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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I hope that someone could help me with this. I just moved a couple of months ago to my new house and I am renting with a letting agency. I specifically asked before we rented it if they would be the ones that would take care of any problems in the house as we had some problems previously with a private landlord and they said that they would fix anything within the property. As always, they told me to fill a list of amendments to include them in the inventory so they could fix them. There were quite a few small things that were not included in there inventory list as toilet seat or hangers broken. I included them in the amendments list but I told them that there was no need to fix the small issues. But there was a leak of water coming to the ceiling of the living room, the door of the conservatory is broken, the stones of the driveway are broken so when you put a car in they hit the bottom of the car and the tv blocks are not working so I do not get any signal for tv. I gave them some time to fix them because I understood that was Christmas time but now they just came to fix the leak and they told me that the landlord is not paying to fix anything else and that they are not going to fix it neither.... What can I do? We got everything signed but I would like to know if there is any option to make them do it without go to court as I just want to enjoy my house and not having all this problems. Glad that I just signed for 6 months but I really do not want to start with the moving process all over again....
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help?.............In November 2010, I changed departments to fibreglass department whereby I also recieve dirt money! I receive pay at an hourly rate, which is listed as "basic" on my payslip, I then receive dirt money, detailed as "special bonus" , my bonus listed as "bonus", overtime listed as "overtime" and attendance bonus listed as "attendance"! eg basic 39 @ 6.187 special bonus 39 @ 0.8974 bonus 41 @ 4.3454 overtime 2 @ 9.2805 attendance 156 @ 0.1602 My problem is that overtime is paid at time and a half, which as you can see is based on £6.187, taking overtime to £9.2805. However, many of my colleagues have their "special bonus" (dirt money) as part of their basic hourly rate, taking their basic to £6.187 + £0.897 = £7.084, so when they do overtime they get it paid based on this hourly rate, which takes their overtime to £10.6266! I have queried this with my supervisor and HR, and at first they give the whole "different contracts, changed two years ago" excuses ( I have worked there for 4 years), but they have now said they are going "to amend" our pay so myself and others receive the same as what our colleagues earn per hour!..... Great!! Thing is, surely if this is an amendment, ie fixing something that was wrong, should we not be entitled to back pay? The way I see it is since November, I have been down on £1.346 for every hour of overtime I have worked!........about £250! I have asked about back pay, to which I got a blunt No!!! We have no union!!.............Help?! Thanks LP
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