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  1. Hi There, I posted another thread a few days ago and thanks to the comments received so far. I'm now considering to send a letter stating the debt is statue barred however i just want to run something by the members here. I took out the loan back in around 2004ish. Defaulted on payments around 2006ish so technically i believe it's now statue barred. The question I've got is what happens after i've sent this? Will they update my credit file stating it's settled? Could they take legal action to recover the debt still? Any advice would be welcomed.
  2. The email i'd sent to empingham was to state the reason i'd not made any payments for the amount they've requested was because i was disputing the PPI on it? Does this mean I've acknowledged it?
  3. Thanks for the information so far guys. Feeling a little confused. Been reading a few pages from some signatures. I took the loan out in around 2004ish and not made a payment since 2006 time. Although I've sent Empingham an email can it still be statue barred? If so can I send the letter to them?
  4. Hi Guys - Fairly new to this posting malarky so i'm expecting a good response from those who know: I took out a loan from Welcome Finance some 6 years ago now and fell behind with repayments on the loan shortly before this PPI scandal kicked off. Pretty sure most of the debt is now paid off however I've had a letter from Empingham chasing me for just under 3k to which clearly I dont have. I was sold PPI at the time of the loan to which i told was a condition of acceptance. I've SAR'd these con merchants and they've sent me a copy of the agreement with my signature on it. My question is how do i proceed from here in terms of going about to repair my credit file as this is proving to be a massive dent and red mark all over my credit report. Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Who to email? Write to? Sample's all would be most helpful. Thanks in advance
  5. Please bear in mind that I dont object or criticise anyones comments if you read my post it states that feedback was appreciated. So its not a case that I dont want to hear the comments I simply wanted to let people know the situation and response accordingly. Your comments are in relation to the thread at all
  6. In repsonse to your comments which feedback is appreciated. The condition that majority of the walls were when she first moved in was shocking as it was. On the inventory is does state "Tenant has permission to decorate from the landlord" She got the keys a month before moving in to decorate so the letting agent knew she had two girls and the house would be decorated. The carpets pink so why put back to magnolia is the next tenant has a girl for them to put it back or have to replace the new carpet laid. Also the kitchen was painted due to the leak she went through in the bathroom causing the walls to stain. She used her initiative and painted the walls a warm yellow colour to hide the stain and make the kitchen warmer. I just believe that what they are asking is unreasonable based on the these circumstances. The fact there was no gas inspection until 8 weeks after she moved in then when it was carried out the 2 gas fires were codenmed. Also took her a year to get them to put just one fire back on then the rent went up by £45 a month. Also the fact the glass at the side of the door has a hole in it making it easy to break in when this was reported a contractor came took the glass out replaced with wood an painted it. One side now white board the other stained glass. Why would a tenancy have that the walls required to be decorated when the inventory states clearly she has permission to decorate. Also the carpet shes agreed to replace the whole lot as it was her fault she caused the burn
  7. Friend of mine had her pre move out inspection last monday and the landlord had noted that the living room had been decorated and the front bedroom had been decorated with new carpet fitted. The letting agent is now requesting that the other bedroom with pink walls and pink carpet (little girls bedroom) they are willing to keep the pink carpet which is 6 months old but are demanding the walls MUST be put back to magnolia?? Also the kitchen walls which are a lemon colour they are requesting they go back to cream. Painted the kitchen due to a kitchen flood some days after moving in. The ceiling has a dome in it and the paintwork is good. They are requesting the following before the final move out inspection: Walls in Bedroom 1 MUST be back to Magnolia from Hot Pink Kitchen MUST be returned to cream from Yellow. Its Lemon not bright yellow and it has white cupboards with black worktops Bedroom 3 MUST be turned back to White walls from Lilac. The carpet moved in with is still down and well worn as noted on the inventory so that'll need replacing anyway by the landlord. Carpet on stairs and landing needs replacing due to an iron burn - Friend admits this and will borrow money to replace before inspection Front and Rear yards must be free from weeds - The gardens had weeds present on moving in the property but will try to remove The point i'm trying to make is the living room was decorated and the front main bedroom and they've not requested a colour change there. They state its in the original agreement however friend misplaced now they want to charge £15 for a signed copy. They stated walls must be returned to original colour before leaving so it would appear because they are happy with the front bedroom and living room theyve ignored that but because the other 2 mentioned rooms arent to there taste they want them changed. Were does my friend stand on getting her deposit back?
  8. I was stopped by Police last Saturday by a local shop. I left work, drove up the road and I was struggling to see out my window. I pulled over and my window was iced and having a crack on the Windscreen which I divulged details to officer made me panic about using my heat/cool controls in the car to clear. I had ran out of de-icer and so pulled over at the nearest place that I could see. I got out and my window was icing up and not clearing. I ran in the shop for no more than 20 seconds to see if could buy deicer. I came back out to find a police car alongside my car i was asked to pull around the corner. I was cautiined and given a fine of £60 and 3 points. I genuinely pulled over to ensure my safety and that of others to which I explained to the officers. I was remorseful but explained why I did it. No change. Ticket issued. If i emailed the Central Ticket Office is it likely that it will be reviewed. Before you respond please dont slate me for parking partly on zig zag lines as I feel bad enough as it is but any help would be appreciated.
  9. Just emailed this response over to Mukhall reference refusing to acknowledge debt: Dear Sir/Madam, I write to you in relation to the letter I received from yourselves dated 10th January 2012. I wish to make it clear that at this time I do not acknowledge the debt as there is substantial amount of PPI and maybe other unlawful penalty charges. Until such time I can locate an email address to contact Welcome Financial Services or Cattles in relation to a PPI refund I will not acknowledge this debt. If you could supply me with a copy of my credit agreement as well any details you have for Welcome Financial Services or Cattles so that I raise the issue around PPI and possible other unlawful penalty charges. I wish to deal with the company directly and not a third party to act on my behalf. Your help in this would be appreciated. I also wish to note that I would prefer all correspondence to be preferably by email wherever possible or letter. I will not hold any discussion on the telephone as I wish to have a paper trail for challenging this alleged debt. Yours Faithfully
  10. If welcome have gone into administration then would I still be able to contact them?? Or should I just email MH to tell them I dont acknowledge the debt until they take into consideration the PPI and other penalty charges? All responses are greatly appreciated.
  11. Sorry for the confusion here but do I challenge Welcome Finance about the PPI or MacKenzie Hall. I dont have the original agreement as I've moved house since. If I were to challenge Welcome how would I set it out. Also I work full time would that affect me reclaiming and how would I calculate what I'm owed the outstanding balance is exactly £2093
  12. I got the loan back in 2005 and last made a payment just before end of 2008
  13. Apologies for appearing dim but can you clarify what you mean by CCA them. They've marked my credit file as Defaulted. Would I contact Welcome Finance with regards to the PPI or Muckhall? Thanks
  14. Hi There, New to the forum. I've had an outstanding debt with Welcome Financial Services which has been passed to MacKenzie Hall to pursue the debt. I've a couple of questions: I unknowingly accepted a PPI package with the debt. Can this be removed and offset off the balance Can I resonably request that they accept an offer of payment The debt is for just under £3,000 which I cannot afford to pay. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
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