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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, My landlord is wanting to send estate agents round to value the property because he wants to put it on the market. He has not yet served me with a Section 21 notice so I have no idea when he is expecting me to vacate but I would have thought a valuation would be more realistic once the house is empty and after he can do some redecorating, etc to get it ready for selling. At the moment, we have been too stressed over searching for a new home and we have been having a mad declutter and we have half packed boxes everywhere and the housework has become less of a priority, so al
  2. Hi, hope someone can advise me on this. My letting agent is telling me that at the end of my current contract, they want me to sign a 12 month contract otherwise I will have to leave. I looked on my tenancy agreement and it states the following TWELVE MONTHS beginning 6th july 2017. If the tenant does not leave at the end of the fixed term, the tenancy will continue, still subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, from month to month from the end of the fixed term until either the tenant gives notice that he wishes to end the agreement as set out in clauses 6 and
  3. Hi everyone. just a quick question. i defaulted payments in march this year. They claimed to me that they Terminated the Hire Purchase agreement in May 17. since then i have had calls and emails to contact them regarding payment. This morning a letter arrived of NOTICE OF SUMS OF ARREARS. from what i can gather from google this is sent out because the hire purchase agreement is still active. They have not sent any debt recovery letters but just always send letters under the HP agreement. Is it right they are still sending letters out when the HP agreement is termin
  4. Hi. Sadly my sister passed away last week, she was not too well after her husband had a heart attack 5 months ago. My sister wasn't very well and was receiving £300 DLA per month and £700 Universal Credit per month. I spoke with my mum and stepdad who have said they have been to the funeral directors today and they are asking for £1800. My mum and step dad are both retired and are what you could call low income. They definitely do not have the means to pay such funds. We are in the belief that the social services should be doing more to liaise with the funeral directors
  5. The engine in my girlfriend's van recently blew up. The mechanic who she called to come out and recover the vehicle, took a look at the damage and informed her that she would need a new engine. He also informed her that he wouldn't be able to do the work, so had given it to the 'garage A around the corner'. Quite a bit of time passed by as my girlfriend deliberated upon what course of action she was going to take. When she finally decided to get a new engine, she started to attempt to make enquiries, with garage A, to which her van had been given. Not knowing much about anything, she
  6. Hi all, I really need some straight advice. I've just discovered this site.. ..it has so much information that my head is spinning. I'm really not sure where or how to start dealing with my debt. I have debts of just over£25k to eight different creditors. Very, Isme, Marisota, Barclaycard, Aqua (2) Vanquis and Next. I've been with them from between 5 and 10 years. Due to a change in finances (im self employed) I haven't made a payment since January. I feel so ashamed! But I just cant afford to. I have just £131.62 left o
  7. Good evening, I hope you can help me. I am writing on behalf of my father in law. After a discussion with my father in law he said he was confused by a phone call saying he was owed £7000 compensation and asked if he wanted to claim it. An agreement was posted and he signed it the (t+c) in May. He is on various medication and currently in hospital with ill health. And still receives phone calls asking when is getting out etc After he told us about this we said, No they are parasites, we will do it for you, so WE contacted Barclays and then completed ALL th
  8. hi, just signed up to this amazing resource as i need help with Lowell and Red and will also be helping my mother with her unsecured debts mainly catalogues, and provident loans. ---dealings with capital one---- Last payment: oct 2009 Balance after last payment c3600 Amount demanded c4000 In 2009 i received a letter from cap1 stating times where hard and they needed to up the interest rate. I wanted to see if they could do this so sent a cca request, the agreement received is a one page application, which refers to a section 23 overleaf(i have no idea what was on the back)
  9. Hello. My wife has debts that were originally with Egg and are now being chased by Marlin. She's been paying £20 p.m. and we've had a letter saying the account is up for review and to fill in an income/expenditure form. I don't know whether or not to do this. I've read on here to just write and say I can only afford £x p.m. but is that asking for them to get awkward? Could they issue a Statutory Demand for example?
  10. hi had a Barclays additions account up until recently which I paid off. i want to claim for charges etc on the account, how would I go about doing it? any advice would be great thanks
  11. need some legal advice on current situation. me and my partner spilt 3 years ago, we have a 3 year child together. we moved into a rented council house while i was pregnant and as he used to be in the army the british legion paid something towards the white goods, washer, oven and fridge and towards the carpets. after we separated he left the home and was very happy for me to keep the goods as they were necessary for his daughter. now after 3 years.. (he is now engaged and living with his new partner in fully furnished home with his 2 other children) he has had his solicitor contact m
  12. Hi. Firstly thanks to the Cag team & people involved, you guys/gals do a great job. I am a single father with MS (multiple sclelrosis) on DLA and living at home. My ex, her mum is also on benefit (ESA) & receives child benefit for both my daughter & her stepsister. I have no idea how much the child benefit give her (any idea's on that?) We have both been separated a good long time, time in which I've always tried to provide nice things for my daughter (I'll just say Bec from here out, its easier) whom I see on a fairly regular basis. With her starting high schoo
  13. Hi all. I had a phone call this morning from Credit Assistance, the bod told me it was regarding a Santander loan and could he have my address to confirm it was me who he was talking to. He got mighty miffed when I informed him I will only deal in writing and that I wanted my tel no removed from their list as it would only waste their time trying to talk to me. He then said about a letter they had sent (not received letter yet). The story is that I volountary surrendered a car about 4-5 weeks ago as I am on ESA and not able to keep payments up. It was about 38 mth
  14. Hi all new to the site, hope someone can help us. My mother received a letter from a debt company on 23rd April 2014 stating money was outstanding from a mobile phone account and the debt company was assigned to collect it. It states there is outstanding call charges/line rental as well as early termination fees. We went to the mobile phone shop concerned as my mother has never taken out a mobile contract let alone ever had a contract phone. The man in the phone shop put in the details and nothing came up so gave us a number to call. Went home and called the mobile
  15. Hiya. just a quick question, i paid the biggest majority of money for a car and i mean a big majority altho i do not drive, obviously someone else drives it, i have a receipt of the money i paid for the car, the relationship as broken down, i just want to know what my rights are regarding the car, could i actually take the car of this person, any advice would be grateful. thank you
  16. Hi Guys - Fairly new to this posting malarky so i'm expecting a good response from those who know: I took out a loan from Welcome Finance some 6 years ago now and fell behind with repayments on the loan shortly before this PPI scandal kicked off. Pretty sure most of the debt is now paid off however I've had a letter from Empingham chasing me for just under 3k to which clearly I dont have. I was sold PPI at the time of the loan to which i told was a condition of acceptance. I've SAR'd these con merchants and they've sent me a copy of the agreement with my signature on it. My question is ho
  17. My first post so hello there people! I need some help as i am about to suffer from depression! I need information regarding people living with you and wanting to go bankrupt. Long story so bare with me. Me and my partner moved in with the inlaw so we can save up, get married and move out with the intention of buying our first home. The first year has gone so fast we dont even know where our money has gone. The second year (January 6th 2012) my brother in-law landed on the door step with his marriage ending. He loves to drink! He goes out every Sunday now and get plastered and my
  18. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/jesus-painting-restoration-makes-christ-1276477
  19. Hey there! I would like to start tidying up my credit file as ideally in the next 3 years I'd like to buy a house and settle down. I was recently affected by negative credit in a job application, and its made me realise that I need to take charge of things in my life by the time I reapply for the role in 8-10 months time. I've came through a lot of things in my life to get this far career and personal life wise, so I would like to nip my credit issues in the bud once and for all. Compared to many people I see, my debt isn't particularly big (its maybe around £8k at most
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