.74 per cent up to 60 per cent LTV. The direct-only deal is available from today with a £1,695 fee. An offset option is available at 1.94 per cent. Chelsea Building Society product manager Sunjeev Sahota says: “We’re committed to providing the most competitive mortgages and are pleased to be able to offer another market-leading short term fixed rate. “The Chelsea has made a strong start to mortgage lending in 2013 and now we’ve reduced what was already an excellent best buy product by a further 0.15 per cent, which will appeal to home buyers with a larger deposit or homeowners wanting to remortgage. “Offset mortgages are particularly popular among Chelsea borrowers so we’re glad to be able to offer the additional choice of an offset version of such a competitive mortgage.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/chelsea-building-society-launches-174-two-year-fix/1067344.article
  19. Yorkshire Building Society is today launching the lowest ever five-year fixed rate at 2.64 per cent and cutting rates by up to 0.1 per cent. An offset option is available for the five-year fix at 2.84 per cent and the product, which is available up to 60 per cent LTV, has a £1,495 fee. The product is available direct-only. Moneyfacts notes this product represents the lowest five-year fixed rate on record, overtaking the Post Office’s 2.74 per cent rate as the market leader. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/yorkshire-building-society-launches-markets-lowest-ever-five-year-fix/1066551.article
  20. As we know comet are in administration to keep the better half happy i brought her a nice new TV from comet have had the TV for 1 week to the day there is no sound and no picture Phoned comet helpline and a nice automated message gives me the phone number for UMC rang them to be told `we are not covering any products sold by comet as they have not brought the warranty` and have told me to go back to comet if you phone there help line due to circumstances beyond there control they are not able to take the call and to try later must say tv looks good sat in lounge until you turn it on What come back do i have if any? Be warned buying from comet think again:-x
  21. Hello I hope that someone could help me with this. I just moved a couple of months ago to my new house and I am renting with a letting agency. I specifically asked before we rented it if they would be the ones that would take care of any problems in the house as we had some problems previously with a private landlord and they said that they would fix anything within the property. As always, they told me to fill a list of amendments to include them in the inventory so they could fix them. There were quite a few small things that were not included in there inventory list as toilet seat or hangers broken. I included them in the amendments list but I told them that there was no need to fix the small issues. But there was a leak of water coming to the ceiling of the living room, the door of the conservatory is broken, the stones of the driveway are broken so when you put a car in they hit the bottom of the car and the tv blocks are not working so I do not get any signal for tv. I gave them some time to fix them because I understood that was Christmas time but now they just came to fix the leak and they told me that the landlord is not paying to fix anything else and that they are not going to fix it neither.... What can I do? We got everything signed but I would like to know if there is any option to make them do it without go to court as I just want to enjoy my house and not having all this problems. Glad that I just signed for 6 months but I really do not want to start with the moving process all over again....
  22. I'm privately renting a flat and last week my boiler broke leaving me with no hot water and no heating. I let the landlord know on Thursday 1/11/12 and he booked a plumber who came on Monday 5/11/12. The plumber filled out a gas safety certificate and said that the boiler needs a new pressure switch. The landlord says he has ordered the pressure switch and will have it fitted towards the end of next week. Would it be unreasonable to ask to have it done sooner as by then I will have been without either heating or hot water for 2 weeks. I've had to wash by boiling the kettle and filling up the sink but it's getting cold and I have long hair that's very difficult to wash in the sink.
  23. Has anyone seen the new advert from BG ? BG have decided to offer cuts to customers when wholesale Gas prices fall.Strange that in the last 5 years of price increases,BG have always blamed increases in wholesale prices-If they are anticipating these going down anytime soon,no one else seems to know about it. They also cite costs in meeting energy targets and investment,which are surely not going to be changing ? 6% rise in 2007 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/9606025/Gas-suppliers-must-be-allowed-to-make-a-fair-profit.html 10%rise in January 2008 added to a whopping 35% later in 2008 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7533389.stm In 2009 BG introduced price guarantee which capped prices for 12 months.However,many customers found themselves locked into the deal with BG demanding a £70 exit fee. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/utilities/2010/02/british-gas-locks-thousands-into-pricey-tariffs 6.9% rise in December 2010 followed 8 months later by a rise of 18% in 2011. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/jul/08/british-gas-raises-gas-electricity-prices The 6% increase announced for 2012 in the last few days will typically add £80 per year for dual fuel customers. This Fix and Fall deal is a joke. Here is what BG Gas boss told the BBC this week The British Gas boss claimed that 85% of the price it charges customers is outside its control, including wholesale gas prices and the cost of government policies to try to reduce emissions and help the poorest households. "Britain's North Sea gas supplies are running out and British Gas has to pay the going rate for gas in a competitive global marketplace," said Mr Bentley. "Furthermore, the investment needed to maintain and upgrade the national grid to deliver energy to our customers' homes, and the costs of the government's policies for a clean, energy-efficient Britain, are all going up." The cost of government policies and the national grid upgrade added £50 to the average household bill this year, and is expected to add another £60 next year, British Gas said. It said that winter wholesale prices it pays were proving to be some 13% higher this year. So how are they now able to offer this deal,when in the past they have always used it as an excuse for price increases in the first place ?
  24. Hi there, I bought a 2nd hand car in Robins & Day in Hanwell. It is a Peugeot 207 dated from 2007 and 30000miles, early June. Within the first 2 weeks a bunch of issues came up, 3 small ones and 1 big one. The procedure took over 2 months and I was told: -The 1 year warranty doesn't work because the warranty people say that the problem was there when I bought the car -The sales department refuse to pay because the problem wasn't there when i bought the car. I paid this car £6000 and I did not cause those problems. Why should I be paying for it? The funny thing is, the warranty accepted to cover 1 of the small problems, the sale department 2 of the small one and of course no one want to pay for the big one. And the 3 small problems have only been fixed yesterday. Meaning it took 3 months for them to do something. Now I want to fight the fact that they refuse to fix the biggest problem, which, I am sure, the more I use the car, affects the rest of the car and will cause other parts to fail soon. Any suggestion?
  25. Hey there! I would like to start tidying up my credit file as ideally in the next 3 years I'd like to buy a house and settle down. I was recently affected by negative credit in a job application, and its made me realise that I need to take charge of things in my life by the time I reapply for the role in 8-10 months time. I've came through a lot of things in my life to get this far career and personal life wise, so I would like to nip my credit issues in the bud once and for all. Compared to many people I see, my debt isn't particularly big (its maybe around £8k at most), with the bulk of that a £4500 RBS default from 2007/8. I've just been a bit silly in my younger years after two abusive relationships, and now I want control of my life, to enter my 30s (just over 18 months away!! ) with a better start than I entered my twenties. I last checked my credit profile about 5 months ago, when I started in my current position, and even though there were a couple of defaults on there it didn't stop me getting my job. It has hampered me in a promotion, which is saddening but as that is the only reason, one can only learn from it and go onward and upward, right? I get paid on the 31st, so I'm going to get my credit reports again on that date (I don't have the free trials anymore ) - I just wanted to check that a) this is the appropriate place to post and b) I'm not being too cheeky just swanning in here saying "help me sort out my life!"?
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