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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Please can somebody give me some advice. I left my husband yesterday due to his unreasonable behavior. I had to call the police as he would not let me go and mildly physically abused me. I have savings in North Cyprus that I had there from before we married and would like to know if he goes to see his friend, who is a solicitor, can he make a claim for half of this money. The account is in my name only. The only time I have used this money was whilst we were married, I bought a house in my name to restore and sell in the U.K using this money and once the sale went through, I transferred it back to North Cyprus again. There is actually less money in the account now than when I first opened up the account before we married. I do get 400 pounds a month interest on it a month but I am having to live on that now. My husband receives disability and E.SA. Can he start a quickie divorce to try to get half of this money. I will not agree to a divorce though as the unreasonable behavior was on his part and I have not committed adultery? Thank you so much for this help, I am going out of my mind with worry.
  2. need some legal advice on current situation. me and my partner spilt 3 years ago, we have a 3 year child together. we moved into a rented council house while i was pregnant and as he used to be in the army the british legion paid something towards the white goods, washer, oven and fridge and towards the carpets. after we separated he left the home and was very happy for me to keep the goods as they were necessary for his daughter. now after 3 years.. (he is now engaged and living with his new partner in fully furnished home with his 2 other children) he has had his solicitor contact me stating that he wants the goods back and to arrange when he can come to collect. this then would leave me and his daughter with no carpets, fridge or cooking appliances. Can he legally do this?? i am on benefits so i would not be able to replace these things. i have to reply to this letter myself as i do not qualify for legal aid anymore so any advice would be grateful.
  3. I in need of a little advice. After 20 years of marriage my wife and I have decided that or marriage is all but over. We don't own our home it is a council property and we have 2 kids and I owe about £15000 in my name ie: Credit Cards, Store Cards and my wife owes around £3000 Also my wife works, But ashamed to say I don't due to Mental Health Issues (so I'm a househusband) We are still going to live together for a few more years as we have a lot happening at the moment our children are aged 12 and 3 and have their own set of problems which we both want to be around for to help and also we need a larger house (whether I'm here or not). So we have given ourselves a time frame of 2-3 years before we are separated and in that amount of time we are going to try and pay of my wife's debt first so when we do separate she will owe nothing. And also try to reduce my debt in that time (to hopefully a manageable amount), But if we find in that time frame that our marriage is turning sour we will end it sooner (but hope to have her debt clear at least). Also we are not looking to divorce (not at the moment) but still we are looking to make our own life's But my question is if we are unable to clear my debt what would happen if when we separate and I move out of the family home and then go bankrupt what would happen to the items in the family home (nothing of real high value) and about the only thing I would need to keep is my mobile phone (on contract) due to Mental Health Issues I need to be able to contact people and have internet (for advice). And also how long would I need to wait before filing for bankruptcy after I move out. Also to be legally separated do we have to be apart for a certain amount of time. We are only trying to think about our finances so it will not have a impact on the children's well being and so it can also make our split as painless as possible.. I hope this makes sense and is not a stupid question
  4. I separated and moved out of the matrimonial house 4.5 years ago. I am currently paying for everything and thought - rather than a narrative, I'd list the points below for some sort of clarity. We have 2 children ages 9 and 11. Have a joint mortgage (350k) on that house which I am paying for and looks like it's going to rack and ruin..... I have an income of £3.5/monthe net of which she is getting £2.5k - it's an agreement I sort of slipped into when I moved out of the house - and got ill... I have been off sick from work for coming up to 3 years with stress (the above income is from a work insurance policy) and am just "coming round" as to what is happening. (I had a triple heart bypas a couple of years ago too). She hasn't worked for around 2 years and seems quite happy with the arrangement - though still running out of money at the end of the month. What I'd like to know is firstly what I am legally obliged to pay? Is it just my half of the mortgage and 2 children or - what I am paying for; the mortgage, children, wife, etc. How do I get her to decrease my costs by moving her out so she might do something about getting a job; some basic allowances for housing etc. I can't aford to go back to work - I doubt if I am going to be earning anything near what I was now- and this sort of thing is driving me back to where I was in terms of being ill................It's really killing me. I guess I need to employ an accountant to make sure these payments are cost effective; and legal to do something about the logistical changes. I'm really at my wits end - stuck in a mire - don't know what to do and am sinking fast.... Any advice on any of the above points would be much appreciated.....I also need to get her out quickly as the hous is now a "project in need of modernisation" and I'm worried that selling it now won't clear off the mortgage. I've even started watching "arty" films and feel that I have no control whatever over my existance - Oh and I'm 47 - if that helps. Tahnkyou for reading and any help you can provide - Andy
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