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  1. Update: Today i received a letter saying they have asked cap1 for the agreement but have not received it yet. Should i respond or wait it out. Thank you
  2. Happy new year everyone. Update: Got the SAR papers on boxing day and all the agreements are their. All from 2010 onwards and all the debt was sold by the Provi in Sep 2014.
  3. Happy new year everyone. Update: On boxing day i received another letter like the previous one saying they are still investigating.
  4. Hi citizenB, I sent the SAR on the 27th Nov, i don't feel comfortable calling them, how long should i wait before calling RoyalMail to see if the postal order has been cashed. thank you
  5. Than you Bazooka, I will use Experian or Equifax after reading that, still not received a reply from the provi and the royal mail tracking is saying the letter is still at my local post office. Should i resend the SAR.
  6. Hi Bazooka, They did want a standing order mandate returned to them but i have told them it will be paid by standing order without the need to send a mandate to them. It's very little over the £1 you suggest paying and mother is very happy to pay that amount. I do believe from what i've seen that a lot of non payment charges have been added by the Provi while trying to get payment prior to selling the debt, so will need help in looking into getting them removed from the balance. My mothers credit file i have never seen, but believe it is in very poor shape due to all the de
  7. hi Bazooka, It's paying Lowlife as they now own the debt, i have 3 of the original signed agreements so didn't think it was worth doing the CCA's as they look compliant. Still waiting on the SAR reply to see how much in charges was added. My mother is very happy with the little she has to pay per month on the offer and i can see it has put her at ease now.
  8. Update: My mother made an offer of a small monthly payment and they have accepted. It's to be paid by standing order and i'm wanting to do it all through my bank account so it gets paid, do you think paying it through my bank will be ok. I'd like to keep the thread open as i'm still waiting on the SAR reply from the OC.
  9. Update: Received a reply and i'm sure it's in regard to my CCA request as the bemused letter was sent to Red.
  10. Yup and you pay for the privilege . Only in the UK.
  11. Thank you Bazooka, Sent the SAR today, not many letters in 2014 most are 2013/2012 mainly demands for money from Lowell acting as DCA for the Provi in 2012/2013. Now Lowell own it so will await the next letter and act upon it.
  12. Update: Checked to post office tracking, 1 letter has been delivered and a signature given, the tracking for the other letter says "being progressed through our network for delivery." waste of a £1. I tell you if the P/O didn't make you jump through a million hoops, i'd claim back that £1 and give it to charity. DD i totally agree with you on the Notice of Assignment issue.
  13. Update: Yesterday as i handed the SAR to mother for a signature, she shows me where she has been storing 8 carrier bags bursting with debt letters, agreements, statements etc. Now i have found a letter from the Provi dated oct 2014 which again states Lowell are now the owners of the debt BUT it also says: "Under the terms of this assignment, Lowell Portfolio l Ltd is now the Data Controller, as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998, of your Personal Data relating to this account." I have also found 5 letters from the Provi which say in a green box at the top "Your Provident
  14. thank you dx, i think i didn't explain the agreement reference correctly. Lowell included a sheet with 6 loan agreement numbers sold to them from Provident, but like i stated earlier only 1 Lowell reference number. My mother does want to pay the debt but i do agree with you in getting the CCA's and SAR as it would at least show what has been paid so far and if she was talked into paying PPI or some other extra. When my mother signs the SAR letter should i have her sign over 3 lines of XXXX's or use something else to stop signature lift. Also do i have to ask for specific th
  15. thank you dx, If i CCA the dca do i send a seperate CCA request for each agreement and if so how? they only gave 1 Lowell reference number covering all agreements.
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