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  1. Sorry I think I’m being a bit dim! So I have to actually say I want copies because I haven’t received them? If I say that, then I will be alerting them to the fact that I am aware they should have served them on me and they will then know they have messed up.
  2. This leaves me in a tricky situation. I will have to contact the Enforcer for copies of those docs which will probably alert them to what I am about to do so they may tamper with the address on them. Is this the only way I can get a stay on the Writ?
  3. Roughly how long will it take for the Court to contact the claimant? I have sent the HCEO a Vulnerable Person letter and they have confirmed they will put any action on hold for 14 days so the pressure is off me for a short while now they are asking me to send proof of my health issues from a medical professional also confirm details of treatment and benefits and are also asking for a I&E. Do I legally have to provide all this? I already feel violated that I’ve had to tell them which health conditions I have.
  4. Great thank you so much. So as that is the County Court, will they contact the High Court directly or the claimant and how long will the process take?
  5. I’ve found the N24! Copy attached. This document really didn’t make any sense when I received it. It didn’t strike me as being an actual CCJ because I thought the Court sent further paperwork for that. It also says if I can’t comply to make an application to the court before any deadline imposed expires. Well I can’t see anywhere that states a deadline. It is also not clear about when and how to make payment. The costs have also increased vastly since the HCEO have got hold of it and I have had no breakdown of this. Can you please let me know who I should be sending the N245 to, the County Court or the High Court? Thank you. Scan 30 Apr 2019 (3).pdf
  6. Right so I do not request copies of the NOE and Writ but I do an N245? I guess the owners is on HCEO to prove the NOE and Writ were sent/hand delivered? Where do I send the N245?
  7. But I would have to get a copy of the NOE and Writ before I could do an N245 wouldn’t I? I also don’t know for sure yet that they were hand delivered. Should EVERYTHING be going to my previous address since the court had agreed to that? Are they not allowed to take anything from my current address? Does this mean they have to stop Enforcement and start again? If so who is liable to pay their charges for this mistake?
  8. I could do that but I still wouldn’t know if they had tampered with the address. I actually didn’t understand the N24 as being that I was the one who had to instigate a payment/plan. I was actually expecting to receive a CCJ first. The claimant solicitor totally took advantage of my litigation skills (or lack of) and pulled the high Court Writ stunt unexpectedly when all along he had been threatening a CCJ.
  9. Sorry this is all going over my head and in any case it’s regarding a Magistrate Court and maybe not HCEO. Is it a case of the same address needing to be used for the whole process? The court had allowed service to my previous address so surely everything thereafter should be sent to my previous address? I think the letter notifying me of a visit has been sent to my new address to scare me because now I know they know where I live and this IS scaring me due to the harassment my ex LL and his associates put me through. Strangely enough, my credit report is showing some unknown has searched against my current address and the one previous to my previous address which I thought was weird and my ex LL obviously knows my address previous to renting his property. Have they sent Writ and NOE to my previous address knowing that I wouldn’t receive it?? Do I need to request a copy of the Writ and NOE which I have not received or is that a waste of time because if they were sent to my previous previous address and not redirected then they could easily change the address to my current one before they send me copies?
  10. Well the court had allowed all docs to be served at my old address because I have a redirection in place but the letter about the Bailiff visit has been sent to my new address. Even if everything had gone to my old address they would have redirected. This makes me think the Writ and NOE have not been sent to me at all. Does this mean anything?
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