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  1. Nope. At no point did my girlfriend have a contract with Garage A. She phoned a mechanic, who we have used for years. However, since this mechanics old man died, he has been working on his own, and couldn't do the job required. It was this mechanic who passed my girlfriends van on to garage A, without first asking, or explaining anything to my girlfriend. My girlfriend recorded a phone call with garage A, where the guy informed her "well, that is just how it is", and then hung up, and then recorded an 8 minute call with the mechanic who she originally phoned. In this latter phone cal
  2. The engine in my girlfriend's van recently blew up. The mechanic who she called to come out and recover the vehicle, took a look at the damage and informed her that she would need a new engine. He also informed her that he wouldn't be able to do the work, so had given it to the 'garage A around the corner'. Quite a bit of time passed by as my girlfriend deliberated upon what course of action she was going to take. When she finally decided to get a new engine, she started to attempt to make enquiries, with garage A, to which her van had been given. Not knowing much about anything, she
  3. I am not sure whether this is the right section/place for this, but perhaps someone around here can offer advice on the following. I recently got a letter from the R.B.S, informing me that that "we have, with regret, decided that we will no longer provide these [bank account] facilities for you" They don't give any reasons, but I am assuming that my name has come up on some wide sweeping statistical based list for potential fraud/money laundering, and I guess that the R.B.S doesn't like the little man trying to get a piece of their action. I don't have a regular job,
  4. Thought i would mention for the benefit of others who may be seeking the same kinds of info i was 6-7 months ago. After ensuring that the visits for the Sherrif officers were made pretty unpleasant affairs for them (without breaking law of course), and having refused to accept, but nontheless having their vacuous threats delivered....but just ignoring absolutely everything. It seems that either the Sherrif's men have gotten bored, the cooncil have decided to stop throwing money at the case, or the whole scenario has wandered up a legislative cul de sac as far as a platry unpaid parking ca
  5. This is for an unpaid parking ticket as detailed in another thread within these forem. Sheriff Officer's have been trying to serve legal documents on a person, without ever once having succeeded in actually handing this person one single sheet of paper. Somewhere amongst all those documents was the threat to come and uplift a vehicle (Attachment Schedule) outside a property where the person they are pursuing does not live. The day on which the Attachment Schedule was to be conducted (car uplifted/stolen) has come and gone. Obviously they never managed to steal the car as it was not parke
  6. Yes, thanks for your top advice. You have made 7000+ posts here. Has anyone ever advised you that this might be the wrong place for you? Perhaps you should search around for a www.debtcollectorsactiongroup.com site somewhere. I think you may be happier there. Lots more punitive like minded people who have zero tolerance for proletariat **** who show no respect neither for civic parking regulations (operating increasingly like te money making racket that it is) nor Her Majesty's courts of justice (infested with kiddy fiddlers). *For anyone else who has come across the post l
  7. I can assure you, nobody here is driving around without insurance. Who stays where and who is involved with who all depends on who is asking. Burden of proof is a fantastic thing. As for me, everything I have goes into precious metals, that I can hold in my hand. How much do I own? 20K? 40K? 60K? Who can possibly say? It is mine, only I know where it is, and it cant be touched by anyone. If I am in need of filthy fiat currency it can be changed very easily....oh yes, and unlike the money in your bank account or the value of your home, it's value generally is going up all the time. No
  8. As they say it is the tone that makes the music.... ...If the fact is that any recourse to the law would result in the courts siding 100% with the Sherrif Officers, that means that the best line of action for all involved would be to simply avoid the courts, and to refuse all legal documents served by the SO's. When the 11th Jan comes. That car will not be anywhere near where the SO's expect to find it. When the next date comes, it will also not be anywhere near where they expect to find it. It will not be contempt of court because the person who moved the vehicle was unaware of the order
  9. Its not my debt mate. But I think you will find that who the registered keeper of a vehicle is goes a long way too determining who the legal owner is....unless their is some other contract stating that a third party is the owner of the vehicle. Your post is not very helpful and I will tell you something else. If you make sure that you cant be touched......for example, no wealth in bank, no housing contracts or mortgages in own name, self employed, all wealth in precious metals.......debts do go away. I know from experience. I had 2K worth of debt with prominent UK bank, which I was
  10. I appreciate the fact that if we are going to play cat n mouse with the Sherrif Officers, we would do well to remember who is the cat and who is the mouse. However, we shouldnt even know about this. Only reason we know about it is because we opened an evelope addressed to someone else (doing this is possibly illegal?). Therefore, if the car is not in the place that the Sherrif Officers want it to be on the 13th Jan, it is not our fault, as we never knew they were coming, and we never knew that they wanted to seize the car. Also, the car changed hands before the Attachment Schedule w
  11. We have decided to open the brown envelope. Contained within, is 'A Notice of Removal of Attached Articles And Public Auction' It states that; "the attached articles will be removed from 'your' (he dont fkn live here) premises on 11th January 2013. You should arrange for access to your premises at that time. The officer of the court may, if access is denied, open shut and lockfast places for the purposes of removing the articles(s)." I suppose that is easy enough, we merely make sure the car is parked miles away on the 11th Jan 2013. Since the 14 days timeframe for applying for
  12. So Sue would have to contact Tom's mother (Tom and his mother are in Tenerife right now and wont be back until Jan 2013), and ask her to write to the court to get the Attachment Schedule released? Also, I am guessing that since the Attachment Schedule was served some time ago, that this latest brown envelope will be the next phase in the process. I was going to get down to the court on Monday and hand the envelope back to them. Would this make any difference? If not, would you recommend that we open the envelope in order to learn exactly what proceedings are afoot? After all, there is eve
  13. Hello. I have come to this forum as a result of already having gleaned a lot of useful information from other posts on this website. I am seeking advice from anyone who is or has had trouble with Sherrif Officers due to unpaid parking fines. Before I ask for specific adice though, I will provide a background to the situation. My girlfriend (Sue), or rather her address, is getting targetted by Sherrif's Officers working under the jurisdiction of Perth Sherrif court (Scots Law). They are chasing after her ex-boyfriend (Tom) for an unpaid parking ticket and have served an 'Attachment S
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